9th February, 2014: The Great War – Myths or Facts? & Mobi’s Moscars Part 2



It’s been a quiet week and we are still enjoying relatively cool weather; maybe the mid to high teens centigrade at night and rarely more than the high twenties during the day. The humidity is also unusually low so all in all it is giving us very pleasant weather and we haven’t been near the air conditioner remotes for a couple of months.

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Mobi’s Moscars – Part 2

As advised last week, I am, continuing my mini-review of the Ocscar nominated films for 2014. This week I turn my critical pen to Dallas Buyer Club and Twelve Years a Slave.

Dallas Buyers Club

This is a difficult film to watch, as the subject matter is very grim and it hails back to those scary, depressing years of the mid-eighties when people across the world were dropping like flies with alarming frequency, after contracting HIV-AIDS.

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The Great War – Myths or Facts?

As the one hundredth anniversary of that terrible European conflict dawns, we are inundated with documentaries, films and press articles about an event that took place such a very long time ago.

Do we need to be reminded so graphically about something that resulted in the loss of so many lives?

I believe that for anyone who has an interest in history – especially accurate history – then the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

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Here are few snaps that I took during my recent walk around and near the lake where I live. Nothing special, but they do represent the constant change and commercialisation of the area…..



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  1. Im at chapter 14 of Lust for Life and enjoying it immensely. I see the pitfalls that i went through and it is very entertaining. Good job! when I finish, Amazon will get a glowing report!!


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