Lakeside Musings on the BBC World Service and a Couple of Arrogant Bastards…..


5 Months, 1 Day – Still Sober.

Wither the BBC World Service?

I have written of my criticisms of the world service before and how, in my opinion, Al Jazeera is a much superior network. My original ‘rant’ can be found here:

Mobi’s Blog 28th March

I still continue to watch both services in these times of tumultuous world events, especially in the Middle East, and lately I have to concede that the BBC seems to have got a little better. However, although some of their news presenters are quite professional, some of the others wouldn’t see the light of day on any self-respecting provincial channel in the wilds of the Falkland Isles.

A week or so ago, for several nights on the trot, the female reporter from the USA was one of the worst reporters I have ever had the misfortune to listen to. It was obvious that English wasn’t her first language, yet here she was commenting on the hot issues that were going on in Washington and trying to explain the intricacies of White House policy to the world at large. She rambled on and on, making very little sense and was clearly way out of her depth. The interviews between her and the ‘anchor’ news woman in London were actually painful to watch and you could see that the London based woman was embarrassed by the never-ending nonsensical rambling by the correspondent from Washington.

Then last night, there was some middle aged woman in what looked like a 1950’s style, old, frumpy dress who presented  ‘The Hub’.

(I still don’t know what ‘The Hub’ really  is, but it is clearly the BBC’s flagship news event.)

This woman was one of the most amateur news presenters I have ever seen on BBC. She hummed and hah’d over every sentence, continually stammering, stumbling and even shouting at her audience as she struggled over the words that she was reading from the Teleprompter in front of her.

Then to make matters worse, one of the early news items was a filmed interview between a BBC reporter, (not her), and a UN official regarding the atrocities committed by the Sri Lankan Army that have just come to light. Suddenly, this idiot woman cut in, terminated the segment in mid-sentence and then led us to the next news segment which was a long, rambling account of people in Bangladesh going into the jungles in search of honey!! This wasn’t a news item – it was a mini documentary – interesting for those who are into to this sort of thing but hardly worthy of inserting in the world news – only ten minutes into the programme!!

These days, there is so much going on in the world – from the Middle East to Africa to South America to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the troubles in Pakistan, Fifa and God knows what else that there must be enough news to full up several hours, So WTF were they doing showing an item on a ‘search for honey’ in their flagship news programme? WTF is going on in the BBC? Who is in charge? Who makes these outrageous decisions and who decides to employ the news presenters and ‘so –called experts’ that they are always consulting with on air?

It hasn’t escaped my attention at the unusually  high proportion of BBC news readers whose ethnic origins are from the Indian sub-continent, but even more incredibly, how so many of their expert, ‘on-air consultants’ are also from that part of the world. I am not talking here about experts discussing Pakistani or Indian affairs – I am talking about almost any news subject – from so-called military strategists commenting on the war in Libya to others commenting on the Japanese nuclear meltdown. Whatever the subject, the expert will almost invariably hail from the sub- continent. Why? Are they cheaper to employ? Have the BBC sub-contracted out their services to India/Pakistan/ Bangladesh along with the call centres? It certainly helps to understand why we were subjected to a long item on the ‘brave honey collectors from Bangladesh’ in the middle of the evening news.

If I was writing this piece in an English newspaper there would be an almighty hue and cry, accusing me of being racist, but at least out here in the blogosphere I can call a ‘spade a spade’ and address matters that none else dare question for fear of being politically incorrect.

Yet the BBC world radio service is getting better than ever and the domestic BBC radio 5 live sports and news service is still superlative. Different worlds it would seem and never the twain will meet.

Maybe we deserve the arrogant SOB’s of IMF and FIFA?

I recently wrote a piece on that arrogant prick who used to be head of the IMF – Strauss Khan. A man so arrogant that he travels in first class luxury all over the world, screwing everything in sight and thinks it’s OK to rape the maids who clean his hotel rooms. I just wonder how many maids he has sexually assaulted before this poor lady decided to spill the beans?

The mind boggles, not only at the crime, but at his arrogance and his obvious belief that he was immune to prosecution. And let’s face it, there but for the courage of a poor African Maid, he probably would have been still in his post and free to rape again.

In due course, this man could well have become the next president of France, and maybe the French would have deserved him. After all, they seem to see nothing wrong with their privileged elite, traipsing the world in the lap of luxury and assaulting young ladies with impunity.

And now we have the case of the 75 year old autocrat, The Fifa El Presidente, who heads up the largest and richest sporting organisation in the world. Fifa is a multi-billion dollar business that runs by far and away the most popular sport on the planet, with an annual budget which is larger than the GDP of many of the poorer third world countries.

The farce that is currently unfolding within the Fifa, and in particular with Blatter, has been compared to the Monty Python film ‘The Holy Grail’ where John Cleese, playing the ‘Black Knight’, has all his limbs cut off but maintains it is ‘only a ‘flesh wound’ and carries on fighting.

Others have compared Blatter’s behaviour to Syd James in ‘Carry on up the Khyber’ when ‘Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond’ and his wife have afternoon ‘English tea and cake’ while all around them is death and mayhem as the ‘The Khasi of Kalabar’ and his marauding hordes attack the British forces who are  defending Sir Sydney’s  flung Outpost.

Yet again, we seem to have an ‘elephant’ in the Fifa room. This observer, along with thousands of others, including all the worldwide footballing officials have known for decades that Blatter runs Fifa as his own personal fiefdom and that corruption has long permeated the very heart of this organisation. Yet nobody has had the courage to say it openly. The press, the sponsors and Fifa officials all knew what was going on. You only had to listen to this arrogant fool and his corrupt flunkies from the Caribbean and Malaysia making their shady statements and pronouncements to know that this organisation is not run in a clean and transparent manner.

Last night, with all the turmoil that is going on around them, the entire worldwide Fifa congress, met at their luxurious Zurich venue and were entertained to a sumptuous banquet and were regaled by dancing girls and semi naked female singers. All of this was just to re-elect an ageing dictator, who has ensured that he will be returned unopposed. I wonder what the starving kids Africa or the Amazon jungles whose only pleasure in life is to kick a ball around would think of the opulence and grandiose lifestyles enjoyed by their footballing masters.

Football Associations throughout the world have known for years that Fifa was corrupt but nobody was prepared to stand up and be counted. There has been a decades-long conspiracy of silence. Why? Because they were scared they would suffer the displeasure of their beloved leader – the almighty King Sepp – and that they would pay heavy a heavy price, including being ruled out of any potential bids to stage regional or world football events.

Even the press has been cowered into silence on this subject for many years. The producers of  BBC’s Panorama were roundly castigated by one and all for having the temerity to air a programme about corruption in Fifa in advance of the announcements of who would be awarded the 2018 and 2022 world Cup venues. Not even the press wanted to be held to blame, as Panorama was, of ruining their nation’s chances of hosting a major football tournament.

Blatter, being the savvy, evil, corrupt, manipulating bastard that he is, has been fully aware of this reluctance to ‘blow the whistle; and has played on the members’ fear of being ‘thrown out of his Fifa family’, to rule Fifa with an iron and very corrupt rod.

In the past few days, it has been very illuminating for me to hear person after person: The English FA officials and ex F.A. officials, respected journalists, ex professional footballers, football managers and so on, come on the radio day after day and tell us that they have known for years that Fifa is corrupt and that they always knew that England had no chance of being awarded the 2018 World Cup as they refused to ‘play the corrupt game’.

And even now – after all that has happened – it is only the English and Scottish FA’s who have had the guts to stand up and say that at the very least, this farcical plan to re-elect Blatter unopposed, should be postponed for a while. There are 208 nations that constitute Fifa membership, yet only two countries seem to have any problem with what everyone knows is a blatant and outrageous bid to retain a corrupt position of despotic power. Even Wales and Ireland remain eerily silent. Thanks guys…..

Maybe the snivelling cowards deserve the Blatters of this world…..


4 thoughts on “Lakeside Musings on the BBC World Service and a Couple of Arrogant Bastards…..”

  1. “We’ll probably end up like the Yanks, where nearly all the experts – from medicine to rocket science – all seem to have foreign accents.”

    The Poms should be so lucky. Fortunately, to the extent you hear foreign accents (not nearly “all” experts – a bit of hyperbole again in connection with the Yanks?), they tend to be European. Our Indian subcontinent contingent is fairly tiny and centered in parts of Silicon Valley.


  2. Wanna know why people from the indian subcontinent are dominating the BBC? Same reason all types of foreigners are dominating all aspects of life in the UK. They are ambitious, tallented and well qualified.
    Unlike the social security bred muppets that form the bulk of the homegrown working stock in the UK.
    Bring on the foreigners, we need ’em.
    Oh, and profesional football should be banned.
    That should stir a few people up.
    Keep on blogging.


    1. If you are correct about the domination of ‘foreigners’, then I too will applaud it. I see nothing wrong with a good healthy injection of hard working and ambitious immigrants into the mix of stale, lazy, ‘welfare-state loving’ Brits.

      We’ll probably end up like the Yanks, where nearly all the experts – from medicine to rocket science – all seem to have foreign accents.

      I remain unconvinced though, as the BBC is well known for its extreme left wing bias and I somehow suspect that the preponderance of foreigners on their network has as much to do with political correctness and positive discrimination, than any desire to hire the ‘best man for the job’.

      Having said that, I do concede that some, but by no means all, the ‘ foreign imports’ are pretty good at their job. So right now, I think your case remains unproven.



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