A Darkside Potpourri of Human Rights, Extremism, and Yankee Bits & Bobs

6 Months, 15 days, still sober

What Mobi did

Not a lot really, except write this blog, play with my new Tablet and watch some downloaded TV programmes. I was intending to go out as I had received an SMS from ‘Bill’s girl, Pat’. (Shades of ‘My girl Bill’ from Carousel, for those of you old enough to remember). She said she missed me and asked when would I be going to see her at the Frogger? I replied that I didn’t realise that she cared and would try to get out later that day. In the event, Noo came back early with some tasy Thai take away so I decided to stay in and while away my time with her.

Anyway, I doubt whether ‘Bill’s girl, Pat’, did really miss me… .only my money…

EU Bureaucratic nonsense

The UK the government has announced that it can no longer enforce a long standing rule that convicted paedophiles and serious child sex offenders must remain  on the sex offenders register for the rest of their lives.

Why? Because the UK Supreme court has ruled that the law is in contravention of the Human Rights Act, 1998.

Why did Britain pass the Human Rights Act? Because they were obliged to “give further effect” in UK law to the rights contained in the European Convention on Human Rights.

Under current rules, anyone sentenced to more than 30 months in jail for a sexual offence is put on the register for life on release. Currently, there are around 44,000 people on the register, about 25,000 of them for life.

I have been a lifelong opponent of the EU. I was always in favour of its predecessor, the ECU, (European ECONOMIC Union), which made a lot of sense, but I could never see the need for political and legal union. It has brought nothing but trouble for us Brits, one of the few countries in the union who actually obey the laws passed in Strasbourg, (or is it Brussels – fucked if I know). Most of the EU countries, including the French, stick their thumbs up at any EU law they don’t happen to agree with. Even when they are brought to court, the toothless EU authorities are invariably unsuccessful in imposing any meaningful penalty or punishment on them. This is to say nothing of corrupt states such as Greece, Spain and Italy.

There have been countless ridiculous incidents of EU law superseding British Law over the years, from the crazy rule that only ‘straight bananas’ could be sold in the EU to market traders in England being arrested for selling their fresh produce in pounds and ounces instead of kilos and grams, as demanded by the EU. We can all laugh at these bits of nonsense (although it’s not so funny for those involved), but when it comes to serious matters, like losing track of sex offenders because we are obliged to respect their human rights, or when we have to give all the prisoners the right to vote as to do otherwise is an abuse of their HUMAN RIGHTS, then it really is a ‘bridge too far’.

What really irks me is that these EU laws and regulations have been basically enacted by nameless, jumped-up, unelected bureaucrats, who are enjoying their little bit of power, to the detriment and dismay of a vast majority of EU citizens.

Unless, of course, it is those laws which enable the ‘poorer’ EU states to shamefully ‘milk’ the EU for everything they can get their hands on, at the expense of ‘net contributor’ nations, such as Britain.

On a lighter note, here is a small random sample of laws, and rules which our nameless, anonymous masters in Brussels have enacted.

  • Bar Maids are not allowed to show ‘cleavage’ as they may contract skin cancer when they go outside to collect empty glasses. (Since when was there any sun in Britain?)
  • Eggs will soon have to be sold by the gram, rather than by the dozen.
  • Bus drivers have to stop their buses and order all the passengers off when they have driven 30 miles.
  • It is illegal to sell seeds from old varieties of vegetables.
  • Landlords will be fined if any of their customers address their bar maids as ‘Luv’.
  • Wine will be seized and the wine maker fined if it is sold in a wrong shaped bottle.

There are literally hundreds of similar, barmy laws. More next time….

I wonder if our German friends have anything to do with this proliferation of crazy laws.  Apparently, there is a saying in Germany: “Everything is forbidden; apart from that, do what you like”.

The radicalisation of Muslims at Britain’s schools and universities

A couple of months ago I watched a UK undercover documentary which showed how the so-called Muslim ‘faith schools’ throughout Britain, many of them directly funded by the Saudi Arabian embassy, were teaching kids as young as 5 years old to hate anyone who wasn’t a Muslim and that all non-Muslims would go to Hell, amongst other such racist nonsense and extremist indoctrination. I watched the footage in horror as I witnessed the teachers and imams beating and punishing the kids, with even the older students using violence and intimidation on the younger kids. Is it any wonder that so many of them grow up to be bitter and twisted extremists?

Now we have the British Home Secretary, Teresa May, warning universities that they are far too complacent about the possible radicalisation of students in their colleges. She said that universities were not taking the issue of radicalisation seriously enough and that it was too easy for Muslim extremists to form groups on campuses “without anyone knowing”. She also said the Government would cut funding to any Islamic group that espoused extremist views, and set out the “key British values” to which those seeking support must subscribe.

She went on to say:

“I think for too long there’s been complacency around universities. I don’t think they have been sufficiently willing to recognise what can be happening on their campuses and the radicalisation that can take place. I think there is more that universities can do.”

Her remarks follow comments made by the head of Universities UK, claiming there was no evidence that extremist speakers at university encouraged violence.

The Home Secretary stated that as part of the ‘Prevent’ strategy, the Government will define as extremists anyone who “does not subscribe to human rights, equality before the law, democracy and full participation in society, including those who “promote or implicitly tolerate the killing of British soldiers”.

“We are looking at a set of values we believe we have here in the UK and those people opposed to those values are people who the Government won’t be funding or engaging with.”

Of course she is absolutely spot-on, but I can’t help feeling that we may have ‘missed the boat’ and that at this stage of the game, we need to be more radical and pro-active in our efforts to stamp out this breeding ground for Muslim extremists, once and for all.

I don’t envy May and the government in their dilemma on this. Anything that they attempt to do which may put the extremists out of business in Britain will be thwarted and frustrated at every turn by draconian, liberal EU Human Rights laws and other, mainly EU inspired  laws, that ‘protect’ their democratic rights and  ‘freedoms’. It will be a long, hard road, with little or no reward. It really is a case of ‘dammed if you do and damned if you don’t.

Yankee bits and bobs –  especially for Skippy…☺

America’s ‘Annointed One’, Obama the Great, made a good joke the other day. He was speaking at a Jobs Council Meeting, when,  with a big grin, he said:

“Shovel-ready was not as — uh — shovel -ready as we expected.”

His remark prompted hearty laughter from others on the panel, including General Electric’s Jeffrey Immelt. It was an unpleasant sight to see Obama snickering about shovel-ready jobs as his corporate executive advisers yuk it up next to him.

I doubt whether too many of America’s 9.1% unemployed will be sharing this particular joke.

 And this was hard on the heels of a New York Times report that Obama held a DNC fund-raiser at the White House to pander to Wall Street “fat cats”.

Sales at US auto retailers fell for the first time in 11 months in May by a sharp 2.9 %, as automobile sales skidded, official data showed Tuesday…..

Now, I have no wish to be a ‘told you so’ merchant, but why is it that I never quite believed Obama’s assurances over the past two years that they were over the worst, that they could ‘spend their way out of recession’ and that the economy was turning around and that unemployment rates would slowly improve?

As for ‘Shovel-ready jobs’! Well I always knew it was simply a piece of disingenuous, vote –winning rhetoric, when he kept ramming it down our throats at the time when he was getting his infamous stimulus budget through a democratic-controlled congress.

The Election season is almost upon us and I love it.

It amuses me that Fox News always call themselves ‘America’s Election headquarters’ – such a typical Yankee piece of hyperbole – it’s almost as if they have been officially appointed to report on the election and that there are no other news services who will be covering it. I guess there must be plenty out there in Yankee-land who actually believe this.

Nevertheless, I do enjoy Fox’s coverage of the candidates and the election. I thought the general election in 2008 was highly entertaining and last year’s mid-terms were almost as much fun. O’Reilly and the whole gang, really come into their own on this kind of stuff. By the way, did you know that Beck is leaving Fox. Was he pushed? I wonder. Must do a bit of research

Anyway, yesterday CNN had their first gathering of Republican candidates – a pretty boring affair, but Fox’s post-debate analysis of what went on and how the candidates fared, was as usual, quite fascinating. Despite his head start, I will predict here and now that Romney will not get the Republican nomination. He is far too moderate for the conservative die-hards, and I suspect his State health care plan will make him unelectable.

I absolutely adore Michelle Bachmann! What a fox! (no pun intended). Whatever policies she espouses will be OK in my book, in fact I would take out Yankee citizenship to vote for her… Watch this space.


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  1. I’m always amused (and confused) by Britons complaining about European integration.

    First of all, nobody forces you to do anything. You joined the European club voluntarily, and you can leave tomorrow. It’s as if somebody joins a chess club and then keeps complaining about the rules of chess. Open a checkers club instead!

    Second, the Human Rights Act of 1998 has absolutely nothing to do with the EU. It implements the European Convention on Human Rights (drafted by an Englishman) which comes from the Council of Europe (co-founded by the UK). Nobody forced you to found that Council, to agree to the European Convention or to pass that act, but your parliament freely elected to do all these things. What is there to complain about?

    Third, every EU law is passed unanimously by the Council of Ministers. Your UK government has agreed to every single one of the ridiculous rules you list. So what do you complain about? I don’t get it.


  2. “I guess there must be plenty out there in Yankee-land who actually believe this.”

    Yep, Faux news attracts the same sort of folks in the US that the BNP (and perhaps even the SNP) attracts in the UK. More enlighted Americans realize that the real value of Faux news is to provide entertainment fodder for the Daily Show (the best news show out there IMHO).


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