2nd March, 2014: Mobi’s Moscars – The Results….. and, “Farewell Cookie”



I am very pleased to say that I continue to make great strides on the health front. The medication from my new specialist at Siriraj Hospital seems to be working well and I haven’t had any abdominal pains for ages and my diarrhoea seems to be more or less a thing of the past.  In fact, quite the opposite as I often tend to get a little constipated and at the time of writing, this is my third day without any ‘movements’.

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I had been in living in my newly built house in Pattaya for about a year when I decided I wanted a dog who could keep me company whenever the wife did one of her frequent disappearing tricks. I knew that I shouldn’t buy a puppy from the local market and after some research I tracked down a breeder in Chantaburi, who bred Golden retrievers and also showed them at dog shows. The kennel was advertised in the Thai Kennel club website and the owner was also a vet, so I thought I would get a well-bred, healthy animal. And so it turned out to be.

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Mobi’s Moscars – and the winner is…..

Following my review of the 12 Oscar nominated movies in my three previous blogs, today I will give you the results of my Moscar-musings, and also, as a special bonus, my predictions on which movie, director and leading actors will end up with the real Oscars.

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MAB mini pic

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