9th March, 2014: “Ukraine… a disaster waiting to happen?” & “A Mobi-Miscellany – some personal reflections”


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Considering that A LUST FOR LIFE is estimated by Amazon  to contain over 800 ‘normal’ pages and ‘MADJU-RAJ’, over 500 pages , these books have to be worth their prices for their sheer length alone……

(Never mind the quality, feel the mega-bytes….. 🙂 )

Why don’t you give one, or both of them a try? I promise that you will not be disappointed

Here are some more details, extracted from Amazon, that may help to convince you… 

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Recently, some visitors to my blog strongly criticised the ‘Home Page’ as being a long, boring, never ending blob! So after I put my pride back in my pocket, I gave my website what I hope was a long objective look, and found myself agreeing that to a very large extent, their criticisms were justified. So in order to make the blog more ‘reader-friendly’ I have adopted a new format.

From now on, I will only include the opening paragraph (or two) of a topic on the Home Page, and if readers are sufficiently interested in the subject matter, they can click on the link at the end of the paragraph, which will lead them to a new page containing the remainder of the text. The side bar also contains links to recently published topics.

I do hope you agree that this new format makes my blog a much better experience for one and all.

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Ukraine… a disaster waiting to happen?

There have already been millions of words written on this subject, but as the situation is so fluid and anything I say may well be out of date before this blog gets published, I will confine myself to a few personal observations. I for one am not surprised for one moment at what has transpired in the Ukraine, and there is no doubt that the naivety of the newly appointed Ukraine government’s decision to ban Russian as an official language was an error of monster proportions. This ban was subsequently rescinded but it was too late, the damage was already done.

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A Mobi-Miscellany  – some personal reflections

Julian Assange

Surprise ! surprise!

The bleeding heart liberals’ favourite whistle blower – the redoubtable Julian Assange – has been revealed as vain, secretive, paranoid and jealous, prone to leering at young women and making frequent sexist jokes. And that’s not the view of one of his many enemies, but of a friend who regards him sympathetically, his would –be ghost writer, Andrew O’Hagen.

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Mobi Snaps – we’re off to the zoo!


My girlfriend Noo, is a frequent caller to our local TV station and is always winning free T-shirts and other give-away junk, and few weeks ago she won two tickets for Khao Kheow Open Zoo near Sri Racha.

I am not a great fan of zoos in Thailand, but this zoo is better than most. The animals live in large open compounds and the overall area of the zoo is so large that you need to drive from compound to compound to see all the animals.

So I decided to have a rare day out with Noo and her son and the following are a small selection of the snaps taken to commemorate the trip..

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MAB mini pic


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