22nd March, 2014: A Smörgåsbord of Bridges, Tunnels and Dragon Tattoos; Media Hype gone ballistic

The Beach at Sattahip, no ugly umbrellas, just shady trees...
The Beach at Sattahip, no ugly umbrellas, just shady trees…



I apologize for the break in my blog publication last weekend. By way of mitigation, I am posting this week’s blog on Saturday, instead of Sunday.These days, I do my utmost to ensure some kind of weekly posting, but the unexpected arrival of my eldest daughter for a 10 day stay totally disrupted my daily routine, as you may imagine. We had a great time together and made numerous shopping, eating and other excursions in and around Pattaya, (including Wat Songmettawanaram, and the lovely beach at Sattahip), but a majority of the time was spent at home, around the pool, chatting swimming and playing with the dogs.

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Mobi’s eMarket place

As mentioned in Mobi-Babble, I have now started work on my eBay website and will be slowly rolling out Thai made products for sale worldwide.

The site is now up and running and currently has three initial items available for sale, so please give the site a visit and see what you think. Next week, hopefully, there will be at least two more items.

If you feel like a ‘butchers’, click:

Mobi on eBay


A Smörgåsbord of Bridges, Tunnels and Dragon Tattoos

As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of Scandinavian TV dramas.

My first foray into this specialised genre was the English produced adaptions of Wallander, starring the Shakespearean great, Kenneth Branagh. I enjoyed them, and hungry for more, I turned to the original Swedish productions, which started life as full length feature films and were later made for the TV screen.Apart from one or two exceptions through the years, Wallander was my first stab at watching TV drama in a foreign language and with sub-titles. I soon discovered that after a few minutes you really forget you are reading sub-titles and if the drama is good enough, you become immersed in the story every bit as much as if they were speaking English.

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Media Hype gone ballistic

This week, I have been listening on BBC radio to the serialisation of ‘Free at Last’ – the diaries of the late Tony Benn (1991-1999), spoken by the man himself. The diaries make fascinating listening, as indeed does the incredible life of its author. I rarely agreed with what Tony Benn had to say on the political stage, but I have always admired his principled beliefs and stands – surely one of the last remaining, (and now sadly deceased), honourable politicians of a bygone age.

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