Mobi breaks his vow!

11 Months, 11 Days, still Sober


The roads to hell, along with most of us travellers, are always filled with the best of good intentions, but as they say, sometimes even the best laid plans….

For those who know me of old, you will understand that this much flawed reprobate doesn’t always live up to his avowed aims. This can be anything from quitting the booze, to taking more exercise or merely becoming involved in some new worthwhile activity.

Our minds are willing but sometimes our hearts are weak – or is it the other way round? Anyway, I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes the Mobi-will power is a little lacking.

On Friday, I had a lunch appointment with my investment adviser who came down from Bangkok to meet with me. After we had discussed the deplorable state of the world’s finances, the worrying political state of affairs in Thailand, and the even more worrying state of Mobi’s finances, we concluded an unsatisfactory meeting but a nice lunch.

So being at a somewhat loose end, temptation got the better of me, and I ended up in one of my favourite ‘Gentlemen’s establishments’ in suburban Jomtien.

It was a completely ‘spur of the moment’ decision, as I had not even come dressed for the occasion – wearing jeans, rather than the obligatory ‘loose shorts’ which are usually ‘de rigour’ for such places.

I’m not going to beat myself up too much over this rash decision, as this was my first foray into any such place for several weeks, and I suppose, deep in my heart, when I resolved that my life as a whore-monger was over, I always knew there would be the occasional lapse. Why not?

Anyway, I confess I had a pretty good time. One of my favourite, very sexy young ladies was there to greet me, and before long I had no less than three of the most gorgeous young ladies, all clad in figure hugging, low cut, deep red mini-dresses that barely covered their scanty knickers, sitting with me, around me and almost in to me.

They were a bit put out by my ‘formal’ attire, but it wasn’t long before they found a satisfactory to the solution the problem, as long as I didn’t suddenly stand  up from my bar stool , which might have proved embarrassing. (Note, I said ‘might’ as these days it takes a lot to embarrass Mobi – or indeed the young ladies who work at these establishments).

Anyway it was great fun, and as ever, the customers at nearby tables just couldn’t believe what they were witnessing; many, no doubt, were eating their hearts out. In all, I was probably there a couple of hours and by the time I departed, there weren’t too many girls there who hadn’t come over to ‘sample’ the Mobi-goods. It must be very boring when I’m not there to provide an afternoon’s entertainment!

I nearly went home, but at the last minute, I diverted to another one of my favourite haunts – this time, east of Suk. The place was devoid of customers, but all my ‘old flames’ were there – in particular three young ladies, of 21, 25 and 31 years of age respectively.

I was welcomed like a long lost ‘brother’ and it wasn’t too long before I was replicating the pleasures I had just reluctantly left back in the Jomtien club. It is quite ridiculous how much pleasure a gentleman of a certain age can derive from sitting with three young ladies, almost a third of his age, and indulging in a little slap and tickle and a fun-filled session of light hearted repartee.

I was back home by 6.30 pm where little Noo who was waiting patiently to prepare my evening meal. She had also been out for the afternoon to see her friends and do a bit of shopping, so I didn’t feel too bad about my own activities.

Apart from going on the occasional shopping trips and meals with Noo, I hadn’t really been out of the house for weeks and I really believe it did me good to have a bit of a ‘break out’.

I did feel guilty enough to take her out for an evening meal, which we both enjoyed and after which, we reaffirmed our love for each other – as if that was necessary…

My trip schedule to Bangkok and Nong Khai is all finalised. We will go to Bangkok next Sunday and stay a couple of nights, during which time I will see my specialists at Bumrungrad.

On Tuesday, we will head off for Nong Khai and I have booked a room in a nice little guest house overlooking the Mekong River for three nights. We shall catch up with Noo’s family, and do a bit of sight-seeing, which will also include a trip over the Friendship Bridge and into a Laos for a day trip.

I am actually looking forward to it, and plan to do a bit of blogging en route – time permitting. The folks at the guest house have suggested that I extend my stay till Christmas as they will be having a big party, so I’m a considering this; it might be good fun. I will decide on this after we arrive there.

Today we are all feeling the ‘cold’. It actually dropped to about 22 C last night, and right now it is about 24C and I am sitting at my desk with a shirt on and no fan. Noo is walking around with a jacket on, and any moment I expect her to start lighting fires to keep her hands warm. If it gets any colder it will start to feel like an English summer.

The on-going Euro fiasco

So many millions of words have been written on this subject, particularly from the British aspect, that quite frankly, you can ‘pays your money and takes your choice’ from the so-called experts with as many wide ranging views and opinions as they are days in the year.

We are in uncharted territory, and no one can really say for sure where this is all going to lead.

For my part, I have blogged on several occasions that I had always been totally against the UK joining the Euro, right back to the time when the whole of the British financial community was convinced it was the only way to go. I knew it wouldn’t work, for all the reasons that have now become apparent and I derive no great pleasure from being  proved right.

But where are all those learned and famous people who told me, and others like me, that we didn’t know what we were talking about? Where are they now?

Have they apologised or in any way admitted they got it wrong? Not a bit of it. Most so-called public figures are too full of their own hubris to ever admit to being wrong.

And it seems to me that this has happened to the entire Liberal Democrat Party who has been vehemently flogging the ‘Euro’ dream for so many years, that they simply cannot find in themselves the courage and honesty to admit they may have been wrong. They would rather stick to a manifestly misguided and unpopular policy and see the British economy collapse, than re-think their now discredited policies.

Cameron is out there alone and good on him. Even now, so few people realise that the Franco/German axis is out to get us, determined to cut us down size and try to destroy our financial services industry which accounts for about 9% of Britain’s GDP and countless millions of jobs, both directly and indirectly.

Make no mistake, if we had signed up to the deals this week, it would be the beginning of the end of Britain as an influential world economic power. The French would like nothing better as they have always hated us, and I suspect the Germans have never forgiven us for refusing to join the Euro in the first place, and probably for the World Cup… and the Second war….

EU regulations have been stifling British businesses for decades and it been forever getting worse, with crazy restrictions on how many hours an employee is permitted to work and even the latest assault on agency /or contract workers, the use of which has made o9ur companies more versatile and has been highly beneficial for businesses and workers alike.

If we became free of all this EU bureaucratic crap, but still being able to access the European markets, (after all there is such a thing as WTO agreements), I truly believe our entrepreneurial and hard-working Anglo Saxon ideas and inventive culture will make this nation prosper like it hasn’t in a very long time.

I only hope that Cameron has the courage to stick with it; and while I understand his reluctance to hold referendums in the middle of all the recent negotiations, I say bring them on – sooner rather than later. I am totally convinced he will get a strong mandate from the British public to move further and further away from this increasingly monolithic European malaise.

And we all know what happened last time Gerry hatched a little European conspiracy… (see below)

American Factoid

Did you know that 80% of students in American colleges who study Maths and computer science degrees are foreigners, and once qualified, they return to their home countries.

They do not stay in the USA because, due to Al Qaida mania, they cannot get visas to stay, so they go back home, and join companies that compete with American companies.

Thousands of American businesses are unable to develop and expand due to lack of Americans holding computer science and maths degrees.

The increasing government regulation on the American business environment is probably far greater than it is even within the EU. Even the Germans know how to free up their business from too much bureaucracy, (hence being the most successful manufacturing nation in the west), and recognise the need to import much needed ‘third world’ scientific skills, without too many silly visa restrictions.

The great American Dream was built by immigrants. WTF happened?

Taking care of illegal, non-productive, Hispanic families has a far higher priority.

Until they all go broke….

‘Conspiracy’ and ‘Countdown to Zero’

I watched two very different, but in their own ways, two very disturbing movies recently.

Conspiracy, (2001) is a ‘made for TV’ movie by the BBC in conjunction with HBO –and is a re-enactment of the 1942 ‘Wannsee Conference’ in Germany where the ‘Final Solution’ phase of the holocaust was devised.

The story is based on notes recovered of the actual conference and all the characters taking part and the views they convey are historically accurate.

In some ways an impartial, uninformed viewer might wonder why a bunch of Germans sitting around a table dispassionately discussing an aspect of their war strategy could provide interesting viewing. At first, this could well be the case, but as soon as the whole purpose of the meeting becomes clear – the question of how to ‘deal’ with millions of Jews in Europe – then what initially appears to be a boring ‘business’ meeting’, transforms itself into an evil plan to ‘dispose’ of an entire race of people.

Yet the discussions take place in an atmosphere of apparent civility and politeness, as though they were merely debating the pros and cons of a new sales campaign rather that the annihilation of millions of fellow human beings.

One of the few major disagreements is over whether or not any regulations need to be amended in respect of non-Jews who married Jews or in the disposal of the offspring of such marriages. This seems to create far more argument than the central point of the conference, which is how to kill and dispose of the Jewish people in the most efficient manner.

The characters are played by a power house of British acting, with the notable exception of the American actor, Stanley Tucci , who plays the affable but very evil Adolph Eikmann, who was subsequently put in charge of the ‘Final Solution’.

Top British Shakespearean actor, Kenneth Branagh, plays General Reynard Heidrich, who was in charge of the conference and ultimately persuaded the attendees to agree to his ‘solution’, which was, in effect the transportation of Jews throughout Europe to specially constructed concentration camps which had been fitted with the ‘death’ gas chambers.

The entire ensemble cast are brilliant in portraying what appear to be ordinary, loyal, hard-working Germans; some from the military branches: army, Gestapo, SS, and others from the Civil Service, all going about their daily business in a perfectly normal, matter of fact manner.

Yet over the weekend of the conference, they finalised a plan which resulted in the killing of over 6 million people; one of the most appallingly chilling events in the entire history of the human race.

Countdown to Zero (2010), is actually a movie-length documentary about the ever escalating and proliferating nuclear arms race and the increasing likelihood that one day, we all might disappear in a puff of radioactive dust.

I won’t go into details, except to say that I would recommend this film to all who are interested in world affairs and I can certainly say that I learnt quite a lot about the history of nuclear arms, and the alarming number of authenticated ‘close calls’ that have occurred over the past fifty years.

I also was interested to learn how alarmingly simple it is to make a basic nuclear bomb – not particularly efficient, but powerful enough to flatten a large city the size of New York. No sophisticated missiles or warheads are required – in fact with a chunk of enriched uranium, no larger than the size of a briefcase, and some materials that can obtained in the hardware stores of virtually any city in the world, just such a bomb could be made and ignited.

And we have to thank a certain Pakistani gentleman who goes by the name of Abdul Qadeer Khan, for not only providing nuclear technology but also nuclear materials to North Korea and Iran to name but two, nuclear hungry ‘rogue’ states. He is still fêted as a ‘hero’ in his own country.

Back in the 1960’s John F Kennedy said: “Every man woman and child, lives under a nuclear ‘Sword of Damocles’, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment, by accident, or miscalculation, or by madness.”

This statement is clearly the underlying thesis of the film and there are fascinating insights by such luminaries as former CIA agent Valerie Plume, Mikhail Gorbachev, Jimmy Carter, Tony Blair, and Robert McNamara, which all add the credence of this well researched and chilling documentary.

Download it and watch it if you can. The next bomb, if and when it happens, could outdo the atrocities committed on the Jewish race back in the 1940’s.

BUTT…BUTT…BUTT…BUTT…I don’t give a hoot!…



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  1. She had also been out for the afternoon to see her friends and do a bit of shopping – or perhaps doing as you were doing, having a little bit on the side????


    1. Ha Ha Ha!… Yes, I was half expecting someone to make such a comment.

      All that I can say is that Noo is a much better person than I could ever hope to be and after all these years of living with duplicitous Thai females I know a good-un when I see one.

      I have absolutely no qualms that Noo always tells me the truth and that she always behaves in an exemplary manner. Having a ‘little bit on the side’ is not on her personal agenda…

      But, of course you are entitled to your own views, although, if you knew her, I am confident you would agree with with me.


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