I’m Alive!


Yes folks, for those of you who haven’t been following my tweets, the offical word on the street is that Mobi is yet to leave this mortal coil.

The operation was a total success and apart from me wanting to die around  day 2 due to extreme pain, lack of sleep, and the docs  cutting off my morphine, I struggled on,  and am now well on the road to recovery.

The turning point was after they removed the tubes from my chest and neck, and since then its been pretty much plain sailing ever since.

I am now the proud possessor of a shiny new mechanical aortic valve. My heart is beating faster than it has done in decades and my BP is very low – I can hardly believe it.

I saw the surgeon yesterday and she told me the op hadn’t come a day too soon as my valve was in a very bad condition – badly calcified and it had a congenital defect – two ‘ridges’ instead of the normal three – whatever that may mean!

Anyway, progress has been good and I am in my own room being cared for by Noo and the wonderful staff at Rajavithi hospital. I just couldn’t be in better care. The hospital, doctors and staff have been wonderful and very professional.

Every day I feel a bit stronger and I am now doing breathing exercises and taking short walks.

I won’t be discharged before the weekend at the earliest as they are still adjusting my Orfarin doses which I will have to take for the rest of my life.

My blood sugars are a bit high but they are keeping a careful eye on it and at this point, better a bit high than too low. (The endocrinologist is an absolute dish – so she can adjust my blood sugars in any way that suits her little desires..)

So that’s about it for now. Sorry to have to put my valued readers through this worry, and many thanks for all your good wishes. I’ll try to stay healthy from now on.

The unexpurgated version of my sojourn in hospital will follow at a later date, when I feel more up to it. 



19 thoughts on “I’m Alive!”

  1. I am happy to hear that the operation was successful and that you are in such a good spirit! Take good care of yourself and of Noo! A girl like that is hard to find!


  2. Outstanding news Sir. Great to know Mr. Mobi is out of the woods and all is going well. Wishing you the best in the months ahead.


  3. Mobi-san !

    Come back stronger and better, as we read up on your Most Excellent Adventures !



  4. Being alive is a good thing Mobi! It is always a joy to take that first breath when waking in the morning, and say “I got another day”


  5. Welcome back to the key board Mobi. The two photo’s of your caregivers almost make me wish I was in your place. Pain without morphine was enough to bring me back to my sense’s and I’m over it now. Hurry home, as the dogs will be doing back flips upon your return and they’ll show you how it feels to be truly missed.


    1. Hi rebel,

      Well, the photos weren’t really my caregivers, but believe you me, they could just have easily been, there were some gorgeous young nurses in that hospital, and even the odd bimbo doctor. I could have fallen in love with a real cutie nurse in ICU if I didn’t have Noo….


  6. Really pleased everything has worked out so well.

    Looking forward to reading your great blogs in the future.


  7. Congrats Mobi – glad you are on the mend. Rajavithi has always been a good hospital in my opinion. Anyway, take it easy and hope you are back up to speed in short order.


  8. That’s great to hear. I’m really glad that all is going well.
    I’m an avid reader of whatever you care to pontificate about, and I sure woulda missed ya if you’d gone and kicked the bucket on us.
    Thanks for the update.
    Just got back to Canada from my place on the darkside after 3 months, and I was wondering on the flight how things were for ya.
    Looking forward to the whole story once you feel up to it.


  9. Excellent news, I have been thinking about your op (which is rather ‘crazy’ seeing as I don’t know you) but your life experiences have struck a chord with me (except for the heart condition). Onwards and upwards!!


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