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6 Months, 26 Days – still sober

Mobi Babble

I haven’t been babbling much lately so some of you may be wondering what I have been up to.

Well, nothing very exciting really, my life is becoming a bit ‘run of the mill’ which is one of the reasons I haven’t written much on my daily activities, as I would probably bore you all to death.

I have been trying to keep away from the hookers and their places of employment. By and large, I have succeeded, either spending my time at home or going to Pattaya with Noo on various errands. 

But Sunday saw a minor slip in my resolve when out of the blue, Rick called me at around 7 pm. and told me that a large centipede had bitten his foot, that it was badly swollen and very painful and wanted to know what he should do. I thought that he should go to hospital, and as he seemed to be in no condition to drive, I drove quickly down to the ‘Church’, where he had ensconced himself earlier that evening to watch the Formula One Grand Prix. I had intended to take him to Pattaya to get a doctor to look at it, but upon arrival, he announced that his foot felt a little better and that it didn’t require any urgent attention..

In other words, he decided he would rather risk losing his foot or even die, than miss his beloved Formula One race. Once this was established, I stayed long enough to see that over-hyped, spoilt brat of a cheating, British, so-called hero leading the pack in the most boring sport on the planet, before adjourning to a new bar, just down the road, which had recently opened – the bizarrely named, ‘Bad Luck  Bar’.

My luck was in at ‘Bad Luck Bar.’ For starters, they were not showing the Formula One race on their television, and for seconds they had a couple of bright young things decorating the bar stools and it wasn’t long before I had both of them literally eating out of my hand.

They were 21 and 22 years old respectively, Ying and Ping, and I would rate them about 7 out of ten in the looks, body and personality departments. They both appeared to be quite new to the hooking profession, having only just arrived from their Issan homes about 2 weeks earlier. They soon become fascinated with my new Galaxy Tab, which I was amusing myself with, and it didn’t take long before they homed in on the thousands of songs that I had downloaded onto it. We then spent the next two hours finding songs they liked which I then transferred to their phones via blue tooth. Every time I succeeded in blue toothing  a new song onto their mobiles, I received a lovely big hug and kiss for my efforts. Their excitement and joy was infectious and it took a lot of will power for me to reluctantly drag myself away and make my way home to the ever waiting and faithful Noo.

So while admit to being a bit of a heel, this was my only transgression in quite a while, and let’s face it, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. If it hadn’t been for Rick and his bloody centipede bite, I would have never have left the comfort of my home and my lovely Noo. So it’s all his fault – or maybe the centipede’s….


I haven’t had one for a while now, so here we go…

On the subject of my deliberations on whether I should stop writing my blog, here are a couple of worthy comments

Firstly, a comment from TT, Submitted on 2011/07/14 at 10:22 pm

(It is a very long comment, which can be read in full in the  ‘Comments’ section, so below are a few relevant extracts:

Hi Mobi,

Just in reply to your previous post about your consideration to junk the blog.

Personally I am of the opinion that it would be a waste to do that and can offer only two reasons, one selfish personally and one on your side – feel free to whale in…..

….Now, in your case, the drunken Mobi used the blog, in my opinion, to look in a mirror. ‘Mirror, mirror what do I see?’ Great, you were reinforcing something in yourself. Pattaya must probably be the worst place on the planet to try and avoid any form of addiction. Within yourself you came to the conclusion that you had become nothing more than a cunt and that throwing money at the problem didn’t actually make it go away. Good on you for that strength – so many make an excuse…..

….Sure there have been some who have been most risible to you along the way, but as they always are they will not front up to your face and tell you their opinion – wee keyboard bairns with masturbatory fantasies of being ex SAS….

. ….Getting off booze is easy, just got to find something to do – which is what you do with your blog….

….Since you started being more political and newsy, your blog has in my opinion, become far more readable. You are obviously a man of intelligence and erudite with it and why therefore, stop?…..

A lot of folks for sure were interested in your novel and that seems to have come to a grinding halt. Can’t fit in the transition from sober Mobi to the previous Mobi? …..

…. Mail me and I’ll send you excerpts from [what TT used to write] 5 years ago. And why don’t you call it ‘Mobi’s Arc’?.

Biggest problem is going to be when you get back to Blighty and their culture of drinking……

Anyway, keep writing.

Another on this subject, from ‘Showstopper’, Submitted on 2011/07/11 at 8:30 pm

Wait until you get back from your UK trip before quitting the blog. That will be quite a trying time, no Noo and family issues to face. If anything can drive a man to drink it’s family bickering with no one to cuddle up with after. If you can survive that without hitting the bottle it will be a good sign. And I was looking forward to your thoughts of the UK after all this time away. I go back to Blighty every year and every time it I hate it more, apart from country walks, country pubs and proper beer it really has nothing to offer me.

I go back next week …. gawd help me …

My response

Following these and other comments, I will indeed continue with my blog  into September, if for no other reason, to let my readers know whether I survived the trip back home and whether I succeeded in remaining sober.

I am not making any promises, but I will try to write so0me blogs while I am in England, maybe brief in nature, but enough for you to know I am still in one piece. If and when it proves too difficult  to find the time and/or  the facilities to write and post a blog, I will use Twitter as a means of  keeping my readers informed, so if you aren’t doing so, you might like to follow me on Twitter at @mobithailand .

For those who have yet to take the Twitter plunge, it takes less than five minute to open a Twitter Account. Alternatively, you can read my tweets on the home page of my web blog, where all my latest Tweets are automatically posted and appear in the right hand margin, even if I haven’t written or posted any new blogs.

I am both nervous and excited about my first trip back to the UK for 5 years; nervous about going so far out of my ‘comfort zone’, but also excited to spend time with all my family and in particular my two daughters. I am extremely ‘bullish’ about my chances of remaining sober throughout my trip. I have never liked English pubs very much and will be avoiding them whenever possible, and I think that the last 7 months has provided me with plenty of experience in being with people who are drinking and in places where they drink without it unduly bothering me. I fact, these days I hardly give it a second glance – it just doesn’t register that they are drinking alcohol while I am drinking coffee, or a Diet Coke or a glass of water.

On the plus side, I will be with family and friends who will be much more supportive of my efforts to stay sober as they are my loved ones and although I have spared them the gory details,  they have some awareness of how booze all but destroyed my life. Over here, outside of AA, I get little or no appreciation of what I am about – nobody could care a less whether I am sober, drunk, or even die – and indeed, why should they?

TT, thank you for your kind words about my blog and indeed your offer to help with content. I will wait to see if I keep it going before thinking further about your offer.

It  saddens me to realise  that there are many out there who can’t wait for me to ‘fall off the wagon’ so that I can relate my latest drunken and accident prone adventures for their personal gratification. Yes, it makes me sad, but I completely understand, having so often seen the more degenerate and the voyeurism side of human nature – especially in this part of the world.

As for my novel; I don’t think that my continuing sobriety has anything to do with my lack of progress. The fact that I am writing my blog is evidence that I am not suffering from writer’s block or some other impediment. I think the main reason is that I simply do not have enough time or mental energy to keep both projects going. I do not wish to spend my whole life writing – from morning to night, day in day out, even though I do enjoy writing and get a lot of satisfaction from it.

I know it may not seem much when you read my humble offerings, but it takes the best part of a day to research, write, proof read and edit my daily blog; then sort out the photos, post them and sort out all the peripherals connected with the blog before finally publishing it. Then I have to do my tweets, post my blog on Face Book, and even try to post some of my blog pics into Flickr to try and capture more readers.

Once I get going, I actually write quite quickly, but it is all the other stuff that becomes so time consuming. At one point I was actually writing my blog and my novel on the same day, but that became such a herculean effort so I gave it up. Then I tried to write my blog one day and my novel the next, but as stated above, I found I was spending almost my entire life writing, and when I wasn’t, I was too mentally drained to do anything else. There are other things I want to do in what remains of my life.

I am not too sure what the answer to all this is, but a solution must be found. I acn confide in my readers that if faced with a choice between the two activities, even though I enjoy doing both, I would elect to write my novel and stop the blog. But I still feel that my blog may ultimately be a good ‘outlet’  – a way to publicise my novel and to increase the chances of it eventually getting published.

If I stop my blog, I will lose this outlet, let if I don’t stop it, I will not make much progress on my novel. It is a ‘Mobi -catch 22’

There has to be some kind of compromise solution – maybe TT’s idea is worth developing – getting some outside contributions into my blog. Or, better still, find someone who can put it all together – that’s the most arduous and unrewarding chore. Any offers?

Vince Cable and the ‘Right Wing Nutters’

The British cabinet minister, Vince Cable, has attacked leading US Republican politicians for holding up a deal to reduce US government debt. Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, the business secretary called them “a few right-wing nutters in the American Congress”.

The world is watching on as the US Congress and their President fight tooth and nail for a deal to raise America’s debt ceiling, and so avoid yet another world-wide economic crisis. Any intelligent, impartial observer, can see that this is a ideological debate that runs very deep within American society, and this current battle is for the very ‘soul’ and future economic and social direction of  what is still the world’s most powerful nation. There is clearly right and wrong on both sides, and the parties to this conflict, not least of which is the President himself, are all trying to score political points in advance of the upcoming presidential election next year.  

So for the estimable, Mr Vince – bloody liberal-democrat – Cable to accuse some of these Republican members of Congress, who deeply believe and indeed were elected on the basis that substantial cuts must be made to the US budget and that any increase in taxes will stifle economic growth, as ‘Right Wing ‘Nutters’, is not only irresponsible; it is also childish, ignorant, rabble rousing rhetoric that adds nothing to the debate nor contributes to its solution.

Amy and a world that worships alcohol

Many have warned me that the drinking culture in Britain these days has to be seen to be believed. Indeed, I have read much and seen much on news and documentary footage to know that the lager louts and ‘lout-ettes’ rule the town centres and that binge drinking, alcoholism and alcohol related deaths are now endemic in society.

It seems to have become a society where nurses and doctors are attacked by drunks in hospitals, where fire fighters are attacked by drunks when they try to put out fires, where the police have to allocate large numbers of valuable resources to deal with the daily drunken incidents in our streets,  where law abiding citizens are terrified to walk the streets at night and where thousands of drug addicts and alcoholics under the age of thirty die terrible deaths every year.

Amy Winehouse was one such person, and it is a reflection – I would say an indictment – of 21st century Britain, that on an impromptu, memorial shrine erected by fans outside Amy Winehouse’s apartment in Camden, that in among the banks of condolence messages, candles and teddy bears left by fans, a trio of mementoes stood out: a can of Stella Artois, a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and some pinot grigio!


Tiger, Tiger burning bright, in the scandals of the night….

So he fired his caddy after 12 years of faithful service during which time Tiger won 12 majors and 72 tournaments world-wide. Williams stuck by Woods during his recent scandal plagued years and was visibly shocked when he was informed that he was no longer required.

There has been no suggestion whatsoever that Williams was in any way technically deficient as Tiger’s caddy and where others may have bolted when the darkest hours came, and sponsors were fleeing after Woods’ marital troubles began and the scandal concerning numerous girlfriends became tabloid fodder, Williams remained strongly supportive of his employer and his ‘buddy’.

Williams now bitterly regrets that show of loyalty, saying he’s basically wasted the last two years of his life.

“I was prepared to hang in there through thick and thin, so I find the timing extraordinary.” Williams said. “When Tiger went through the ‘Tiger Scandal’, as it’s known, I was obviously very disappointed in him, as everyone was. Obviously I lost a tremendous amount of respect for him…and I told him that he had to earn back my respect. Whatever respect he may have earned back, he’s just lost.”

I was listening to one golf professional talking about Tiger the other day on the radio. He said, matter of factly, that: ‘Tiger just uses people and moves on…’

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