6th April, 2014: Shooting Themselves Silly, A True Story, and Two reviews



It’s been a busy week, one way or another.

Those of my readers who live in Pattaya and also read Thai Visa will probably know already that I am seriously considering opening a bar. I know… it’s very much a case of poacher turning game-keeper or, as I said on Thai Visa, ‘Preacher turning Sinner’.

Some of my friends have shaken their heads in horror and disbelief at the very idea of a recovering alcoholic opening a bar, in a place which is a notorious financial graveyard for expats who dream of making a fortune in such ventures.

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Mobi’s eMarketplace

Work on my eBay account has ground to a halt over the past few days as I try to juggle my priorities. Actuality there is little more I can do until I have achieved the requisite approval ratings from satisfied customers, and also sourced more Thai products t put up for sale.

After Songkran I plan to spend a few days in Nong Khai with Noo and her family and while I am up there I will try to source more Thai products to sell on my website.

In the meantime, if any of you feel like helping me in getting my ‘approval ratings’ up and running, please take a look at what I have for sale. Maybe your wife or girlfriend might be interested in a lovely hand made handbag or Thai silk cushion covers?

My stuff for sale can be found on:

Mobi on eBay.com


Mobi on eBay.uk


Also, please don’t forget that my two eBooks are still for sale as a download on:

Lust For Life – Amazon UK

Lust For Life – Amazon USA/Global

Madju-Raj – Amazon UK

Madju-Raj – Amazon UK/Global.



Shooting Themselves Silly…

I read with sadness about the latest mass shooting at Fort Hood in Texas, USA which resulted in 3 deaths and many seriously injured. I also noted that the perpetrator – a member of the US military – bought a hand gun locally to carry out these shootings.

This latest tragedy at Fort Worth comes on the back of yet another mass shooting last September at the US Navy Yard  in Washington in which 13 people were shot to death, along with the 7 killed in Florida in July, the six killed in Santa Monica College in June, the five (including 2 children) killed in Manchester, Illinois in April, the five killed in Federal Way, Washington in April, the six killed in Herkimer County, New York in March, the 27 (including many children) at Sandy Hook, Newtown  in December, 2012, the 7 killed in Minneapolis in September, 2012, the 7 killed in Wisconsin in August, 2012, the 12 killed in Aurora Colorado in July, 2012, the 6 killed in Seattle Washington in May, 2012, the 7 killed in Oakland, California in April, 2012, and the 5 killed in Norcross in February, 2012.

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A True Story

Once upon a time there were some cops, some drunk drivers  and some cabbies.

One day, ‘Bangkok’s finest’, upon hearing about all the death and mayhem on the roads caused by the rich, drunk revellers when they got behind the wheels of their cars in the small hours, decided it was high time to take some remedial action.

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Two reviews: “Bengalis in America” and “The Best Cop Show ever…”


I will write about two entirely diverse literary/dramatic productions which have found the eye of this amateur reviewer in recent months.

The Namesake

The first is a book – which was subsequently made into a film – entitled The Namesake, which I came across completely by chance, when I was trawling through the internet looking for something contemporary to read on my eBook device.

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