21st February, 2014: The great “WhatsApp” Privacy Grab!!!


The great WhatsApp Privacy Grab!!!

The news that Face book was buying WhatsApp for a staggering 19 billion dollars prompted me to find out what all the fuss was about, as this old dodderer hadn’t even heard of WhatsApp prior to this massive take-over.

What on earth was I missing out on?

Oh, I see, it’s a free messenger service….

Don’t I already have that on Skype?

Oh, I see, it has 450 million users and 1 million more signing up every day.

It must be worth looking into….

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One thought on “21st February, 2014: The great “WhatsApp” Privacy Grab!!!”

  1. Mobi, we live in a world where people share there innermost feelings on Facebook and other apps, why would anyone do that?

    We are going through a transformation of how we deal with each other. We dont talk any more we send tweets, Whats Apps, Skyps, Lines etc.

    It was so much better when we talked face to face. Here I am doing the very thing I am complaining about aghhhhhhhhhhhh..


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