26th January, 2014: Hard disks for Brains?

Mobi-eBook Market Place

I have removed my second novel, MADJU-RAJ, MESSENGER OF DEATH from sale on Kobo Books, and I have also removed the facility to download it directly from this website.

The reason for this is that I have decided to go ‘exclusive’ on Amazon-Kindle for both of my books, as by doing this I get an overall better deal.

So both books are now available for download to your eBook reading devices from Amazon at the incredibly low price of $2.99, or their local currency equivalents.

Considering that A LUST FOR LIFE is estimated to contain over 800 ‘normal’ pages and ‘MADJU-RAJ’ over 500 pages , these books have to be worth their prices for their sheer length alone……

Never mind the quality, feel the megabytes….




I have to say that I feel in a much better state of mind than I was in last weekend. There have been no more pain attacks since the awful weekend of two weeks ago and I seem to have fully recovered from the after effects of my tramadol/paracetamol induced ‘delirium-high’. The chronic diarrhoea continues unabated, which leaves me feeling weak and listless, but all in all, things could be worse and I seem to be coping with daily life much better.

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Those pesky hard disks in our ageing brains

Those of us of a certain age will be only too well aware that one of the most frustrating things about growing old is our inability to sometimes recall names, dates facts etc with the same alacrity as we did in our formative years.

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The Great Education Debate.

I have always been interested in education and at one time aspired to be a teacher.

(This idea was well and truly knocked out of me when, as a young man in my late 20’s, I found myself  broke and starving in Bangkok in the mid 1970’s. In desperation took up teaching to make ends meet and it didn’t take but a few days for me to become totally disillusioned with the idea of teaching for the rest of my life – but that’s another story).

I have nothing but good memories of my own primary school education (up to the age of 11) but very mixed and generally not good memories of my secondary education (11-16).

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It’s a Dog’s Life.

Its been a while since I posted any pics of my 4 mutts, so I thought I would wrap up this week’s blog with a few  recent snaps. I do hope you will find amusing, endearing, or quite possibly both.

Somchai, Yoghurt, Cookie and Micky have become so much part of our crazy family that I couldn’t contemplate life without them.



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