New arrivals cause major disruptions….

I’m not going to apologise for yet another break in service, as it is getting a bit like a broken record.

I do feel a bit bad for those who are either waiting with baited breath for Mobi’s latest pronouncements on world events, or awaiting the next exciting instalment of poor Toby’s travails in Pattaya, or – most likely – awaiting the latest set of gorgeous Asian pics.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will already have learned that the latest disruption has been due to the arrival of a new mut in the Mobi household, in addition to new bit of hi-tech hardware on the Mobi desk.

The new mut, Micky, a beautiful two year old Labrador, was a spur of the moment thing, as the owner was desperate to place him in a good home before leaving to go back to the UK.

‘The second arrival – that of the ‘phablet’ – my new Samsung galaxy Note II phone, has been on the drawing board for quite a while, and has only just become available in the shops here for the past week or so.

So there you are, guys (and girls), I can’t say exactly when I will get back into my old routine – maybe this week – maybe next week- it depends on how my new arrivals settle in and when I feel ready to devote yet yet more hours sweating over my keyboard.

In the meantime, here are a few pics showing you the causes of all the trouble….

Micky, the new arrival, making his bid to take over the pack from Cookie

Micky’s already wearing me out with his games…..

One thought on “New arrivals cause major disruptions….”

  1. Mobi, shame on you not performing your blogging duties. Some nerve you have, taking in a stray dog and enjoying some new high tech before your first and most highest duty — supplying your blog with content. What’s a man with no dog or Phablet to do other than wait for the latest installment of Mobi adventures.

    Cheers mate, enjoy your life, the blog can wait another day.


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