A Lakeside Pot Pourri of Brassy Whores, Cops and Yank-Bashing…15 May 2011

Thai Bar

4 Months, 15 Days – still sober

What Mobi Did

Yesterday I met up with Rick, and another old drinking partner, Bill, for a natter at one of the newer Lakeside bars. Bill calls it the ‘Birmingham Bar’ because it is owned by some ‘Brummies’, but I think it’s real name is Brasshouse Bar and restaurant – or something like that. It’s not a bad place, but I reckon most of these bar owners must have left their brains back in their British taxis or whatever it was they used to do before they fancied themselves as bar owners.

Running a bar requires certain skills, of which, top of the list is the need to stay on the job for the entire time that your bar is open. Anything less than this is leaving yourself open to the whims and fancies of your bar staff. A close second is the need to look after your customers. It’s not exactly rocket science to have the good sense to greet your customers with a smile when they arrive at your bar, especially newcomers – and then to politely thank them for their custom when they leave. Even – horror upon horror – the odd drink ‘on the house’ to their regulars wouldn’t go amiss – and would usually produce dividends in terms of greater loyalty and almost always the customer would return the compliment so there is no loss of income.

But when was the last time I was greeted by the bar owner, or thanked when I left or heaven forbid offered a free drink? And it’s not just me – these transplanted Neanderthals from the white vans and taxi cabs and of Blighty, along with the ubiquitous oilfield roustabouts, don’t seem to have a clue how to run a bar and keep their customers happy and build customer loyalty.


thai bar 2

Rick and Bill had some business to discuss, so my roving eye looked around to see if there was any female company to divert my attention. When we had arrived, we had been surprised to see a group of new young ladies all sitting at a table, but by the time the three of us were settled with our drinks the ladies had all vanished. Eventually they returned, but made no attempt to come near to where we were sitting and sat as far away from us as possible.

This is not unusual in such bars. In fact, last week I went into another bar which had about 12 ladies working there. I was the only customer and not a single girl came anywhere near me. Ok, maybe they weren’t interested in this ancient wreck of a specimen, but frankly it was due to the lack of a management. They were either playing with their mobiles, reading magazines, or in a large group who were playing and gambling on dominoes.  There was no sign of any management and after I finished my drink I left, unlikely ever to return. I have spoken to others, much younger and more eligible than I, and they have all confirmed the same treatment. Then these bar owners wonder why they never get any customers and eventually go out of business.

bar 3

Back at the Birmingham Bar, I spotted one particular pretty young thing in an extremely short ra -ra skirt displaying a gorgeous set of pins and engaged her in conversation in Thai – all from distance of about ten meters. Eventually she got her delightful little bottom off the stool she was perched on and trip-trapped in her extraordinary high heels over to where I was sitting. So I bought her a drink – or two. It didn’t take long for her to tell me that she wasn’t into sex with customers and that she was looking for a farang boyfriend who would look after her and buy her a car!

It seemed odd that she would use this line as an opening gambit or maybe it was because we were speaking in Thai that she was so honest – this happens quite a lot. Or maybe it was because she saw me for what I am – a dirty old lecher. Anyhow, she was a cute little number, so I enjoyed chatting to her, making her laugh and slowly having my wicked ways with her gorgeous thighs and the dark, hidden secrets nestling under her ra-ra.

At length, we all decided to move on, and when I asked for my check-bin, I received quite shock. This open-air bar, in the wilds of Pong with a few scrawny ladies who were quite unfriendly and wouldn’t let you touch them, were charging a whopping 120 baht for a lady’s drink. This was insane – even the Pink Pussy Cat on Nern Plub Wan –which is teeming with top drawer girls –  only charges 65 Baht, and some of the most salubrious Gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya never charge more than 100 Baht. Yet here, was this unfriendly, distinctly run-of- the-mill pub, with hardly any customers, trying to rip off the few customers that they have, by charging 120Baht for a lady’s drink. Don’t get me wrong – 120 Baht is not exactly going to break the bank, but it’s the principle. Why should I pay 120 Baht in an inferior place when I can drive 10 minutes down the road, and virtually have an orgasm at a bar for the price of a 65 – 90 Baht drink? The mind boggles.


bar 4

Anyway, we paid up and moved to the next bar just off the lake – an establishment by the name of the Barking Frog. Now, I quite like this place, even though there is no management in attendance. They have few ladies, but they are also most welcoming and there is no clique of glaring farangs who resent new customers invading their territory. The bar is small-ish but very tastefully done and it always feels very homely and comfortable. But the big plus is the food. They have a nice little snack menu and everything is cooked fresh, as you order. I can thoroughly recommend the pork pies. They are the best I have ever had in Thailand with lashings of jelly and are served with a pickled onion and beetroot. They really are delicious and I am salivating just thinking about it.

In fact right now I think I would rather have a pork pie with pickled onion and beetroot than a lovely young whore!!! After all, ladies are two a penny in paradise, but quality pork pies are much harder to find in Sin City.

Eventually, Bill had to go home to his waiting, lovely wife of some 35 years, so Rick and I decided to move on yet again. But this wasn’t before we made the acquaintance of a couple of elderly Brits – just like us – who turned out to be ex cops. Furthermore, to my utter delight, one of them was also a lifelong Spurs supporter (Tottenham Hotspur, the English premiership football team for my non footy-readers).

The ‘Spurs man’, Ben by name, had some very amusing stories about his life as a cop and I would like to get to know him better. He seems to be a little bit removed from the usual brainless drunks that you tend to meet as such establishments. I seem to have been lucky with friendships just lately – what with Rick and now Ben – the cop. Incidentally, Ben and his friend are also part of the volunteer police force here, so that could come in handy one day.

I might write a piece on some of these farang wannabes who fancy themselves as Thai cops, in my blog soon.

Our final port of call was a short time establishment nearby, where to my utter delight, one of my more delectable flames; the 21 year old, luscious Dow was in attendance. Yet again I fell in love with her incredibly sexy thighs and her sassy little breasts with her ‘oh so suck-able’ nipples.

But all good things must come to an end, so with much reluctance, I finally headed off home, where my lovely Noo together with my 3 pooches were dutifully waiting.

So not much progress on my sex addiction front, I’m afraid – but there’s always tomorrow.☺

Bahrain Follow-up

Since Friday’s blog, here are few selected excerpts of news reports on the on-going outrages in Bahrain. First doctors, nurses and medics, then students, many of them female – as young as twelve, and now their places of worship…

…The Bahraini government has destroyed a number of mosques in continuation of its aggressive crackdown on pro-democracy protesters….


….At least 28 mosques and Shia religious institutions have been destroyed in the Gulf state since the crackdown on Shia-led protests began in Mid-March…


. “This Sunni government of Bahrain is fighting the Shia, destroying their places of worship and holy places.”….


U.S. Urged to Speak Out in Aftermath of Bahrain Mosque Burnings….


Washington, DC – Human Rights First expressed concern about reports that dozens of mosques and other religious property used by the Shia majority community in Bahrain are being destroyed by the authorities in the latest crackdown against protesters….


…..“Bulldozing mosques will only inflame the tensions in Bahrain, not restore stability,” said Human Rights First’s Brian Dooley. “The attacks on Shia places of worship have triggered protest demonstrations in other parts of the Middle East, and these incidents will exacerbate Sunni-Shia tensions throughout the region. The US government’s silence on Bahrain is deafening.  If the Obama Administration wants to see human rights respected throughout the Middle East, it must speak out against the destruction of places of worship and the rest of the continuing repression in Bahrain.”…..


….According to Human Rights Fist, around 600 government critics have been detained in the last two months and at least four have died in police custody in April…..


….Human Rights First is gravely concerned at the latest brutal crackdown on Human Rights Defenders in Bahrain and urges National Security Advisor Tom Donilon to speak out against the abuses during his trip to the region…..


…at approximately 3 a.m. on April 9, masked police arrested Al-Khawaja, the former MENA Director at the Irish NGO Front Line Defenders and  the former President of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, and his two sons-in-laws, The three men were severely beaten, and Al-Khawaja was beaten until he was unconscious. After the beatings, the three men were taken to an unknown destination…..


“Tom Donilon should publicly condemn the criminalization of human rights defenders in Bahrain and ask for their immediate release. If it’s wrong for human rights activists to be targeted in Syria and Iran, it’s wrong for them to be targeted in Bahrain,” said Human Rights First’s Brian Dooley.


“There can be no double standards on human rights issues,” said Dooley. “Tom Donilon is a guest of the Saudi Arabian Government, a powerful ally of Bahrain’s ruling authorities. He must speak out – and be seen to speak out – against the arrest of these men. They should be immediately released and all others engaged in legitimate and peaceful human rights work should be protected.”….


So just what is the USA actually doing and saying?

The silence is deafening…

Recently there was a meeting of the US Congressional Human Rights panel where there was a lone Senator in attendance, Senator James McGovern. McGovern seems to be a virtual a lone voice in America who is concerned about all this. The Whitehouse was asked to send a representative to the hearing, but they declined…..


….Arbitrary arrests, unexplained disappearances, torture – just some of the testimony delivered before a Congressional Human Rights panel, chaired by Democrat Congressman, James McGovern….


…McGovern believes it’s time for the US to take action against Bahrain…..


Why, I wonder is the US so reluctant to condemn to atrocities perpetrated by these barbaric Bahraini tyrants?  Well apart from being a close ally of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates (fellow despots), there is the small matter of US naval facilities.

Bahrain has also been a base for U.S. naval activity in the Persian Gulf since 1947. Bahrain and the United States signed a Defence Cooperation Agreement in October 1991 granting U.S. forces access to Bahraini facilities and ensuring the right to pre-position material for future crises. Bahrain is the headquarters of the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet. The U.S. designated Bahrain a Major Non-NATO Ally in October 2001.

Need I say more?

A personal note to big skippy:  At least, in 1939, even though the craven Chamberlain signed the Munich treaty, he subsequently had the guts to declare war on Germany when they invaded Poland. Why? Because Britain could not stand by and see a fellow European state subjugated by a tyrannical, murdering invader. Britain could have left Hitler to it; there was every chance that they could have come to their own accommodations with Hitler to stop him invading Britain – but they chose not to – because it would have been the wrong thing to do. Britain then stood alone against the Nazi Axis until 1942, when isolationist America came to their aid – but only when their own interests were affected – after they suffered a nasty kick up the bum, when the Japs humiliated them at Pearl Harbour.

Fast forward to May 2011. What, in all the world that is holy, does The US administration think that the tiny, defenceless, island State of Bahrain and its  neighbours would do if they flexed their military muscles and told them to resist their unspeakable acts against their own populations – or else!

They have the fucking 5th Fleet there for God’s sake! What are they fucking scared of? If they are going to be a world power and protect the free world, then fucking do something! Or just get fuck out and leave the world to it and stop being the despised, universally derided hypocrites that you are. I suppose you can’t expect anything different from an administration that refuses to call the 9-11 criminals Muslim Terrorists, for fear of offending the world of Islam…

The ‘Darkside’ of AA.

There was a guy recently, using the pseudonym trisailer, who, after reading a few pages of my blog, launched an unwarranted attack on me on Thai Visa, in a serious medical thread where I was seeking advice on my girlfriend’s medical condition. It really was a most vitriolic attack, in which he accused me of causing my girlfriend’s condition by my outrageous behaviour. Of course the more odious, inflammatory comments were quickly removed by Thai Visa’s ever vigilant moderators, but it did leave a nasty taste in my mouth.

This was not because he had succeeded in ‘getting to me’. It was because prior to this, he had been having a dialogue with me, both in open forum and via the Thai Visa personal message system, on the subject of AA and alcoholism.

Trisailer is a long-time member of AA and he was urging me to return to AA to ensure my continued sobriety. He made a multitude of pious comments in his writings to me, along the lines that AA had changed his life and that he was now a caring, compassionate, considerate human being, whose main mission in life was to help others.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, with absolutely no prompting from me, he launched into this unbelievably personal attack – initially in the medical forum, and subsequently by personal message. I politely pointed out to him his previous utterances, in which he had assured me that he was not judgemental, that he did not wish to hurt or offend anyone, that he would never embarrass anyone and so on and so forth….. He responded with yet more personal insults and copied and pasted copious passages from on-line medical dictionaries, in some kind perverse attempt to convince me that I was suffering from mental sickness. Well, I ask you folks, even if I am suffering from mental sickness, is that the correct way for any caring person to behave?

The only reason I am telling you all this is because that this particular gentleman is clearly a stalwart of AA and he carries his ‘AA Badge’ on his back like some kind of reforming, missionary zealot. He claims to be actively working the 12 steps, which preach love, understanding, actively helping your fellow sufferers, admitting you character defects, and so much more, yet he embarks on malicious, unprovoked attacks on a fellow sufferer, the only reason being ,as far as I can determine  is because I have rejected AA as my path to sobriety. (Also, maybe, because he is jealous of the sexual adventures that I write about in my blog).

In any event, this is AA hypocrisy at its worst. They preach one thing and practise something entirely different. I once knew a long time member of AA in Pattaya who developed such a pathological hatred for a fellow member that he was seriously thinking of getting hold a gun shooting him in the head. I had no doubt whatsoever that he was serious about this. Yet the guy he hated was a decent, much loved member of the group.

This, my friends, is the dark – even black – side of AA – but I would still recommend it to anyone as a good place to start their sober journey – as imperfect as it is. But beware the likes of trisalier and his gang – they may well be ‘Greeks bearing gifts’….


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    1. Hmm – you’d better read today’s blog for my considered reply..

      Next time you wish to make a point, may I suggest that you ask someone about how to write in lower case; it is normal in forums, blogs and other means of communication.

      You may also find your case more compelling if you were to tone down the gratuitous bad language….

      BTW (by the way) I wish I was a beast…☺

      Good luck with your bar and try to take heed of what I have written in my blog – it might be the saving of you one day.

      Peace and serenity.


  2. Hi Mobi, sorry to hear of your unpleasant experience with the said AA member. Alcoholics are,of course, quite sick individuals and many of them attend the fellowship and have widely varying degrees of spirituality if any at all. In my experience over the years, many have attained few of the spiritual qualities that can be achieved through mustering courage to thoroughly take the 12 steps. Frankly because many do not follow through. Many cling to meetings and fellowship which is not how AA literature suggests to achieve lasting sobriety.

    The steps are, of course, simple tenets but not easy at times. They take courage and strong will to embark on. I think this is why we see so many AA members that don’t live up to the ideals that are the aim. A bit of understanding and tolerance goes a long way in keeping ones serenity about these things and it also has the effect of allowing some forgiveness for ourselves. (particularly from a Higher Power) It’s tough to expect that if I’m very reluctant to give forgiveness and understanding that I may be afforded the same.

    PS. enjoyed Mobi’s bar exploits again, although I worry a bit for you, hats off of course on your continued sobriety and may the bar journeys not sway your abstinence.

    ~ Pholoen, over and out.


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