It’s a Racy Lakeside Today, with Dirt-bikes and Dirtier, Dastardly Damsels

4 Months, 22 Days – still very sober…

What Mobi did

Sorry for the brief disruption to service. No reason really, except that I have been a bit lazy and I have been very active on Thai Visa writing a great deal of stuff on the thread that I started, entitled Alcoholism, is it a disease and can God cure you?  This thread now runs to 6 pages and has had over 2,300 hits since I started it on 1st May.

For those interested, here is the link:

Alcoholism, Is it a disease and can God cure you?

Also, as always I am debating with myself how many times a week to write this blog, for as some of you may have noticed, my novel writing has ground to a complete halt. I had more or less decided that I would reduce my efforts to 3 times per week – probably Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but my friend Rick tells me that if I really want to increase my readership I should blog at least 5 times per week – maybe Monday thru Friday.

I suppose the reality is that I would like to increase my readership, as the more people who are interested in what I have to say the more satisfying it is for me, the writer. About a week ago I got a surprise when my daily readership more than doubled in one day and even on subsequent days it was quite high. But in the past few days it has gone the other way and is now running lower than it was before the spike. I have no idea what this is. Did I piss off all my American readers by my anti -Yank rants?  Or I am I getting less ‘referrals’ than before? Maybe my more straight laced readers were put off by my graphic exploits in dens of ill repute. Who knows? Maybe it’s another blip and it will come back again.

I am getting nothing out of all this blog writing and at the end of the day is it all worth the effort?

The answer to that is partly  yes, because it is keeping me busy, my brain occupied and critically, it is helping to keep me sober. But the answer is also no, because it has diverted me from writing my novel and as relatively few people read what I say, it really isn’t worth it. My friend suggested that I should look into the possibility of generating advertising revenue from my blog, by doing some kind of tie-in with Google. I did look into this briefly when I first started, but found that WordPress, my blog hosts, do not allow advertising. Maybe I should change my host – although this will undoubtedly be a big hassle. Or maybe I should look into the ‘rules’ again and see if there is any way that WordPress will permit some kind of commercial activity. I will report back on this.

As I sit here at my desk on a warm Sunday afternoon, I can hear the PA systems in full swing and the sounds of off-road bikes tearing up the mud tracks just around the lake from my house. There is a bike event in progress, according to Noo who ventured out to investigate. I wonder if this is a ‘one-off’, or if I am to be entertained  every week by these dulcet sounds???

What have I been doing? More of the same, I guess. I have been out every day since I last blogged – so that is Thursday, Friday and Saturday and have pretty much been doing the rounds of all my regular haunts and finding some of my previous partners in crime, plus a few new ones.

On Friday I spent an inordinate amount of time in the Jomtien Gentlemen’s club, (I shall call it Chablis), where I had lately fallen in love with my Avatar look-alike, the gorgeous Om. Well Om was dumped a while ago and I spent a couple of hours in the company of two very horny ladies and had just paid my bill when I spotted the most delightfully pretty young thing I had seen in many a year. She was so pretty that I immediately opened up a new bar tab, tipped the 2 ladies who had entertained me for the past two hours, and started all over with the new one, Keo. She truly was delicious – an exquisite , 21 years old, childless soul, only 3 weeks removed from her home in Issan and as shy as any I have encountered in such places over the years.  Keo quickly took to me as I could converse in Thai and she spoke virtually no English. We were chatting away for a few minutes when I felt two hands around my neck from behind and some hot  lips, kissing the back of my neck.

‘Guess who?’ the stranger enquired.

‘I have no idea,’ I responded and tried to turn around, but she was having none of it.

But after a bit of wrestling, I eventually succeeded in removing her hands and found that the aggressor was none other than Om, my discarded beloved. This wasn’t the first occasion in which she had suddenly appeared at Chablis after I had already been in the place for a considerable time.I had already concluded form an earlier, similarly late arrival that she only came to Chablis when one of her friends called to inform her that Mobi was in attendance.

This was clearly the case this time, as I had already been there for over 2 hours before she deigned to appear. Anyway, I have learned never to go back and told her to get lost. She seemed shocked and moved down the bar and sat staring at me and Keo, her eyes ablaze with anger. Her Sugar Daddy had been stolen by a newer, even younger model.

I succeeded in working on Keo’s shyness and after about 3 drinks we were well into each other, to the increasing consternation of Om, who was watching the proceedings with ever more disquiet. She refused to speak to anyone else- male or female and just stared at us. In the end it was all too much for her and she picked up her purse from the bar and stormed off to the back room in high dudgeon.

In the end, I grew bored of all this fumbling and nonsense and moved onto one of my other establishments.

Yesterday, amongst the various places I dropped by, I managed to track down the ‘whoriest little whore in whoreland, of whom I wrote about in my last blog, and we had another delightful little session. She begged me to take her to a room where we could have even more fun but I was too weary for all that and besides, I had promised to meet a friend round at the Frogger.

The Frogger has this lovely little group of young ladies, all from Petchabun  – one of my favourite provinces – where the owner’s wife hails from. I don’t know why, but there was one lovely little girl who I had not noticed before. Anyway, one thing led to another and I bought the little lady a few drinks and I found her to be ‘very friendly’. My friend did likewise with another one of the lovelies and we had a nice time, chatting to each other and to our female companions.

I confess that I am becoming concerned about my extra-curricular activities. It has suddenly grown from an occasional stray from the straight and narrow on a weekend, to becoming virtually a daily affair. There is little doubt that I am suffering from a form of sex addiction, and while I would much rather be addicted to sex, than to alcohol, I am thinking that it is time to take it in hand.

This obsession is not healthy – I am never really satisfied and quickly become bored, not matter how beautiful and sexy the lady may be – and it is not doing my bank account much good either. Last but by no means least, it is not fair on the lovely Noo. The occasional bit of hanky panky is par for the course in Thailand, but every day – is taking it too far.

So this next week I will try to curtail my activities and we will see how successful I can be.

Strauss-Kahn: What Price Justice?

I am amused at the goings on and the furore over Monsieur Dominique Strauss- Kahn.

Firstly, by his defence team’s own admission, he had engaged in sex with the hotel chambermaid –whether consensual or not , we know not. Now you may think that I, Mobi, am the last person to condemn such behaviour and  I don’t – per se. However,  It is all very well for Mobi, in his dotage to mess around with women in Sin City, but I do question the judgement of one of the most powerful men in world in allowing such an incident to happen.

He seemingly has a history of infidelity and ‘borderline’ activities with young ladies, paid or otherwise. What does it tell you about the character of such a man, and how could he have been elevated to such high office when it has been obvious for many years, that something of this nature would eventually catch up with him and destroy him? The mind boggles.

Many in France were outraged at Mr Strauss-Kahn being paraded before the cameras in a “perp walk” before being given the chance to defend himself in court. Then photographs released of Dominique Strauss-Kahn have prompted anger in France about the treatment of the former presidential hopeful. The mug shot of the 62-year-old, which was released with his charge sheet, was taken more than 24 hours after he was arrested.

A second photo, obtained by the New York Daily News pictured the former IMF chief in his cell wearing the sleeveless blue smock, which is said to be too bulky to make into a noose and too tough to tear. Mr Strauss-Kahn is said to be on suicide watch after he reportedly “did or said something” to alarm officials during a mental health evaluation.

Several French public figures have criticised the US media and judiciary’s  handling of the scandal. A former French justice minister, said: “The (US) prosecutor and the judge are elected. And … their ambition is to be re-elected, either in their existing job or in others. They cannot be indifferent to the fact that the world’s cameras are there and are showing what is going on.”

A French radio station said the photo in his cell breached the presumption of innocence of a “man accused of rape, but not yet judged.”

“It profoundly shocked us. It responds to the deep instincts of voyeurism and a desire to commit a media and popular lynching. But is contrary to the democratic and republican spirit,” the radio said on its website.

Now the American media are outraged at the French media at being outraged….

Once again, the Yanks think that their justice system is the “Best in the world…”

Really? In a country where a whopping 90 % of all criminal cases are ‘plea bargained’ and never go to court? And even the Yanks concede that amongst those 90 %, there is an unaccountable number of innocents who  plead guilty as they have neither the know-how nor wherewithal to mount a proper defence.

I was scandalised by the American justice system many years ago when CNN spread across the world and were able to watch prominent, unresolved criminal cases being discussed openly on the airwaves and where so-called ‘experts’ would give their opinions on whether the accused was guilty – long before the jury gave their official verdict. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. How on earth could justice be seen to be done when the whole country were allowed to discuss the case in the full view of television?

The answer is simple – in a world gone mad, the media and advertisng revenue is ‘king’ and woe betide anyone who puts the rights of individual before the rights of monolithic commercial organisations to make a buck or two.

Although the UK has a very different legal system to France, they are both highly protective of accused – but not yet found guilty – citizens and stick rigorously to the principle of ‘Innocent until proven Guilty’. In both countries, photographs or videos of accused people are not permitted and any speculation as to the guilt or otherwise of cases that are yet to be tried would have the perpetrators of such speculation put in jail.

All that is permitted to be made public are the strict facts of a particular case – the nature of the crime and the nature of the charges and the name(s) of the accused. Nothing more is allowed until the trial has run its course and the jury has announced its verdict.

I would be the first to agree that such draconian protection of the accused may occasionally lead to the guilty going free, but I would much rather that happening than  a single innocent person being sent to jail, largely as a result of  self-appointed justice  unleashed by a media head hunt.

I would be absolutely terrified of ever being arrested for a crime in America, but at least in the UK I could reasonably assume that I will be treated as fairly as possible under the British justice system.

And now for something different…

Here’s a nice little ‘Feel Good story’ – nothing special really but nice… all the same…

Briton who caught falling baby recalls incident

Helen Beard says she hoped someone “with better arms” would come along as the baby she saved dangled from a balcony.

Ms Beard remembered the dramatic events as local officials honoured her for saving the one-year-old baby girl. They presented the British tourist with awards, including a Medal of Merit award, and expressed their gratitude.

Hailed as a hero Ms Beard, from Worksop, told reporters that she didn’t remember catching Jah–Nea Myles, but did remember getting into position.

“I do recall running under and deliberately trying to catch, trying to be in the right place to catch her, hoping that somebody with better arms than me would actually move me out of the way,” Beard said. “But, they didn’t and, you know, I caught her. I managed to break her fall sufficiently,” she added.

Jah-Nea was taken to hospital following the incident but did not sustain any serious injuries.

But what makes the above story special and so endearing is what happened afterwards. Ms Beard agreed to one, exclusive, interview with BBC’s Radios 5, after she and her family had returned to the UK at the conclusion of their holiday.

She told the interviewer that after the rescue she was besieged by the US media, desperate to seek her out, speak to her, put her on TV and in the newspapers and get her story. The situation became so desperate that the Florida police department, (and full credit to them), spirited Ms Bear and her family out of the hotel where they were staying and into another hotel under an assumed name so that they could continue their holiday without further interruption.

The entire American media wanted to get a piece of the action. They had offered to fly her to New York for appearances on the network TV shows, including, the Breakfast Show, David letterman, CNN and many more, but she turned them all down, and their offers of money.

Why? Because she wanted her family to enjoy themselves on holiday in Florida. She simply had no interest in making money or becoming an overnight world-wide celebrity. She just wanted the best holiday for the family who she loved.

Don’t you feel just a little bit humbled and doesn’t it restore a tiny modicum of your faith in humanity in this media-mad, celebrity-driven world? I know it does for me.


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