Sorry Folks! Mobi is a bit off colour today…


1year, 2 months, still sober.


Well, despite my physical ails, I suppose I’m feeling more upbeat.

Are you like me? When whenever I rush to take a pee, or get distracted by something in the middle of watching a football match on TV, I invariably miss a crucial goal being scored. Or whenever I complain that something never happens, or something always happens, that the opposite occurs just to make me look like a proper twit.

And so it proved with my car sale. The ink was barely dry on last Wednesday’s blog, where I complained  that my car sale was forever jinxed, when a cash customer came along and within 24 hours I had a bag full of Baht in my grubby mits. I admit that it was way below the price I was hoping for when I first put the car up for sale last October, but there has been much water under the bridge, (and around Thailand), since then, including another 10K kms on the clock and its ‘transformation’ from a 3 year to a 4 year old car. Anyway, I was very relieved to finally do a deal and at least it was one worry off my mind.


So I took delivery of my Triton last Friday and am very satisfied with my choice of vehicle. For those who are not motor enthusiasts, I will just say that the Triton has a state of the art 2.5 litre diesel engine which goes like the proverbial shite, and purrs along so quietly, that even at140 kms/hr, you can almost hear a pin drop. In fact I will go so far as to say that there is not much difference in acceleration and general performance between the Triton and my beloved BMW

Of course it is a much bigger vehicle, but on Thailand’s roads, that is generally a plus. The ride is much higher, and the Triton takes all the road cracks and potholes in its stride – unlike the BM, and I no longer have to be constantly on the look-out for road hazards that might do some nasty damage to the beamer.

Sure, the ride was smoother, (but not a lot), when driving the BM on Bangkok’s roads and on some of the motorways, but frankly, there is little, if any difference in the rides of the two vehicles on a vast majority of Thailand’s roads, including most major highways, and of course all of Pattaya’s bumpy, potholed, patched up roads.  


I have already had a parking ‘sensor’ installed, as it can be quite problematic to park  pickups in restricted spaces, and I have also arranged the installation of a very neat ‘lid’ to cover the open back and enhance further the appearance of my new, white, gleaming Triton pickup.

So all that activity has been quite positive and has helped to lift my spirits; but on the minus side, I have to report that my health problems seem to be getting worse. My evening walks are leaving me so exhausted that it takes several hours to recover, and I have now come down with a very painful sore throat, chest infection and fever. Last night, my chest was so congested, I could hardly breathe, so this morning Noo popped out to get me some meds which will hopefully alleviate my condition.


Anyway, with any luck I will be feeling a bit better in a couple of days and I can get back to my novel and my regular bogging, but I think I have to drastically curtail my walking activities until I have seen the heart docs in a week or so.

Right now I’m going to sort out a few pics from my collection to titillate your Sunday reading matter and then I will go and lie down and watch a bit of TV and have a snooze.






BUTT…BUTT…BUTT… I couldn’t give a hoot!…




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  1. Mobi,
    Hang in there friend. My best wishes for your speedy recovery and return to optimum. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the new truck and making the best of your time before the hospital. I look forward to reading more of your blog and thank you again for it. Continued contentment, sobriety and peace.



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