Last night I shouted at my telly!



I don’t wish to bore you too much with my seemingly never-ending medical problems, but as they continue to occupy a large part of my daily life, permit me to just say a few words on the subject.

At the very least, one day I will be able to look back at my old blogs and realise what a hypochondriac and unnecessary worrier I was.

It may be my imagination, but I seem to be suffering more and more pain at night when I try to sleep, and also occasional discomfort during the day. Indeed, I frequently wake up in considerable pain at night and have  very disturbed sleep patterns. During the day, the pains are at a much lower level and they more or less disappear for long periods, except when I try to bend over very low, cough or sneeze or after taking some moderate exercise whenI feel tightness in my chest and have pains in the centre of my sternum.

On top of this, I still don’t seem to have regained the strength and fitness levels that I enjoyed prior to my chest infection several weeks ago. Before I went down with the chest infection, I felt quite fit and strong and was able to walk very briskly – and even do a little jogging – for over an hour a day with no discernible after effects. Now, even though the chest infection is long gone, I find my daily walks of little more than 30 minutes very tiring and I really struggle to finish them. Upon completion, I feel absolutely wacked out and soaked in sweat, which was not the case previously.

I have ‘Googled ‘ information on my ‘sternum’ pains and have more or less established that what I am experiencing is fairly normal – that many patients recovering from open heart surgery have similar pains for up to a year after surgery, and have to sleep on their backs with their heads raised to avoid chest pain. So I will grin and bear this part of the problem, and take comfort from the knowledge that my situation is far from unique.

The second part of my problem – my low fatigue threshold – is more difficult to understand, and I am beginning to wonder whether the chest infection did some damage to my heart or maybe to my lungs, as there is little doubt that something has happened to affect my recovery. I actually felt similar symptoms to this before my valve replacement – but not as severe.

I am reasonably happy with my latest cardiac consultant, who seems to be doing a good job in juggling my medication to get my blood pressure down, and INR stabilised; but when I mentioned to him the pains I was having in my sternum, he seemed totally disinterested, at first suggesting it was just indigestion. When I insisted that it was in my sternum, he simply said it was ‘normal’ and that I should take some paracetamol.

Well maybe it is normal, and maybe I just have to be patient, but he could have shown a little more care and concern….ah well.

I am due to see him again on Tuesday when I will try to tell him about my fitness/fatigue concerns. I am not optimistic that I will get a positive and helpful response – but you never know….

On the novel writing front; I succeeded in publishing chapter XIX during the week, and the next Chapter – Chapter XX is currently undergoing its second proof reading and will definitely be published next week.

Last night I shouted at my Telly!

I can’t recall a previous occasion when I have literally shouted at the television, but last night I did just that, to the consternation of all around me – my three dogs and my little lady.

The reason for my lack of self-control? You’ve probably guessed it; it was all down to the antics of  my all time favourite folk  – the right royal British aristocracy.

To understand the reasons for my ire, we firstly have to go back a few weeks when a ‘Royal Story’ broke that amazingly, barely caused a ripple amongst the vast majority of British public.

No, I am not referring to Horny Harry’s disgusting romps in Vegas, I am referring to the news that our beloved Royals lost their legal efforts to prevent details of how Queen Lizzie and Potty Prince Charlie must be consulted before laws are passed.

I am not talking about the constitutional requirement for the Queen to sign all new parliamentary bills into law, as this is purely a formality and as far as I am aware, in recent times, the reigning monarch has never questioned any piece of legislation that has been put in front of  him or her.

No, what I am talking about is something far more sinister. It transpires that Queen Lizzie, and Potty Prince Charlie, in his role as The Duke of Cornwall, must be consulted before laws are passed in Parliament to ensure they don’t adversely affect the Royal’s private interests. This little-known power, that is wielded by these two most senior members of Royalty and enables them to alter new draft laws, is due to be exposed to their adoring public after the government lost a legal battle to keep details of its application private.

It transpires that senior royals are consulted before legislation is introduced to ensure it does not harm their private interests and has been described by constitutional lawyers as “a royal nuclear deterrent”. It is now evident that the consent of “The Crown and The Duchy of Cornwall” must be obtained before bills are passed into law and what criteria ministers apply before asking the royals to amend draft laws.

It certainly explains the influence that Potty Prince Charlie appears to wield in Whitehall over his pet issues which range from architecture to healthcare.

In case you are thinking that, like the formality of signing bills into law, this power is never abused, think again.

In the past two parliamentary sessions Charlie has been asked to consent to at least 12 draft bills on everything from wreck removals to co-operative societies. Between 2007 and 2009 he was consulted on bills relating to coroners, economic development and construction, marine and coastal access, housing and regeneration, energy and planning.

Potty Charlie owns The Duchy of Cornwall, a huge farming and industrial property conglomerate. The government’s interests often overlap with Charlie’s own in areas such as town planning where past interventions in public debate have seen the potty prince accused of abusing his influence to distort the democratic process.

In 2009 Potty Charlie caused a storm when he stepped into the public planning debate for the Chelsea Barracks housing development designed by Richard Rogers, one of the most eminent and widely admired architects in the world. Charlie privately complained to the site’s owner, the prime minister of Qatar, that the design was “a gigantic experiment with the very soul of our capital city”. Rogers was promptly sacked and the scheme redrawn in line with Potty Charlie’s personal tastes.

Then there was the case in 2008-9 when The Ministry of Justice consulted Buckingham Palace over the detail of the apprenticeships bill and how it would affect the Queen “in her personal capacity”. An employer of 1,200 staff, the royal household stood to be affected by the provisions of the proposed law, along with thousands of other employers. The civil servants wanted to know “Her Majesty’s intentions in relation to the bill” before its second reading in the House of Commons.

Lizzie’s legal team advised the government that “it might not be possible for what they want to happen without there being express provision in the bill”.

Last year, a minister wrote to the prince’s office requesting his consent to a new planning bill because it was “capable of applying to … The Prince of Wales’ private interests”.

Lord Berkeley, a Labour peer who was told to seek Charles’s consent on a marine navigation bill, said that publication of these little known powers would shed light on a procedure that allows the prince and the Queen “to fiddle around with bills to make sure they don’t affect their private interests”.

“People will start thinking, what the hell is going on?” he said. “We are in the 21st century, not the 18th century and it is crazy to think they are even trying to do this. The royal family should give up this special privilege and we should all obey the law of the land. Just because they have private estates, private incomes and land from several centuries ago doesn’t mean they should have the right to interfere.”

‘Yes… Just what the hell is going on?’ I asked myself last night, as the BBC World news commenced. ‘Is it not enough for us to suffer in the knowledge that these fucking Royals are still exercising more power than anyone had realised behind the scenes, but we also have to put up with their toadies, that ‘Bloody Bullshit & Crap’ organisation known as the BBC, which allocated prime news coverage on the World News to a totally pathetic story about Kate’s tits. I mean! really!’

The whole world is in conflagration over an anti-Muslim video and we seem to be inexorably inching towards the long predicted fatal clash of civilisations that threatens our very existence, yet what does the BBC do? They get hung up on a ridiculous story of a ridiculous woman, who was so fucking stupid that she didn’t know that she should keep her kit on when cavorting with Baldy Billy in a semi private location in France – a country whose paparazzi are is second only to the UK in their prowess and dogged determination.

I would like to ask my male readers a personal question. How many of you, who are married or have a long term partner, have enjoyed the odd occasion when that special lady in your life has cavorted around the house or in a semi-private location, topless? And how many of my female readers, of which I fear there are few, have gone topless in swimming pools – however private they may appear to be. Not too many, I’ll warrant.

OK, I admit that these days, it is not an unknown occurrence in some western countries for young ladies go topless in and around swimming pools and on the beach; but in a vast majority of countries in this world, including Thailand, this practise is not only frowned upon, but is often illegal.

Frankly, I would have thought that the future Queen of England, who must be fully aware of the dangers of paranoid photographers going to any lengths to get a snap of her, would have used a little more discretion and  common sense, even when relaxing in apparent privacy with Baldy Bill.

What pray, is wrong with wearing a nice, sexy little bikini top, Katie , my love? If you had done that, we would have all been spared the sight of seeing your less than flattering mammary glands in all their Technicolor glory on our Googled websites; and the BBC may have been able to concentrate on the more serious affairs of the world, instead of yet more Royal bullshit.

But I hope you are not thinking that it was a rubbish story about Kate’s tits that sent me into an outburst of anger. No, although I confess I found it very annoying and not a little infuriating when a procession of  ‘Royal experts’ and journalists were paraded on our TV screens;  pontificating on the rights and wrongs of publishing such photographs and the effect such publications would have on Britain’s ‘poor, suffering little princess’.

It was only when the BBC finally got onto a real news item that my festering, temper-dam finally burst.

It was certainly a night for news; what with riots breaking out throughout the Arab world and beyond – as far afield as Australia and Europe – with embassies being attacked and people dying – all ostensibly due to a stupid amateur video that was posted on U-tube by some ignorant dunderheads in America. Every time there is a perceived insult perpetrated by someone in the west against some aspect of Islam, then the reaction to it by Muslim extremists becomes more and more extreme.

Some years back we had the incident of the Satanic Verses, when Salman Rushdie was the victim of an ayatollah’s ‘fatwa’. More recently there were the Danish cartoons, which caused riots and mayhem in several countries, then the Koran burning in Afghanistan by some stupid Yankee G.I’s, and now this stupid video has caused such a world -wide storm that it is difficult to see where it all may end.

It was no coincidence that the attack on the Libyan consulate and the killing of the American ambassador and others, was carried out on 9/11. These world-wide outrages by Muslims against anything that smacks of American origin have been clearly orchestrated by hard line extremists. They seize on any excuse – however flimsy – to attack the west – especially America.

One could argue that simple, uneducated people in places like Yemen or Tunisia would believe what they were told by their local Mullahs and accept without question that the American government was behind the video; but don’t try to tell me that Muslims in Europe or Australia believed that the US government was involved. They knew full well that they weren’t – but they don’t care. Any excuse to use violence and attack anything American, is fine by them.

We are truly looking at a devastating clash of civilisations and culture, and the sooner the west realises the enormity of what they are up against and adjusts its foreign  policies accordingly, then the sooner we might see the beginning to the end of all this.

Until we totally withdraw from all Islamic states, including, but not limited to, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East, and cut off every single cent of aid and stop trading with them, there is no possibility that this conflict is ever going to end. It will only get worse.

These serious worldly thoughts were going through my mind last night when the BBC turned to its second item on the world news – which was the attack on Camp Bastion by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan.

The Taliban claimed that the attack was in response to the American video. Remarkably, they  succeeded in breaking into what was considered the most heavily fortified base in Afghanistan and killed two US soldiers as well as carrying out extensive collateral damage.

But what was BBC’s main slant on this story?  You got it, the concerns for safety surrounding The Right Royal Horny Harry. As the story went on and on, with viewers being treated endless library pictures of Harry in uniform and the wheeling out of yet more Royal experts, I just couldn’t believe what I was watching and finally lost my cool.

First and foremost, Horny Harry and Baldy Billy have no business being members of the British forces. They can’t have it both ways. They can either be sycophantic wastrels, who are supported by the state, or they can choose to become ordinary British citizens, renounce their titles and live and work like any other person in the UK. But to have these privileged clowns, decked out in their military finery, weighed down with gold braid and unearned medals, being fast-tracked through the ranks of the British military is frankly, a totally and obscene disgrace.

Horny Harry has absolutely no business being in Afghanistan, where he is putting the lives of his fellow soldiers at a greater risk than they might otherwise be if he wasn’t there. We are in times of great strife – when the entire world is alive with all manner of major conflicts  – from the Muslim Riots, to the deadly war in Syria, to the increasingly autocratic regime in Russia, to the Iran Nuclear threat, to the world economic recession and so on and so forth.

Yet what does the BBC consider its most important news items on the midnight World News?

News item number 1: Kate’s ugly tits;

News item number 2: the safety of a pampered, horny little jerk, who happens to be the progeny of Potty Charlie and the self styled, long deceased, Princess of Hearts….

That is why I shouted at my TV – not that the dogs took much notice.

‘If it makes you so angry, why don’t you switch channels?’ Noo asked with a grin.

I grinned back at her. ‘Good idea,’


Butt…Butt…Butt… I don’t give a Hoot!

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