16th February, 2014: Poor Cookie, are her days numbered? & Mobi’s Moscars Part 3

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Yes folks, there will be a free download offer for my book, Madju-Raj, Messenger of Death next weekend.

The offer will run for two days, from Saturday, 22 February to Sunday 23rd February.

Please note that the offer will start and finish at midnight, Pacific Time, USA. (GMT-8)

So if you click on the right hand side bar (Madju-Raj, Messenger of Death – Amazon-Kindle, US/Global or UK), you will be able to obtain a free download onto your eBook reading device during the qualifying period.

As always, I would greatly appreciate any reviews that you may like to make about this book on the Amazon website, as reviews this will help future sales.

Thank you so much, and enjoy your read.



I cut back on some of my new medication and the diarrhoea returned – briefly – the day before I went to see the GI specialist at Siriraj hospital last Thursday. He told me that I must continue with the full dose of all my medication until the anti-depressants started to do their job, which he reckons will take at least a month. I told him that the anti-depressants were making me so sleepy and groggy in the mornings  and he suggested the solution may be to take them earlier in the evening….

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Mobi’s Moscars – Part 3

Continuing my mini-reviews of all the Oscar-nominated films.


I liked this movie.

Superbly acted by Judy Dench and a somewhat subdued Steve Coogan in the lead roles, this film is yet another screen adaptation of a true story.

I am not a huge fan of Steve Coogan, as while conceding that he is a talented writer and comic actor, I have always felt that most of his performances are merely ‘re-runs’ of his first and finest creation – the infamous Alan Partridge. I used to love the original Alan Partridge TV series, when he was a spoof TV chat show host, but most of what has followed from Coogan’s comedic chest , apart from the odd genuinely funny line, has left me pretty cold.

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Last Wednesday, I published my sixth and final short story – Lawan – in the new  ‘Lawan’  page tab.

As is my custom, today I also publish Lawan on the ‘Home Page’ of my blog, for your reading convenience.

These six short stories – novelettes really – will all be published on Amazon in a new collection entitled ‘From Thailand with Love’.

They are essentially the same stories that were originally published in paper-back in 2003, as a collection entitled ‘Tales From Thailand’, but they have recently undergone substantial re-working and editing.  I still need to do a bit more cleaning up before they are re-published as an eBook.

In the meantime, I urge you to read them on my blog for free, as once they are published on Amazon, I will have to remove the texts from my blog.

You may find the story of  Lawan to be unlikely and very fanciful. After all, nothing like Lawan’s story could ever really happen….. or could it?

The fact of the matter is that although Lawan is a work of fiction, most of the events as recounted in the story are  based on fact and did happen to someone very similar to Lawan.

While ‘the whole’ has been weaved into a piece of fiction, the parts that have been invented are not as implausible as the parts that are true. I will write more about exactly what is true and what is not in the published version.


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