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During the week I looked into the possibility of publishing my books on iBooks and Nook.

Nook is a no-go as at the present time they only accept ebooks for publication from people living in the USA.

If anything, iBooks is even more problematic. Firstly, I have to have an Apple Mac. Not even an iPad will suffice – not that I have one – and have no intention of buying either of these over-priced Apple devices.

On top of this, non-US residents have to apply for tax-exempt status, which involves complex form filling AND a phone call to the Revenue department in the US. If this is truly necessary, how come Amazon is able to do the same job on-line, with a few simple questions? It’s total madness.

It seems that I may be able to sign up with Nook later when they roll out their eBooks to the UK and Europe.

So Apple can take a running jump – unless someone wishes to donate a Mac to the Mobi-cause…..

This only leaves Kobo – a former Canadian eBook company that is now owned by the Japanese. I’m still working my way through the Kobo system –which is not as straight forward as Amazon and seems to have a lot of bugs, but I will persevere, and hopefully will be up and running sometime next week.


In the meantime, my two currently published books: A LUST FOR LIFE, and MADJU-RAJ, MESSENGER OF DEATH, are both available for purchase and download onto your eBook readers by clicking the right side bar under BUY FROM AMAZON.

Madju-Raj is also available for purchase as a pdf download, directly from my website, by clicking the right side bar under, BUY DIRECTLY FROM MOBI

Please give one of them a go – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

And at the current promotional price of $2.99 they are a real bargain!


Tales from Thailand

I have started work on editing my collection of short stories, previously published in 2002 under the above title.  (I may change the title)

I think the revisions will take a bit longer than I had originally thought, as while I believe the stories still stand up quite well, (considering they were my very first efforts at creative writing), I think they would benefit from some re-writing. I have even decided to slightly change the end of at least one of the stories, so it may be January before I finish this task, but we’ll see how it goes.



I wish I could say different, but this past week has been a bit of a nightmare –yet again.

I woke up on Monday morning with a sharp pain in my chest, and I was so congested that I could hardly breathe. My windpipes seemed to have closed up in the night.

What was even more worrying was that my heart beat had risen from its usual rate in the low to mid 50’s to the high 70’s. While this kind of pulse rate is not unduly worrying for most people, it was very unusual for me.

Worse was to come, I checked again in about half an hour and my pulse had risen to the mid 80’s. There was definitely something wrong – quite possibly related to my difficulty in breathing. The last time I had a high heart rate like this it developed into a dangerous arrhythmia, so I decided to go and see a cardiologist before it was too late.

I was in luck, the cardiologist at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital who had seen me several times in the past, (and was familiar with my medical history), was available to see me at noon, so with my heart rate getting ever quicker, Noo and I  drove into Pattaya for the appointment. We were just about to turn into the hospital entrance when I received a call from the hospital cancelling the appointment – the doctor was unavailable!

‘Why did they book the appointment?’

‘They didn’t check properly, sorry.’

By this time my heart rate was in the high 90’s so I made an executive decision.

Clearly my breathing difficulties was the cause of my heart problems, so I told Noo to swing by a drug store where I bought an inhaler, of the type that had been prescribed for me by a chest specialist earlier in the year.

I was right. Almost as soon as I had taken a couple of puffs, my breathing eased and my heart rate started to stabilise. By the time we reached home it was going down. It has taken several days to completely go back to normal (normal for me that is). Even now it is still a bit elevated. as 6 days on, my chest congestion seems to have got a little worse, in spite of the inhaler.  I was awake half the night coughing my guts out.

But at least I saved myself a bill from the cardiologist, so I should be thankful for small mercies.

I have also had two pancreatic pain attacks during the week which have caused me yet more sleepless nights. At week’s end, I am starting to see a very tiny improvement in my chronic diarrhoea, but this has happened before, so I’m not counting my chickens yet awhile. I am trying to be extremely careful with my diet and maybe this is starting to pay dividends. We’ll see.


On another front, this week I’ve had the worst run-in with Dang, my ex-wife since I walked out on her 4 years ago.

It concerned the possible sale of our house. When I asked her to sign a simple, one sentence document, agreeing that the sales proceeds would be shared 50/50 she went berserk and accused me of trying to cheat her and goodness knows what else. She said she had already signed a document at the amphur (district office) agreeing to this and did not need to sign anything more. I tried to explain that the agent needed this in order to disperse the sale funds, but she just became angrier and angrier.

She was clearly drunk, and quite possibly high on drugs. As the day drew on she became more and more impossible to talk to in a rational way. She called me every two minutes and kept shouting at me and insulting me and asked me why I wanted her to sign the paper, and then she would hang up and then call again, asking the self-same question before launching into another tirade of abuse and wild threats.

In the end I had to switch my phone off. It was all too much on top of everything else, and it brought back so many memories back of the wretched six years I had spent living with her, when I had to put up with similar extreme behaviour on a regular basis.

I confess that I was probably near to a nervous breakdown. I went and lay down on my bed and started crying. What on earth had I ever done to her to merit such behaviour? I had been very good to her and bought her everything her heart desired, and had never once laid a hand on her, yet she had continually hurt me so much – both physically and mentally – with her drunken infidelities and extreme behaviour.

Even now, divorced and four years away from her destructive influence, she was still capable of deeply hurting and upsetting me. I was in utter despair.

Dear Noo came and lay down with me and she soothed my troubled mind and brought me back from the brink. We lay there for a long time, chatting things over, and she made me realise that we still had each other and that one way or another we would survive.

There is no doubt that if I was a Buddhist, by now I would be convinced that I was paying for some bad things I had done in a previous existence.

But I’m not, so let’s hope that by thinking positive, I can still turn around this topsy-turvy life of mine.


Mobi-Snaps: There and back’ – a trip to ye olde country’… Part 10



On August 8th we made the trip to beautiful Stratford- upon-Avon, in Warwickshire – Shakespeare’s birthplace. It was a glorious English summer day and the town was awash with tourists.


 IMG_6517 IMG_6526 IMG_6528 IMG_6530 IMG_6531 IMG_6532rev IMG_6537 IMG_6542 IMG_6548 IMG_6553 IMG_6556 IMG_6564 IMG_6564a IMG_6564b IMG_6566 IMG_6567 IMG_6574 IMG_6577 IMG_6578 IMG_6579 IMG_6579a IMG_6581 IMG_6582 IMG_6587 IMG_6588 IMG_6592 IMG_6593 IMG_6596 IMG_6599 IMG_6607 IMG_6624 IMG_6630 IMG_6634 IMG_6644 IMG_6646 IMG_6652 IMG_6654 IMG_6658 IMG_6665 IMG_6666 IMG_6668 IMG_6675 IMG_6680 IMG_6683 IMG_6686 IMG_6688 IMG_6689 IMG_6692 IMG_6692a IMG_6697 IMG_6697a IMG_6699 IMG_6700 IMG_6702 IMG_6703 IMG_6704 IMG_6704a

There’s little I can add to the above pics.

Stratford to contains many 16th-17th century buildings, and the river Avon makes its way serenely through the town centre, with its grassed river banks and lawns, flower blooms, canal boats, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, buskers, street entertainers, Shakespeare inspired statues,  sweet shops, pubs and even a Thai restaurant – what else!

We had a lovely day.


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