29th March, 2014: Line of Duty – Or Line of Corruption?

Strange lambs and pumpkins at Sri Racha Tiger zoo, Chon Buri
Strange lambs and pumpkins at Sri Racha Tiger zoo, Chon Buri


Over the past week or so, there are growing signs that  ‘summer’ or should I call it the ‘hot, dry season’ has arrived. As I write this – at 10.10 a.m. – my weather app tells me that the outside temperature is 35º Centigrade and by mid-afternoon it will be in the low 40’s. I have difficulty I believing this, as it doesn’t feel that hot, but maybe that’s because the humidity is still relatively low, at about 29%. Also, as soon as the sun goes down, so do the temperatures, and we are still enjoying relatively cool evenings and early mornings, with temperatures only in the high teens to low twenties.  Humidity is the real killer  in Thailand; at its worst, it can get as high as 80-90% and when this happens, it’s like living in a sauna. Even the minimum of exercise will result in your clothes becoming soaked in perspiration within a few minutes.

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Mobi’s eMarketplace

Work has continued apace on my eBay website, and I am learning as I go. One thing I should have known before I started is that new sellers are severely limited in how much they can sell until such time as they build up a ‘good reputation’.  I knew that I needed a fair amount of positive feedback before people would have confidence to buy from me, but I hadn’t appreciated that in the meantime, I will be restricted to selling a maximum of only ten items at any one time. This maximum includes ‘sold items’, so if I managed to sell say, 8 items, I could only sell another 2 items until the selling restricted is relaxed.

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Line of Duty – or Line of Corruption?

 A few days ago I watched the final episode of the BBC police thriller, ‘Line of Duty’ (series two).The professional critics have pretty much gone into ecstasies about this very tense drama, and to a large extent I agree with the general sentiment – that it was a first class pieces of entertainment, well written and very well acted. However, it was far from perfect, and in this amateur critic’s opinion, it simply isn’t in the same league as really great TV series, such as True Detective, (to be reviewed next week), or indeed, The Bridge, series two.

In particular, the final episode left much to be desired. It was tense enough and rattled along at a fair old pace, but as the writer of the series himself admitted, incredibly, they ‘ran out of time’ and as such, they were unable to completely tie up all the loose plot ends.

Yes folks, crazy, but true…

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