It’s a Sunny Darkside day and the Blogger is afoot with Naughty Nobbies, Potty Pussies, and Randy Rowers.

5 Months, 21 Days still sober.


Yesterday, I met up with Nobby, one of my old, sober alcoholic friends from AA who spends most of his time in Cambodia, but also does a fair bit of travelling around the region and is currently encamped down in Cha-Am. He had taken a bus up to Pattaya for a couple of nights, mainly to pick up a bag of belongings that he had left with me back in February, so yesterday morning, I drove down to Soi Bukaow and picked him up from his hotel and we did a bit of shopping before stopping by the Potty Pussy for a late-late breakfast.

It was early at the Potty Pussy and the girls were just checking in for their day’s hookering, and as I hadn’t been to this particular establishment for a month or more, I was quite surprised to find a couple of lover-lies who recognised me from previous bars and previous existences.

It wasn’t long before I was caressing their gorgeous, tight thighs as they spoon fed me my egg and bacon. In the meantime Nobby had set his eyes on the most enticingly alluring legs that either of us had seen in many a moon, and he was about to invite her to sit next to him when I quickly warned him that the bearer of those exquisite legs was a lady boy! A look of dismay crossed his brow and he made no further efforts to join in the festivities eating his brekkie in smouldering silence.

Thence to the Mobi mini-mansion to pick up Nobby’s things and we had a good old natter before we drove around the lake to meet up with Rick and Fritz and Rick’s place. I encountered the incongruous sight of Rick’s overnight whore weeding his garden wearing a sheer pink, silk, mini-dress which left little to the imagination. She seemed completely unbothered by her choice of gardening attire and welcomed me with open arms (shhh.. don’t tell Rick..) and had we a nice little chat while awaiting for Rick to finish effing about on his Ubuntu.

The four of us then adjourned for a few prayers at our local Church, which, I regret to say, is still pretty devoid of any decent looking serving girls. Thence to Black Death, where, I ashamed to admit, I completely failed to attract a single whore to my waiting lap, while Rick and Fritz had four of them between them.

So much for my legendary big hum….

Nobby, still smarting from his ‘near miss’ with a Lady boy several hours earlier, wasn’t interested in partaking, (taking no chances, you could say…), so the two of us sat there like lemons while Rick and Fritz had their evil ways. I am clearly losing my touch, never before had I failed to hook even the ugliest of hookers, so after about 30 excruciating minutes, I paid my tab and drove Nobby back into town, promising to pay him a visit up at Cha Am when I returned from the UK in September. I haven’t been down that way in about 6 years, so it will be nice to spend a few days there.

Just to get my own back and to salvage my tattered ego, I dropped by Frogger and took great pleasure in rogering Star Fish – one of Ricks favourite victims.

Bits and bobs

The ‘Anointed One’, Mr (clean up Washington) Obama, has the Gippety Gips.

Back in 2008, Donald Gips, the former CEO of ‘Level 3 Communications‘, a large communications conglomerate, raised no less than half a million dollars for Obama’s presidential campaign war chest. As a reward, Gips was appointed United States ambassador to South Africa, and his company, in which Gipps still holds a substantial stock portfolio, was given 13.8 million dollars of stimulus money.

It now transpires that nearly 80% of the people who collected half a million or more dollars for Obama, wound up with what the White House defines as “key administration posts.” At least 18 of these have ties to businesses that stand to profit from Obama’s policies.

Now, while am perfectly aware that similar kinds of post-election victory largesse has been meted out by past American presidents since the dawn of corruption, what exactly was it the ‘Anointed One’ told the world about his plans to clean up the dirt in Washington, that it was ‘time for change’, and all that high profile, anti-special influence campaign rhetoric?

Afghan women are at the bottom of the world human rights league.

Afghan lawmakers are trying to pass a law that would, amongst other things, legalize marital rape, prohibit women from leaving the home without permission, deny them the right of inheritance, force a woman to “preen for her husband as and when he desires,” and set the minimum female marital age to sixteen.

The draft proposal recalls for many the harsh strictures of the Taliban era and has been roundly condemned in the international community. Hillary Clinton said that she is “deeply concerned” about the law, Obama found it “abhorrent”, and others in the West have asked, “Is this what our soldiers are dying for?” The international condemnation has forced the Karzai administration to shelve the law for the time being.

Currently, Afghan women suffer from the lowest literacy rate in the world, at 13%. The typical woman from the country’s south or east, cannot leave her home without a male guardian. She must wear the burqa in public at all times, and in some villages she must even don one in private. Marital rape is the norm in a society where sex is a man’s right, not a woman’s.

According to the UK-based NGO, Womankind, anywhere between sixty and eighty % of marriages are forced, 57 % of brides are under the age of 16, and 87 % complain of domestic violence. UNIFEM says that 65 % of widows in Kabul see suicide as their only option to “get rid of their miseries and desolation.” Thousands of women turn to self-immolation every year. There are no reliable statistics on rape, as most women will never report it. This is because women can be convicted of zina, extramarital sex, if knowledge of the rape becomes public. In most of the country, even a woman just found outside of her home without the permission of her male guardian will be thrown in jail and tried as an adulterer.

The Mujahedeen, who had previously governed Afghanistan, had decreed that: women do not need to leave their homes at all, unless absolutely necessary, in which case they are to cover themselves completely; are not to wear attractive clothing and decorative accessories; do not wear perfume; their jewellery must not make any noise; they are not to walk gracefully or with pride and in the middle of the sidewalk; are not to talk to strangers; are not to speak loudly or laugh in public; and they must always ask their husbands’ permission to leave home.

When the Taliban gained control in many areas, they continued to enforce these very same mandates.

And now the yanks are talking to the Taliban…..

Operation ‘Fast and Furious’

No it’s not the movie – although it could well be made into one – but simply The Obama administration’s latest screw-up by its federal Agents – the agents best in the world, by the way; didn’t you know?

Agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) were instructed, under operation ‘Fast and Furious’, to set up a sting operation in Arizona, whereby hundreds of US guns were bought, resold and sent to Mexican drug cartels.  The agents have reported to Congress that they were told to track the movement of the weaponry, but not to make any arrests and ordered not to intervene.

A Congressional report suggested Mexican drug cartels have armed themselves with US weapons and that some 70% of firearms recovered from Mexican crime scenes in 2009 and 2010 and submitted for tracing came from the US.

“We monitored as they purchased handguns, AK-47 variants and .50 calibre rifles, almost daily at times,” ATF agent John Dodson told the committee.

He added that though he wanted to “intervene and interdict these weapons”, his supervisors told him not to make any arrests.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa said, “Hundreds upon hundreds of weapons, destined for cartels in Mexico were purchased in gun shops in Arizona.”

In December, two US assault rifles were found at the scene of a shoot-out where Customs and Border Protection agent Brian Terry was killed.

In January, the Mexican government released figures suggesting that at least 34,612 people had died in drug-related violence in Mexico since December 2006, although there is speculation the figure may now have passed 40,000.

The mind boggles……

Pakistan and the CIA informers

Pakistan has arrested five alleged CIA informants who helped the US plan the raid that killed Bin Laden in Pakistan in May this year. Among those held by the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI, was the owner of a safe house rented to the CIA to watch Bin Laden’s compound.  A military official confirmed this and said that amongst those arrested were people “Captured during a raid at a house located close to the Bin Laden compound ,we suspect them of having been working for CIA,” he said.

Military officials said that two categories of people were among those arrested – those who threw flares into the Bin Laden compound to guide approaching US helicopters and those who helped the helicopters refuel within Pakistani territory.

In Washington, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates was asked, “Do they (foreign governments) also arrest the people that help us, when they say they’re allies?”

“Sometimes,” Mr Gates replied, adding, “And sometimes they send people to spy on us, and they’re our close allies. That’s the real world that we deal with.”

If that’s the real world, then the world has gone mad, and the sooner the US gets out of Pakistan and the entire region the better. It will be very sad and many thousands of people will probably die and the women will suffer terribly. But the West, especially the Yanks, are totally impotent, as they were all those years ago in Vietnam.

We have little choice but to leave them all to their own fate and hope that in the end, good will prevail over bad…

If the Yanks can’t even protect their own border with Mexico, what chance is there that they can do anything meaningful in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the rest of the Muslim trouble spots in the world…?

And now for something really serious…

Just in case you think I never level any criticism against my home country, the following is the most diabolical, outrageous news item from back home that I have had the misfortune to read this year.

Cambridge female rowers fined for deforestation and swearing in public

A female Cambridge University rowing crew were made to chop wood as punishment after one of the team tore up tree in celebration at team’s victory, it has emerged. The female students, who have not been named, were punished for “excessive deforestation” following the May Bumps rowing races.

Their crew was one of six boats that was punished by officials for bad behaviour during the 200-year-old competition. The students, who were part of Magdalene 1 crew – the college’s women’s first boat – were handed the punishment of “chopping wood” after one of the crew uprooted most of a tree from the riverbank and carried it back to celebrate her boat’s success.

As part of the tradition, students break off willow branches and attach them to their heads once they have caught up with or “bumped” a boat in front of them.

It also emerged yesterday that five boats were fined for using bad language on the River Cam in front of members of the public. The Cambridge University handed them fines of £20 and £30 for their unacceptable behaviour during the historic races between college boat clubs.

Chopping wood!!! Paltry Fines!!!!

I am so disgusted that these embodiments of British intellectual womanhood would commit such dastardly, un-British, despicable crimes.

Let the punishment match the crime is what I say!

The university should immediately ship all the offenders out to Kabul and have them married off to 70 year old bearded Shiite misogynists, so that they can learn first-hand how women are supposed to behave in the 21st Century.

Alternatively, they could all come over to the Darkside and perform naked rowing callisthenics down by the lake and then enjoy a communal shower in the Mobi mini-mansion with Mobi ‘on hand’ to rub away the stresses and strains.

But… maybe they would prefer the Taliban?

BUTT… BUTT…I don’t give a hoot…..

One thought on “It’s a Sunny Darkside day and the Blogger is afoot with Naughty Nobbies, Potty Pussies, and Randy Rowers.”

  1. “It now transpires that nearly 80% of the people who collected half a million or more dollars for Obama, wound up with what the White House defines as “key administration posts.”

    No surprises there. Fairly common in any democracy where private funds can be contributed to campaigns. Even worse than your example is the infamous “Cash for Honours” (or Loans for Lordships) case back in Blighty.

    Anybody who believed that Obama would clean up Washington politics was sorely naive. Every presidential candidate makes these promises (the Daily Show provided a nice montage of clips of nearly every president doing so since Reagan). The only way to stop this is for the US Supreme Court to stop equating money with speech, and only allow public funding of campaigns. Such a change would also get the US to stop kowtowing to Israel.

    “No it’s not the movie – although it could well be made into one – but simply The Obama administration’s latest screw-up by its federal Agents”

    Hmm, the federal agents screwed up? How so? They wanted to intervene in the purchases and make arrests, but were instructed not to. The screw up, if any, was in having such an operation to begin with, consisting of monitoring arms sales to Mexican cartels but not intervening in any purchases. A bit more to the story than you’ll find on Fox news, but no indication of any “agents screwing up”. A questionable operation? quite possibly.

    “If the Yanks can’t even protect their own border with Mexico, what chance is there that they can do anything meaningful in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the rest of the Muslim trouble spots in the world…?”

    Good question. Why, however, should it be the Yanks responsibility to do anything meaningful in these parts? This is the back yard of Europe and Asia. Let them handle these trouble spots.

    I’m feeling sorry for Dave. He and his friend Sarkozy were the masterminds behind the Libyan intervention back in February, which is now in its fourth month but was expected to only last a few weeks. Now he’s being attacked by his own generals about the UK military lacking sufficient resources to see the intervention through. Sadly this is becoming routine for the UK’s military.


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