The Return of Mobi is Nearly Nigh!!!

Yes folks, I’m almost back from the dead!

Many thanks for all the kind enquiries I have received during my long absence, and as many of you have been wondering what has happened to me, I thought that I’d better write a few lines to let you let you know that I’m still in the land of the living.

I plan to return to blogging in around two weeks’ time and I’ll tell you all about my various adventures over the past couple of months. For now, sufficient to say that I’m still broke and have new health problems which will almost certainly require general surgery.

So it’s still all doom and gloom, but in spite of all this I have to say my depression has lifted and I’m just trying to get on with things the best way I can.

More in a couple of weeks.

Take care –  all of you,


10 thoughts on “The Return of Mobi is Nearly Nigh!!!”

  1. Hi Mobi. Love your stories and your book. Chin up old boy. Tis hard sometimes but hey. Shine on dude. Twill be better


  2. Maybe you never got my e-mail, but I have been concerned about you so I am glad to read your latest entry


  3. Glad to read you’re still among us mere mortals Mobi. Anxiously awaiting an update as to the trials and tribulations of the past two months. Be well Mobi !



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