The Darkside Blogger is Whoring and Deploring….

5 Months, 2 Days – still sober.

What Mobi did…. Or what Mobi must do better.

It was only last Sunday that I resolved to severely curtail my whore- mongering activities in deference to my little Noo, who I am starting to have great affection for, but once again, yesterday, things got a little out of hand and I woke up this morning regretting what I had done. Well I suppose that at the very least, this is a start; as before, I wouldn’t even have a guilty conscience about my activities, but now I am questioning more and more whether I am doing the right thing by my beloved.

So what happened?

It started innocently enough. I went out to pay some bills and try to get some stuff to test my blood sugar levels. I had been searching for a pharmacy that had my particular test strips in stock for a quite a while and was getting a bit desperate.  I had completely run out and been unable to monitor my blood sugars for several days

I had decided that if I couldn’t get my brand today then I would have no choice but to buy a new, different brand of test meter and buy the available strips for that particular machine. The pharmacy still didn’t have my strips but did have some alternative brands of machine and strips, starting at around 2,500 Baht. This seemed a bit expensive to me, and after a few protestations the shop assisitant got on the phone and told me that a branch down in Pattaya Klang had my brand of strips in stock. I raced off down there and sure enough they had my brand, whereupon I took great pleasure in buying out their entire stock.

Why I am telling you all this boring crap? Because, in this twisted, sober alcoholic’s brain, I had just saved myself 2,500 Baht and I decided that this was an event worth celebrating…..

So off I drove to my little Jomtien gentlemen’s club where I was regally entertained by two gorgeous ladies. The first one was Oom, a 24 year old from Karasin who didn’t have a particularly pretty face but had lovely sexy legs, with those fleshy, tight, smooth-skinned sexy thighs that I love so much. She had a lovely little butt to match and was perfectly happy to let my hands wander anywhere and everywhere, emitting a few ‘oo’s and ‘ahs’ when I succeeded in ‘hitting’ a few erogenous spots on her delicious, juicy yum yum. I looked around and spotted another young lady who I had met on my last visit to this particular establishment – about 10 days ago

It was the very young, very beautiful Keo, of whom I wrote about in my blog of 22May.

(You can find it: Here (my first meeting with Keo) ).

Keo had her arms wrapped around a very tall, very muscular, very young and very good looking farang stud!! I was frankly a little surprised to see her there at all. She is so beautiful and relatively untarnished, that I felt sure that some young, rich dude would have already whisked her off to a life of indolence. As I watched the two of them cuddling each other, I thought that maybe this was indeed about to happen.

I was just about to turn back to Miss ‘Thunder-Thighs’, when Keo spotted me looking at her and gave me the most wonderful, heart-melting smile. I didn’t take too much store by this, but barely a few minutes later I saw that the stud was actually paying his bill. He was about to leave and that would presumably make the gorgeous Keo available again

In the meantime, back at the bar, young Oom was trying to introduce me to yet another very young, very beautiful, childless lady by the name of May. May was only 19 years old!! (Is this legal? I asked myself). She was certainly quite something, and I put my arm around her waist and was sorely tempted to buy her a drink. But I was still pinning my hopes on Keo becoming free, and sure enough she came hopping over, empty glass in hand and gave me a big kiss, while assuring me that she had missed me terribly. 

Keo is really is very beautiful by any standards you care to name. Her face is like something out of a Thai movie star magazine – she could quite easily qualify as a Beauty Queen. She is about 167 cms tall, around 46 kilos of pure curvy, sexual whoomph! Her perfectly shaped legs are exquisite and her breasts, while not particularly large, are beautifully crafted, with pert little nipples that at her tender age, can have only had a few lucky mouths to savour their undoubted charms.

I knew that keo’s older sister worked behind the bar as a cashier – she is smaller than Keo but quite a pretty little thing, but I received a bit of a shock when Keo informed me that her younger sister, who was previously at home was now also working in the bar.

‘Oh! Where is she?’

‘I don’t know – she’s around somewhere.’

‘What’s her name?’


‘Oh Oh! I have already met her!’

So the Chablis Gentlemen’s bar was now employing 3 ladies from the same family – all sisters, and all gorgeous, especially Keo and May. I wonder what the joint family agenda is?

It was finally became time to wrench myself away and drive back up to the Darkside to meet up with Rick, so I asked Keo for her phone number. She sadly reported that she had no telephone but that maybe I might like to buy her one!!!

‘Hmm… yes…maybe…. I’ll think about it….’

We parted and I tipped her generously, whereupon she gave me a passionate kiss, swearing undying love. As she kissed me I couldn’t help noticing her giving a beaming smile to some fat farang bastard who was leering at her from another table. She was no doubt lining up her next round of gropes, drinks and tips….

Back on the Darkside, I met up with Rick in a much depleted Church where all the female choristers – except the manageress – had moved on  pastures  anew for new pastoral care. We chatted for a while before Rick and another friend moved on up the road for some free Pizza and the feckless Mobi decided to adjourn to his favourite watering hole, off Nern Plub Wan.

By the time I arrived it was around 7.30 and apart from two farangs sitting the bar getting drunk on wine, the place was deserted, save for about a dozen sexy ladies. Annie – my whoreiest little whore in whorleland – was there once again, this time in micro red shorts and a sheer, lacy top with no bra that showed more delicious breast than it covered.

Annie was pretty tipsy, as were some of her friends and it wasn’t too long before we had a bit of an orgy in process. The girls were stripping; hands and mouths were everywhere: girls on girls, girls to man, man to girls, all of us exploring every available orifice. Crushed ice and other liquid ‘refreshments’ were spirited up from who knows where and were all added to the organs in the orgiastic mix. Of course Mobi was the only male participant; the two guys at the bar just drank their wine, stared at what was going on around them and chuckled quietly.

After an hour or so I had an attack of conscience and decided enough was enough! I called for my bill somewhat abruptly and all the lovelies thought I was upset at something. But I assured them that wasn’t the case and I eventually made my departure, being escorted to my car by the entire female contingent, promising them faithfully to return the following night to continue our conference.

I was home at around 9.30, to be welcomed by the waiting Noo and my 3 faithful pooches, feeling somewhat sheepish at my outrageous indiscretions. But what is a sex addict to do? Talks about a kid in a sweet shop! Maybe I have to move…Iran, maybe?

Deploring the misogyny of the Arab race

In all, I lived in the Middle east for around 3 ½ years; 2 ½ in the Arabian Gulf and nearly a year in Libya. I grew to hate that part of the world although I did make some good individual friends amongst the Arabs. What I hated by far and away the most about that part of the world was the way the Arabs treated and regarded their women. In the Arabian Gulf you wouldn’t see a single local Arab woman from one month to the next, and if you did ever catch a glimpse of one out somewhere, they would be covered from head to foot in black rags and they looked more like ghostly spirits than anything that resembled a human being – either man or woman. Some of my good friends in Abhu Dhabi were ‘westernised’ Jordanians and Lebanese and I had it on good authority from them that it was a common practice for Arab men to dump their baby daughters in the desert to die as they only wished to bring up sons.

Everywhere you went in the gulf, shops, offices, cafes, restaurants, public buildings – all you ever saw were Arab men in their rag head robes, laughing, chatting, holding hands and even kissing each other. It was an extremely depressing place for a young, hot blooded, testosterone charged Mobi. Although I did have my moments – even my turn. Maybe one day I will write about it.

In Libya, it wasn’t much better. I became very close friends to a Libyan named Ahmed, the  ‘number two’ in my office; a very friendly, fluent English speaking Libyan who was good and kind to me, as I was to him. One day he invited me to his home to meet his family and join them for a family meal. This was a great honour for an infidel, and I looked forward to it for several days.

When the appointed day arrived, Ahmed picked me up from my home and took me to his home, where I was escorted inside to meet the family. All his kids were there, I think four in number, but their mother was nowhere to be seen. I enquired about Ahmed’s wife and was told she ‘had to go somewhere’ and wouldn’t be back until late evening – long after the infidel had departed. She had obviously cooked all the food and all that Ahmed and the kids had to do was to serve it up. I wasn’t particularly bothered, but it just served as a timely reminder as to how they treat their women and how they keep them so confined and isolated from the outside world. Arab women are simply ‘property’ for the men to do with as they wish.

In Saudi Arabia, Iran and many other Moslem countries the men can rape, beat, and divorce their women as and whenthe mood takes them, and the women have absolutely no recourse in law. They can accuse their wives of adultery on a whim – no proof is required and the punishment is often a public stoning to death of the innocent victim.

As far as I can see, the only sensible law that Arabs have ever passed on the restrictions of female activities is for Saudi Arabia to prohibit women from driving a car!….. (only joking☺)

Seriously though, In Egypt, during the recent Arab uprising and demonstrations, innocent women were arrested by the armed forces and subject to sexual abuse

This abuse of the women, which was confirmed by a senior army official, has caused particular anger, and prompted a storm of protest on the internet

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces had previously denied claims by Amnesty International that 18 women detained in March were subjected to virginity checks and threatened with prostitution charges. But an Egyptian general told an American television network on Monday that tests were in fact conducted, and defended the practice

The girls who were detained were not like your daughter or mine,” the general, who requested anonymity, told CNN. “These were girls who had camped out in tents with male protesters in Tahrir Square…..”

He said the tests were conducted so that the women would not be able to claim that they had been sexually abused while in custody

We didn’t want them to say we had sexually assaulted or raped them, so we wanted to prove that they weren’t virgins in the first place….” the general said.

Then in Libya it has now been clearly established that Gaddafi’s soldiers were issued with Viagra and instructed to gang-rape any women who appeared to be against the regime. In Misrata, the rebels captured two young soldiers who were subsequently interviewed by the BBC. Here, by way of an epilogue to this piece, is what the BBC journalist wrote:

The men, aged 17 and 21, are sitting on a sofa – heads bowed – in the same filthy, blood-stained army fatigues they were captured in two weeks ago. They are obviously nervous, but speak clearly.

The authorities in this rebel-held city were reluctant to let us interview them, but finally agreed on condition we do not reveal the soldiers’ names…..

And there is a big difference between individual acts of violence committed during wartime and a systematic campaign to target civilians.

My impression was that the men were telling the truth and that – although there are credible stories of abuse of pro-Gaddafi troops by rebel forces – the conditions and atmosphere at the prison, which I have visited before, appeared benign.

Here, in their own words, then is what they told me, through a reliable interpreter.

The 17-year-old did most of the talking and his colleague occasionally nodded or added a few sentences. I’ve added some details in parenthesis.

“They brought us in a group of 400 people to Misrata, saying the city is under attack from Algerian and Egyptian mercenaries and that we have come here to liberate Misrata. They divided us into groups and we went our separate ways.

“First we knocked at a door and nobody opened so we broke the door and entered the house

“The mother was screaming and when we pointed the gun at her, she stopped screaming.

“Then we tied up the mother and father and their boys [three of them] by their feet and hands. Then we shot every one of them in the leg.

“Then the officers took the girls upstairs, and we were told to go on the roof [to keep guard] until the officers had finished the rape and then we were told to rape the girls too.

“We felt scared, but when we refused to rape, they started to beat us

“There were four girls aged between about 20 and 24.

“They were conscious [during the rapes]. I raped one.

“The girls said nothing. They were tired and they were in bad shape because there were 20 officers before us.

“It happened in the morning, and lasted about an hour and a half.

“The officers brought in a music system and listened to pop music, and smoked and danced during the rapes

“I’m not happy with what I did but I don’t feel nervous or frightened now, and I want to emphasise that the officers forced us to rape.

“They told us that if you rape any girls, we will give you money and we got 10 dinars [$8, £5] each afterwards

“This was my first time to have sex. I have four sisters at home.”

No official complaints

I asked the men if they knew of other instances of rape, and whether it happened often

“I think it happened so many times. Most of the people who raped families here were from the special forces and we heard on the radio [their military radio system] that there were about 50 families that experienced rape.”

Al Jazeera reported that doctors are finding Viagra and condoms in the pockets of dead soldiers, suggesting they’re being distributed to encourage troops to rape. Rebels report that they’ve seen stockpiles of these items inside the compounds of government forces. Now according to CNN, the court in The Hague has made investigating these claims a priority

The ICC’s chief prosecutor says women who show signs of being affiliated with the rebels are being raped in police barracks after they’re stopped at checkpoints. He adds

    “There’s some information with Viagra. So, it’s like a machete. It’s new. Viagra is a tool of massive rape. So we are investigating. We are not ready to present the case yet, but I hope in the coming month, we’ll add charges or review the charges for rapes.”


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