I’m Home!!!


By way of an update, I copy below my last two posts in the Thai visa forum where, along with my blog readers, many people have wished me good luck.

13 June

Progress is continuing apace.

Pain is much lower – almost negligible until I cough, but I’m still getting a lot of pain medication so it remains to be seen what the real pain levels are when I am ‘on my own’. There is a patch on my chest which releases pain meds over 72 hours, and I am also still taking several kinds of oral pain killers. 

I’m gaining strength in spades and can do multiple walking circuits of the floor as well as sitting in a chair and doing a lot of breathing exercises, to strengthen my lungs.

My vertical breast bone scar is healing well and all dressings are now removed except for the bottom end, where the tubes went in and it is still a bit messy….

More x rays and blood tests tomorrow, the results if which will determine when I can be discharged. The docs are continuing to be impressed with my recovery, and fingers crossed I will be going home this weekend.

It is all quite remarkable when you consider that only last Friday, my chest was cut wide open and  I was attached to a heart /lung bi-pass machine while a surgeon cooled my heart and replaced an integral part of it with a piece of mechanical engineering.

The wonders of modern medicine.

15th June

Well it was on, and then off, then finally on again and I made it back home at around 9 p.m. last night.

I saw the surgeon yesterday morning and she told me I had made incredible progress and she was happy to let me go home provided that all the paperwork was sorted out in time.

She said I was the only patient she had ever had who had not experienced post-op heart palpitations and I was very ‘robust’. She has reduced my warfarin dosage as my ‘INR’ was a little high and she will check again in 10 days when I go back, for X-rays, blood tests and a general review of my progress.

The holdup to being discharged was the lack of a ‘sign off’ by the diabetes specialist who wasn’t at the hospital yesterday, and I was told it would have to be Friday morning.

 Poor Noo had been busy packing all my stuff and then had to unpack it all again!!

We asked the hospital if there was any chance they could get hold of the missing doc, but they said, no way.

Then, about 6 pm, another diabetes doctor came breezing in with her team, and after looking at my blood results told me I could go home and informed me on  my prescribed daily insulin doses. I will have to see her in 11 days’ time, so I will probably need to stay overnight in Bangkok. My blood sugars have been running on the high side, but better a bit high than too low, till my heart can stand the strain of possible hypos.

It took another hospital doc about an hour to hand over all my meds with precise instructions about what I can and can’t do, what I can eat, drink, what exercises t do etc, and to warn about adverse effects of the Warfarin etc.

So Noo  had to absorb all this information, (after all – I am a ga-ga farang), pack everything again and haul it all down to the car and drive me home through the evening rush hour. We could have waited till Friday morning, but we were both desperate to get home.

My dogs went absolutely ballistic when I arrived home, and Cookie, my Golden Retriever actually jumped up onto the sofa –something she never does – and refused to budge. 45 kilo Noo fought a losing battle trying to remove a 38 kilo stubborn lump of hairy mutt from my lap.

Last night I had a pretty good night’s sleep in my own bed, (the 2 Shih Tzu’s nestling next to us up top, and Cookie, lying prostrate on the floor next to my bedside, within stroking distance), and today, Noo drove me to a charming little government run, village hospital/clinic less than 5 minutes’ drive from my home, where a lovely young nurse changed my dressings. The main scar is fine and now bare to the world, but the area where the drain tubes went in are still a bit messy.

So I am now ensconced in my bedroom with my lap top, tablet and TV and feeling pretty good about life in general.

If my life had gone in a slightly different direction over the past couple of years I am quite sure I would never have had the operation, and I would have probably expired within the next year or so.

One thing is for sure: I would never have managed it without my wonderful lady, – in fact I would never have stopped drinking 18 months ago if it wasn’t for Noo. I just couldn’t bear to see the pain and misery I was causing her by my drunken bouts, and once I decided to quit, she has been beside me every single step of the way; and of course, through all my heart traumas.

It has been quite an adventure.

Well I never was one for settling for the quiet life!

Take care everyone,



And just in case you think I’ve been making all this heart craap up, here is Mobi himself, in all his chest-scarred glory! Agh!!!!

Butt…Butt…Butt… I don’t give a hoot!

4 thoughts on “I’m Home!!!”

  1. Wonderful news Sir. Speedy and thorough recovery to you. Thank you very much for logging your experience as it gives me much confidence about the Thai medical community in the case I may need their services down the road. FYI, I will arrive LOS July 2 for an extended if not permanent stay. Soft drinks on me if we might get the chance. Cheers and best wishes.



  2. Enjoy your postings Mobi and am glad that you’re still in the land
    of the living.Is the new valve ticking ?

    Chock Dee khrap.



  3. Home sweet Home.

    Nothing like a place to call home, with the love of life within a household, a lady and even jumping pets. smiles.

    Be well Mobi-san.


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