The post election Darkside Blogger is belatedly post bagging

6 Months, 4 Days, still sober.

I decided to take an ‘election holiday break’ over the weekend and as you will see below in my reply to a comment, I will be reducing the frequency of my blogs still further.

Belated Post Bag

I did intend to do a Postbag last Friday, but for some reason the plan was shelved and I wrote a very full blog on other matters. So I will use today’s blog to deal with some recent correspondence.

Firstly, from tuky,  Submitted on 2011/06/28 at 12:10 pm

“Looking forward to the next instalment Mobi☺”

My Reply

Thank you tuky, and it is good to see you commenting on my blog.☺

Yes, I too am looking forward to the next instalment. There has indeed been a long break since I last wrote anything on my novel and it is high time that I got back into it.

There was supposed to be a ‘method to my madness’ but I now suspect that I was trying to find an excuse for my lack of progress on my novel rather there being any genuine means to an end.

It is true, nevertheless that I have been spending most of my ‘available time’ writing my blog, sometimes up to 3-4000 words on a single day and that is more than I would normally expect to write if I was writing my novel. This is because I decided to concentrate on writing my blog for a while on the now doubtful premise that if I managed to increase my daily readership, then I would have a larger, ‘ready-made audience’ for my novel.

I am now not so sure about all this. While I have been successful in increasing my daily readership, (I get detailed stats on the numbers of people clicking into my blog, and what pages they read), I can’t say that the growth  has been massively significant, and the click numbers still go down on some days as well as going up on others.

I have tried every trick in the book to try and lure folk to read my blog, which includes twittereing, facebooking and even photo flickr-ing, and while all these methods have shown positive results, they are not spectacular.

If people just aren’t interested in my Mobi-babble and my ‘take on life and world events’, then there is little more I can do to try and persuade them that my blog is worth ten minutes of their valuable time.

So after much ruminating over the past few days, I have now decided that my time will be better served concentrating on my novel, rather than my daily blog chatter. As neither of these activities produces any income for me and I am doing them purely for my own amusement, and of course, to keep me away from the dreaded booze, then I might as well concentrate on doing something more worthwhile and hopefully more enduring. A daily blog is pretty much forgotten the day after it has been published, much like a daily newspaper – yesterday’s news is old news. If my daily blog readership was in the thousands rather than the hundreds, then it might be worth re-doubling my efforts, but as it is, it seems to me that maybe I am ‘flogging a dead horse’.

I am not sure exactly what this will all mean, but certainly I will cut back the number of times I post a new blog; possibly to 2 or 3 times a week, maybe even less. I’ll try to get back into my novel very soon and see how it all goes and how I can best balance the two activities. Of course, completed chapters of my novel will continue to be published in my blog, even if  little else is.

My apologies for my very long reply to your very brief comment, tuky, but as you can see, I used the opportunity to express a few thoughts that have been occupying my mind as of late.

Now from studly,  Submitted on 2011/07/02 at 1:00 pm

“These women will be the death of me!

Pretty sure it’s not the women that will be the death of you but your dealings and interactions with them. Ones choice to engage is what’s at issue. Being a playboy and having the “loving Noo” at home might not work out as hoped. Even though Noo is a live in, full time, paid companion, the dualism pervaded in the proffered “love for her” and the daily infidelity sooner, if not later, more than likely, will be an undoing. I wonder how Noo would feel knowing of the close to daily carousing. May even cause return to drink if such an episode were to occur. If it were me, I’d watch all actions if they are only in effort to self satisfy without regard for the other participants.

Karma is a muthafocker…

A hot stove won’t burn unless touched.

Enjoy the blog although your carousing with the loving Noo at home doesn’t paint you to be a very upstanding individual. It’s fun reading about your adventures, but with a live in at home that you more than once have regarded as a “love” seems plain dishonest as it’s obvious you’d never want Noo to know of your extracurricular activities. I have to say I don’t find it honourable. It’s obvious what happens to individuals who engage in such behaviour in the professional world. They are not trusted and often lose position.

My reply,

Studly, you are quite right, of course, and I have never tried to pretend anything other than that my behaviour is reprehensible. Whatever anyone may think of me as a person, and many think very little, no one can ever say that I have tried to claim that I am a good person or that my behaviour is anything other than selfish and self-gratifying. Neither have I ever tried to put myself in a good light or in any way distorted the things that have occurred in my life. What I write is pretty much how it happens – but more of that later.

Having said that, let me just put my situation and my lifestyle in some kind of perspective.  I admit that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ but the establishments that I patronise  on The Darkside, and in Pattaya are, in the main, also patronised by other folk, just like me. They are middle-aged and elderly farangs, all of whom are residents, and all of whom have Thai wives or long term girlfriends living with them in their homes and taking care of them. Without their custom these bars would quickly go out of business.

Many, but not all of these guys, indulge in ‘short time sex’ in the rooms provided on site, so to that extent they are even more ‘unfaithful’ to their ladies back home that I am. As I have written on several occasions, since I have been with Noo, I have never once had a full sex session with another woman. I almost did the other day with the lady in the motel, but in the end, it didn’t happen, and I am now glad that it didn’t. I know this is nothing to be particularly proud of, but I do know where to draw the line, unlike many of my fellow-mongers.

I have only been with Noo since last November and although the relationship is slowly evolving into  something more permanent, we have yet to declare out long term intentions with each other and are really still taking it a day at a time. I have been involved with so many bad women in my life that I am not about to commit myself to Noo or any other lady until I am totally convinced that we can make it for the long haul. Meanwhile, I continue to keep my options open and I will continue to enjoy myself in the same way that many of my peers do, here on the Darkside.

And let’s not lose sight of the fact that this kind of activity is endemic the length and breadth of Thailand; hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Thai men do exactly what I am doing, if not a great deal worse.  I know that doesn’t excuse me, but it does help to illustrate the fact that we men, who are still in possession of raging hormones, are all like the proverbial ‘kids in a sweet shop’. There are so many gorgeous, sexy, willing women available at a price that we can afford, that for many of us, it is very, very difficult to resist. If I was living in any western country, this kind of situation would never, ever arise.

As for the possibility of my relationship breaking up if Noo ever discovered what I was up to, well I’m afraid to say that this only demonstrates how little you know of Thai women. I would frankly be surprised if Noo didn’t at least suspect me of infidelity when I go out for several hours on a regular basis to ‘meet up with friends’.

Noo is a product of Thai society and she probably expects a level of infidelity in her men – it goes with the territory. Sure, if for some reason she caught me point blank, flagrante delicto, she would probably be pretty upset, but I very much doubt that even that would mean an end to our relationship. The golden rule for men ‘playing around’ in Thailand is not ‘don’t do it’; butdon’t do it in your wife/girlfriend’s own backyard’, where her friends and acquaintances become aware what is going on. Do it discretely and quietly and never rub her nose it.

If you follow these simple rules, take good care of your lady, never stay out all night and  continue to satisfy her and enjoy good sex with her, then you should be fine.

I received a couple of offensive comments during the week which I will not publish as they contain overt personal attacks and  are very abusive but I will comment on them briefly.

The first comment was from a guy named Brian, who accuses me of being a pathological liar, implying that all the sexual adventures that I relate in this blog are a figment of my imagination. He wrote an unbelievably angry tirade after reading my piece the other day about the little ‘ex-virgin’ I took to a motel room; he was obviously seriously disturbed that I should foist such fiction on my readers. Well, Brian, I can only say that I could never dream up such stories even if I tried. I sometimes wish I could, but I can’t. One of the reasons that I write a blog and recount my experiences is that I am pretty hopeless at making things up. Everything that I write, including my short stories and novels, are largely based on fact.

I am simply not inventive enough to make this stuff up and all my adventures with these girls in in the bars, whorehouses, and motels of  Pattaya and beyond, are, I’m afraid, completely true. If you read them carefully you will know that they are true for I never hide anything – good or bad;  my tales of all the women who have ‘done me over’ and all the money I have lost and the cheating and lying and have been subjected to though the years is surely testimony to my veracity. I have always been a pretty hopeless liar – must be in my British genes – but I have learned how to tell white lies. The Thais taught me that skill as I used to be terrible at it. But inventing fiction about my experiences with Thai women, I don’t have to, as even if I could, I simply don’t need to. The truth is far more interesting than anything I could make up.

Then there is Mick, a guy who has written several very abusive  rants to me during the two  years of my blog. He seems to get so upset with my sexual adventures and is completely convinced that I am lying. How could Mobi – an admitted pot-bellied, pensioner possibly be telling the truth about his conquests with the beautiful young bar girls? He gets so irate that on several occasions he has challenged me to a competition, to see which one of us can pull the most women. What a load of old tosh!  This isn’t a effing competition! I’m out to have fun- nothing more nothing less and however many women any other punter pulls or doesn’t pull is of no interest or concern to me.

Mick gets really incensed when I happen to suggest that I have a large size ‘down below’ and that many girls get pretty worked up when they see it or feel it.. He erupts into paroxysms of frenzy every time I dare suggest this – I kid you not! Of course when I am writing this kind of stuff, I do write with a certain ‘tongue in cheek’, (no pun intended); but that’s not to say it ain’t true…..☺

I ask myself why would people like Brian and Mick get so angry and write such abusive stuff on my blog? If they think that I am lying and don’t like what I write, why do they bother to read it? Nobody is forcing them to click on my blog. There are thousands of websites that I don’t like that I never bother to look at. Yet, these angry farangs, having read my blog and having become upset at what I have written, even take the trouble to write abusive comments to me. Why do they bother? Do they think it will upset me? Such comments go with the territory and if it worried me I would simply block all comments.

I can only speculate at their real motives, but certainly jealousy and envy are at the top of the list. It seems to make them mad that an old codger like Mobi, who is in the twilight years of his whore-mongering career, can bag more beautiful ladies in one day than they can in a month of trying. It annoys them intensely and they become convinced that I must be lying.

As already stated, this life-long monger knows every trick in the book – he really doesn’t need to lie.☺

BUTT…BUTT…BUTT…BUTT….I don’t give a hoot!…..

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  1. Mobi, thank you for your reply and I appreciate the insight into the lifestyle, the perspective on Thai society and the females expectations of a man etc. My western perspective on things had me draw perhaps a hasty conclusion as to your general character, so let me apologize for that. Happy blogging and I look forward to more entries in Mobi’s adventures.

    Also I wish you continued sobriety. Until next writing, regards, Studly


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