22nd February, 2014: “Mobi’s Moscars – Part Four.”

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Yes folks, a reminder that today and tomorrow there is  a free download offer for my book, Madju-Raj, Messenger of Death

This offer started yesterday,(Saturday, 22 February), and will finish today Sunday, 23rd February, at midnight Pacific time. (GMT-8)

Just click on the right hand side bar, (Madju-Raj, Messenger of Death – Amazon-Kindle, US/Global or UK), you will be able to obtain a free download onto your eBook reading device.

As always, I would greatly appreciate any reviews that you may like to make about this book on the Amazon website, as reviews this will help future sales.

Thank you so much, and enjoy your read.



Mobi- Babble

The condition of Cookie, my golden retriever, continues to deteriorate. We took her to the vet last Monday and the blood test showed that the blood parasite was gone and that her liver was back to normal.

But the problem now is her skin cancer. It has spread over her body and nasty brown wheals have appeared on her skin, some of which occasionally suppurate and fester. The vet told me that if the cancer remains on her skin she may live for a year or two, but if it spreads to her organs, then she will only have a month or two left.

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Mobi’s Moscars – Part 4

Concluding my mini-reviews of all the Oscar-nominated films.



When I was a kid growing up, I was a great lover of science fiction. I would devour stories by the likes of Arthur C Clarke, John Wyndham and H G Wells and as a kid, before I had any  television in  my home, I became entranced with radio Sci-Fi programmes, such as  ‘Journey into Space’ and ‘The Kraken Wakes’. I vividly recall trying desperately to find a friend with a TV so that I could watch the 1950’s TV science fiction series, The Lost planet of Heskos.  I thought it was absolutely magic.

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4 thoughts on “22nd February, 2014: “Mobi’s Moscars – Part Four.””

  1. Mobi, are you interested in some contract content rewriting work for a new Thai Tourism website being launched in April. If you are interested you can email me on the gmail account and I can provide more details and references. Cheers


  2. Hi, Have you thought of putting google ads on your blog? If you do I would suggest that instead of sending out your whole text in your emails that you only send the first few lines and then make people visit your site. You are not allowed to ask people to click on any ads or to click on them yourself …… when I visit someone’s site that gives me interesting info I make it a point to click on an ad to help them.


    Using Google products within WordPress just got easier. You can try our Google Publisher Plugin (beta) now and see how easy it is to integrate Google products on your site.


    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      The last time I looked into the possibility of putting ads on my blog, I found that (a) I would have to pay WordPress and (b) there didn’t seem to be sufficient traffic to justify trying to set it up. However, that was some time ago and using Google Publisher is a new approach to this subject.I will look into it and also see what i can do about emails, without upsetting subscribers.

      When I started this blog I never intended it to become an income stream, but times have changed and I need to look at all possibilities. Thanks again.


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