It’s a Sunny Day on the Darkside and the Blogger is Wooing and Booing

5 Months, 8 Days, Still sober

What Mobi did

I spent most of yesterday morning and afternoon in Pattaya on a variety of errands with my friend Rick. The highlight of the morning was a trip to Tuk Com, where amongst other things I looked at the new Samsung 7 inch Galaxy Tablet.

This could be just the thing I need. It is not too cumbersome to carry around (unlike the 10 inch iPad) but big enough to have a user-friendly qwerty key board on its touch screen, big enough to read an on-line book, or browse the web comfortably, but small enough to slip into my bag or in my back pocket. It also has an optional, full sized, fold-away, keyboard, 16 GB  of internal memory and will take a 32 GB micro SD memory card. This little machine does everything my lap top does, yet at a fraction of the weight and size. Oh I forgot, it is also a phone.

I doubt I would be that interested if it wasn’t the fact that I am soon to take a 4 week trip to the UK, during which I will be travelling around quite a bit and until now I was planning to cart my lap top around with me.

But now there is  a super light, super small alternative on the market  on which I would still be able  to write my blog, emails and other stuff while I am on the road. I am seriously interested and have been even more impressed since I have read and viewed the rave reviews on the internet. Tomorrow, I may buy myself a belated birthday present.☺

We rounded off our little adventure with a stop-off at my latest watering hole where they have the most delightful collection of young ladies from Petchabun that I have encountered on many a carousing, whore-monger’s foray. On my first few visits there, I started to chat up a lovely little 21 year old, but as she has had to gone home for a few days, and as she really is a bit in the young side for this youthful pensioner, I have now transferred my affections to a slightly older little lady, by the name of Noo. (Yes…. same-same as Mobi’s Noo..)

Noo No.2 is 28, slim, pretty and childless and I am grooming her as a ’standby’ for Noo No.1. I know I am being a bit of an underhanded bastard, but after a life of disappointments and heart breaks from Thai members of the sexy sex I am not about to let anything like that happen again. I am not sleeping with Noo 2; I am just getting to know her and make sure that she will be a suitable replacement, should the need ever arise.

Why would I think the need may arise?

Nothing really, but who knows? I’m afraid I just don’t trust anybody any more. Sad, ain’t it?

The shame of Formula 1 and Bahrain

I am delighted to announce a new, exciting episode of the smash hit talent show, ‘The World’s got Talent’

A few weeks ago we had the mighty stud, ‘ Monsieur Strauss-Kunt and his performing maids’ then, more recently, Emperor Sepp and his synchronised sheep  and now, ladies and gents, allow me to present.. the one and only…Johnnie Toady and his side-kick, Carlos the Moto-jackal,  with ‘shady magic deals with tyrants’ that will amaze and delight you!

According to press reports:

The FIA made its decision to reinstate the Bahrain Grand Prix to the F1 calendar after a report revealed the country’s situation has “stabilised”.

The president of the sport’s world governing body Jean Todt told the BBC the FIA voted unanimously after advice from vice-president Carlos Gracia…

“Our special envoy had many meetings in Bahrain, even with the human rights people responsible,” said Todt.

“He found a stable situation, a quiet one, and we unanimously agreed.”

Nabeel Rajab – the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights president had this reaction:-

“It’s a very sad moment. It seems that their benefit and their interest has more importance than the human rights of people in this part of the region. It’s very upsetting, and the people are very upset.”

The Good Knight, ‘Sir Jackie- the hootsmon – Stewart, dowager Moto-king‘, crawled out of his hole to make the following statement:

“I’m pleased. Sport is a very good equaliser in the case of unrest, because sport somehow unifies people. An F1 race going there hopefully might help to do that….”

Good one, Sir Jack Pratt…


When I heard about the decision by the Czars of Formula one to reinstate the Bahrain GP into the 21011 calendar, my immediate reaction was that this will never happen.

I had no knowledge of the rules requiring the teams to approve any changes in the race schedule or the fact that the teams might be extremely reluctant to extend their already long season even further. No, I knew it wouldn’t happen purely on moral grounds. I had absolute confidence that even in this wicked, immoral, cynical world that there would be a ground swell of opinion and public outrage at the very idea of the world’s prestigious motor teams would race in a country where they were raping, subjugating, beating, and imprisoning their citizens on mainly religious grounds, in a way rarely seen since the horrors of the Nazi oppression in the late 1930’s.

So the immediate negative reaction to this blatant attempt to ride rough shod over opinions of the racing teams was even quicker than I could have imagined and it already would seem as though the Bahrain Grand Prix for 2011 is ‘history’.

These arrogant FIA bastards are yet another example of these obscenely rich players who prance the world stage like some kind of modern day Caligulas. They think that they can do anything; that they are above the laws, that they always know best and that the poor, downtrodden and suppressed in society are nothing to do with them and that they are perfectly entitled to do business with barbarous, misogynous, minority-oppressing murderers. All in the name of their God, ‘the no-longer-so-mighty, Dollar’; haven’t they got enough?

They tried to tell the world that all the trouble in Bahrain was at an end and that the country was back to normal.

Back to normal?

So normality is when you lock up thousands of political protesters, doctors, medics, nurses, lawyers and students; normality is when you round up female students as young as 12 years old and rape and torture them; normality is when you ‘ethnically cleanse’ the Grand Prix circuit staff of all Shiite Muslims, some 25% of the total work force; normality is when you shoot and kill Shiite protesters on the grounds that they were peacefully making political protests in a public place, (this happened yesterday…) …… I could go on and on…

At least the billionaire dwarf-king, Bernie Eckles, had the good sense to suggest that “the Gulf State is not as stable as the FIA suggests” and he is trying to overturn the reinstatement of the race.

And even the well-known Nazi – Max_imise S&M for the masses, Mosley has expressed grave doubts on the decision.

And all this miserable mayhem for the most boring sport in the world, where each team invests hundreds of millions of dollars and where the result is decided by which team has the cleverest tyre strategy and the fastest tyre changing team…


2 thoughts on “It’s a Sunny Day on the Darkside and the Blogger is Wooing and Booing”

  1. F1 Bahrain was officially cancelled this afternoon, UK time. But dont worry, watching an empty track is equally as exciting. ZZZZZ…..


  2. F1 Bahrain would never have happened. I read somewhere, not sure where, that the whole rescheduling was a way to make money and nobody thought it would ever go ahead. Reinstate now and cancel later. Those Arab types have a habit of throwing cash at their pet projects. Bernie being so in favour of the event until it was approved and then doing an immediate u-turn probably means enough money wasn’t pushed his way. Sure he has billions but that never stopped a rich man wanting more.

    What I found sickening was the F1 driver talking about their personal security. No one said they didn’t want to race because of human rights abuses. F1 driver used to get paid stupid salaries because there was a risky to life and limb. That doesn’t really exist any more. Slam a car into a wall, upside down at 300km/h and walk away unharmed. Bunch of pussies. Check out this video to see how dangerous (and fun) it used to be. No helmets, no barriers and completely exposed.

    Having said that, I still enjoy the sport. It isn’t just about strategy. Alonso and Hamilton are fantastic drivers. Watching them trying to compete with a far superior car is thrilling. 90% of a football match is boring and then you get flashes of brilliance. The same can be said of F1.

    Although this year is probably the worst F1 I’ve watched. The rules and tires seems designed to stop aggressive, exciting drivers ply their trade. Fight to over take and your tires burn out. Why take a risk at over taking (and crashing out) when there’s an artificial over taking zone.

    And, Jenson Button’s bird …. half Japanese, half Argentinian bikini model, could there be a better ethnic mix?


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