19th January, 2014: History shows way out of Thai conflict



Soon after putting my blog to bed last Sunday, the pain in my abdomen returned and didn’t abate until Tuesday, so I had thee sleepless nights and a very miserable time of it. I have no idea what caused this sudden explosion of pain; it was so bad that even the act of breathing in caused violent waves of pain in my midriff. The pains finally subsided on Tuesday afternoon but by that time I was totally spaced out on pain meds and the aftermath has been an intense depression as I have been fighting through the withdrawal process.

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History shows way out of Thai conflict

By Jeffrey Race

Deposed former Prime Minister Police lieutenant colonel Thaksin Shinawatra brought something new to Thailand. It is what is preventing a peaceful settlement of the conflict now raging in Bangkok’s streets, and it is not his political opening to the rural underclass as the press and public commentary superficially explain. News coverage and editorial comment in the world press are both devoting increasing attention to the current conflict, now headed for a February 2 election which the main opposition party will boycott.

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