12th January, 2014: The Beat of The Drum


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Last Friday  Noo and I decided to brave the dangers of imminent  death by driving through Bangkok’s hinterland only a couple of days before millions of anti-government forces gather to shut down our capital city. This singular act of driving courage, (or foolishness), was so that I could keep an appointment with an eminent professor / medical specialist who, I am reliably informed, is the foremost expert on pancreas related medical conditions  in Thailand.

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The Beat of the Drum

Four down – two to go….

Today, I am posting the fourth of my six short stories which were originally published 12 years ago under the title: “Tales From Thailand”.

As mentioned in previous blogs, these stories have been taken out, dusted, edited, and – to a greater or lesser extent – re-written. They have also been given new titles.

“The Good Doctor Jak” was posted on December 1st, “That’s the Spirit” on December 8th, and ‘Walking Backwards For Christmas” on December 25th,

So today, I have pleasure in posting the fourth short story /novelette from the original collection, which I have re-named “The Beat of The Drum.”

As you will no doubt realise, this story has been written strictly with ‘tongue in cheek’ and is a much lighter piece than most of my work. I do hope that it will elicit a smile or two from my readers.

Of course, such a situation as the one related in my tale could never, ever arise in the real world – not even in Thailand.

Or could it?


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