Hey Mob’ – Take a Walk on the Darkside….


Last year I posted a selection of snaps on my blog which I had taken – on what was then a very short daily walk – no more than ten minutes max – usually up to the nearby 7/11  and back home again.  So I have decided that is time to publish a more  comprehensive pictorial narrative of the area in which I live and where I take my daily walks.

These days, our (my and Noo’s) daily exercise has expanded to encompass two, much longer, alternative routes for our daily walk. The first route takes us in a southerly direction, up to the 7/11 and then into the grounds of  Wat Khao Por Thong – which has some very attractive buildings and some lovely trees –  out the other side, to walk around the Lake to the Rendevous bar/restaurant complex. The return leg simply retraces our steps, and this walk probably takes us about 45 minutes.

The alternative route takes us briefly around the lake in a northerly direction before taking a right turn away from the Lake, then right again on a little lane, parallel to the lake along a pleasant, leafy traffic free- diversion, before once more joining the lakeside road again.

The outward leg finishes in the area where the long boats are stored, opposite the Lakeside Restaurant. The return leg takes us past the ‘Fishermans Rest’, and thence back home, a journey which, walking at quite a steady pace, takes us around 40 minutes.

Upon reaching our home, we collect the three dogs and take them for a 10- 15 minute walk around the village paved roads, so by the time we have completed our day’s exercise, we have been walking for nigh on an hour.

It has been a good work-out for me and I have now lost about 10 kilos in weight and feel a lot fitter. I know that the first tranche of weight loss is always the easiest and, as expected,  my weight is now stubbornly staying at around 90 kilos.  I would dearly love to lose at least another 8 kilos – ideally 10 – to get me back where I was some 10 years ago, but I know it is going to be tough.

I am ever more careful with my diet, but I am now coming to the conclusion that the next phase of my weight-reduction efforts will require me to start jogging. I found out many years ago that there is nothing like jogging to get the pounds off stubbornly tubby mid-riffs. You can try every type of diet/exercise plan till you are blue in the face; you can hire personal trainers and do all manner of aerobic exercise on all manner of high tech machines, but all that is really required is a daily jogging routine of at least 25 minutes and a sensible eating routine– no cakes, sweets, deserts etc, no sugared drinks, and avoiding excessive fat in food.

So next week I will try to do a bit of jogging, starting off with just a minute or two – intermingled with my daily walking – gradually trying to increase the jogging time. The last time I embarked on this path I was 54 years old, and now I am 65 so it might prove a bit more difficult to achieve, but I won’t know if I don’t try. Either way, I now accept that if I am to get fit and stay fit, I must allot an hour of each day to some form of exercise which hopefully I can continue to do, well into my old age.

Mobi’s Lakeside photos.

I took these pics below over a couple of days, and  hopefully it gives you a better idea of  why I have a particular fondness for this beautiful lake and for this little ‘neck of woods’.

Wat Khao Por Thong

and it’s magnificent tree…

Sweet potatoes, or yams - a very popular crop out here

Any ideas, anyone? Noo is terrified of them...
We have passed this poor mutt many times, always sitting in the same spot...
Looks like a nice country home - from what I can see of it
It has a gorgeous, leafy, English-style garden
Back to the Lake

Longboats parked up
I had to cross the road to get the boat in my shot - it is soooo long...

A mini long boat crew - hard at it.... I wonder if they use these small boats for training?
A lakeside sheltered seat, one of many being placed around the lake.
Canoeing anyone?

Nice restaurant: Good ambience, good food, but slightly pricey and the service leaves a little to be desired…

A recently landscaped area of Lakeside
A 'Thai' karaoke Bar...
'Something' under construction - I hope it turns out better than it looks right now...
11 Kilometres to Pattaya City
Memorial to one of the many bikers who have tragically died in accidents on this road
One of the very first bars by the Lake, and also with one of the best views
One of the Lakeside 'Mansions' - and also, like most of them, up for sale...this one, a cool 23M Baht!
One of the upmarket, Lakeside housing 'villages'.
As the sign says, this road takes you eastwards away from the Lake to yet another Wat and a nearby village.

This ‘Chippy’Started off life as a Mini- market, graduated to a ‘cheapo’ beer stop, and now has the best fish’n’chips around the Lake – enormous portions too….

The newest bar by the Lake. My recent UK visitors quite liked it, saying it felt a bit 'urban'
Yet another, Lakeside 'village'.
and another ...
Back in Mobi's village, taking the dogs for their evening constitutional...
Noo, Yoghurt, Somchai and Cookie
Poor Cookie, resting her aching hips...

BUTT…BUTT…BUTT…I don’t give a hoot!…

3 thoughts on “Hey Mob’ – Take a Walk on the Darkside….”

  1. Mobi,

    Ditto on Rogers comments and keep up with the healthy lifestyle. Looks like a pleasant place for daily walks with a mans best friend and of course the dogs too.



  2. Hi Mobi

    Firstly, thanks for your columns. I tell my wife, when she spots me with one of your pretty ladies on the screen that in fact I am reading a Sunday Times column and I have to put up with the pretty ladies that intersperse the text. It has been fascinating reading over the years and in the past very sad although the randy side of my brain enjoyed all the salacious details. Now I am amazed at the wide diversity of subjects that write about.

    Great work on the giving up drinking victory but never ever be tempted to think you have conquered it and be tempted to have just one. Many years ago I gave up smoking for a year. Then one night we had traveled down to a favourite pub on the Surrey downs. It was a beautiful summers evening and someones cigarette was wafting across the garden. At a distance it smelled great. So having beaten the habit I bought a packet of ten (that probably shows how old I am), I proceeded just to have one and then of course it was back to 20 a day and it took me another year to get back on the fag free wagon. I don’t have the same problem with drink although I don’t think I should take the credit. Nature seems to have given me an automatic cut off switch at about 4 pints although when sitting in a bar in Bangkok or Phuket I might force my self to a couple more especially if there is a chrome pole in view.

    Anyway, enough of all that. My real reason for writing is that after reading your piece about the Beatles, I thought that you might be interested, if you haven’t heard it already, in a magnificent DVD called “A Concert for George”. It was recorded at the Royal Albert Hall as a tribute to George Harrison shortly after his death. It is rousing, tremendously musical and moving without being mawkish. I think that 9 years on it is still available on line. If you haven’t heard it and you get it, give it some welly.

    Thanks again for all you hard work. Very insightful.



    1. Thank you for your kind words Roger. It is always very gratifying when I receive comments like these.

      I also thank you for drawing my attention to the tribute Concert for George of which I was completely unaware. I am currently downloading both the audio CD and the concert – a whopping 4.2 GB’s!

      Happy reading…



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