It’s a mixed bag of tarts, vestal virgins, Obamas, Osamas and Bahrainis

4 Months, 13 Days – Still 100% Sober

What Mobi did

Yesterday, in spite of many resolves to the contrary, I once more pounded the streets and sois of The Dark Side in search of female entertainment. My first port of call was an establishment I hadn’t tried for quite a while and in spite of my misgivings I was pleasantly surprised to find a good supply of very horny looking ladies, all wearing the shortest black dresses you have ever seen – most of them so short that I could see that lovely crack in their little bottoms, every time they leaned over the bar.

They weren’t a particularly friendly bunch and seemed determined to keep their distance from me, but after I had ordered a cup of tea, a particularly striking young lady, with a finely sculptured face and gorgeous legs that most would die for, approached me with a smile and said ‘Hello, You’re Mobi aren’t you?’

I’m definitely getting old as I didn’t know her from Adam (or Eve) but she said she knew me from another, nearby establishment so we sat down and had a nice little session together. She was Neung and she was really was quite gorgeous. Before long, all thoughts of the delectable little Om, (my avatar look-alike down in Jomtien), faded into memory as we explored each other’s intimate regions. My run-in with this gloriously attractive whore made me realise that yet again I had made a bit of a fool of myself over Om, and I knew that I should move on and stop falling in love with every hooker-looker that I meet along the way.

Eventually, I moved on, to the place ‘from whence Neung had previously worked’. There were several likely ladies there who greeted me warmly and we had a bit of a party, but somehow my heart wasn’t in it. Can you believe, I was actually getting a bit bored with all this grappling and fondling and kissing and despite my lovelies’ best efforts, they were finding it very hard to get a rise out of me…

The only solution was to make a quick visit to the church to see if I couldn’t re-charge my spiritual batteries. The usual celestial crew were in attendance – Rick and the sisters of the divine passion. Again the scantily clad vestals did their best but I just wasn’t into it. It must have been an off day or am I really getting bored – too much of a good thing can sometimes be a turnoff and that seems to be what is happening.

Today I resolved to spend the day at home, write my blog and do a few other bits and bobs. It started off well enough, but just as I was preparing myself for a long session, the power went off. I waited a while but there was no sign of it returning so decided to call Rick and ask him if he also had a power cut, as he lives quite nearby. He replied that he was indeed power-less and suggested we meet up at the Church and pray for a swift return to power.

It seemed like a good idea, but I hadn’t yet taken a shower. No power, no shower, so I collected a few buckets of water from the swimming pool, carted then into the bathroom and had just commenced my Thai style shower, when the power returned. But by this time, my furrow was ploughed and my mind was now set upon a religious path, so I completed my ablutions and hurried off to meet Rick at the altar of perpetual contentment.

Unfortunately there wasn’t too much contentment. There was a distinct scarcity of vestal virgins in fact – apart from Rick – the hallowed chapel was empty!! Well it was a bit early so we had a couple of mugs of tea and decided to adjourn to my establishment of yesterday for lunch and also because I hoped to meet the lovely Neung again.

The food was good and Rick made use of the bar’s wifi to do a bit of work and yours truly searched for the lovely Neung, without success. Another gorgeous lady – this time in a little red number that barely covered her bottom kept walking past our table and on the third pass, she sat down next to me and once again addressed me by name.

This was ridiculous as I didn’t remember her any more than I had Neung from the previous day. She was Som and she too knew me from the same place that Neung used to work. Now I know I am sometimes prone to exaggeration, but I can swear on my life that Som was even more beautiful and sexier than Neung – ask Rick if you don’t believe me! She has a lovely face, an unblemished, very curvy figure, (no children), and lithe, beautifully crafted legs and thighs. She was 24 years old; a pure, unadulterated true Asian beauty from the heart of Issan. I asked Som if I could take one of her legs home with me to cuddle, but unfortunately, she declined. (Funny lady!)

Food demolished, Rick decided that his power had returned and he took off to do a few more hours work and left me all alone with Som. After some initial fondling, once again I started to get bored with it all and I confess that I am coming to the conclusion that I would be well advised to curtail these activities for a while.

It’s early days, but I will make an effort to stay away from these Sodoms and Gomorahs  for a week or so and see if I can’t get my sex addiction under some semblance of control. I don’t see why not – especially as I have everything a man of my age could possible need, right here at home. Time will tell how successful I will be.

Obama the Great and the Kingdom of America

I confess that after I made my last comment to big skippy, I did feel a little guilty. The fact remains that I do feel that the world has much to be indebted to America for and as I have said many time – on the whole they do mean well, even though they sometimes get it round their necks.

I don’t want to be thought of as a pompous Brit who enjoys a bit of Yank Bashing, because I do not think that is who I am. Nobody has been more critical of my own country though the years, to the horror and outrage of my fellow Brits, and I have stated publicly on numerous occasions that many of the things that Britain did in their days of the Empire are nothing to be proud about. Britain is no longer a world power. It still has a contribution to make, but it is just a small cog in the overall scheme of things and by itself can achieve very little. The debate is no longer about Britain.

America, on the other hand, is still the most powerful and richest nation one Earth and I for one am glad they are on our side. But given the parlous state of the world today, I think it behoves all clear thinking people to speak up when they see something wrong or which they do not agree with. No nation – however great – is above criticism – and if nothing else, it will help to keep the leader of the free world on their toes and hopefully, learn from their mistakes.

So I hope I did not upset you too much big skippy – I admit I do get carried away a bit from time to time, but I meant no harm – as, like my Yankee cousins, I hope my heart is in the right place.

By the way, did any of you notice how often the American reporters made the ultimate Freudian slip?  I must have counted at least half a dozen occasions when a TV reporter said ‘Obama’ and the corrected himself by saying ‘Osama’ when reporting on the Bin Laden assassination. I wouldn’t swear to it but it might have been Fox news at the top of the list… but that’s impossible!! They are too fair and balanced…

Or maybe they were trying to insert a subliminal message???

Bahrain and our spineless leaders

The world looks on in horror as the traumatic and tragic events play themselves out day by day on our television screens.

We are shocked by the barbarity and the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians by the maniac Gadhafi in Libya; we are appalled by the daily killing of seemingly innocent protesters in Yemen; and we are particularly aghast by the brutal attempts to supress the increasing unrest in Syria by a regime who are behaving in a manner which is every bit as horrendous as the storm troopers were in Nazi Germany, some 70 years ago.

The reaction of the west to these various human disasters in the Middle East has been anything but consistent, losing no time in running to the aid of the Libyan rebels, but doing little except offer platitudes and institute some meaningless sanctions on the other despotic regimes. We can discuss the merits of intervention versus ‘let them sort out their own problems’ till we are blue in the face, but to this observer, the Country which has more to answer for than any other, is Bahrain.

In Bahrain, the response of the authorities has been so brutal and so utterly barbaric and ruthless, that they have successfully managed to totally quell any semblance of protest – at least for the time being – so terrified and battered – both mentally and physically – are the general population.

I appreciate that it is difficult to ‘grade’ the levels of oppression and illegality, but as horrific as the actions of the ruling authorities have been in Libya, Yemen Syria and elsewhere, I put it to you that the actions in Bahrain have reached a new low in the level of man’s inhumanity to man.

I am talking now of the arrest, intimidation, torture and rape of female students as young as 12 years old; the mass round up, imprisonment and continued detention and torture of dozens of doctors and scores of medics medics and anyone who gave medical sustenance to the injured protesters.

Al Jazeera recently carried out a secret filming to reveal the outrages carried out against countless young female students, and here are some extracts from their website.

The government of Bahrain deployed security forces onto the streets on March 14 in an attempt to quell more than four weeks of protests.

At the height of the protests, up to 200,000 people rallied against the government. The crackdown was an attempt to end the protests that demanded the end of the despotic rule of the Khalifah royal family.

In an interview “Heba”, a 16-year-old schoolgirl, alleges she, along with three of her school friends, were taken away by the police from their school and subjected to severe beatings while in custody for three consecutive days.

“He hit me on the head, I started bleeding. I fell down, he told them [guards] to keep me in the rest-room,” she said during the secretly filmed interview.

“He [the officer] hit and banged me against the wall to scream. Since we did not cry out or scream, we were beaten more and more, stronger and stronger.

“Beating was severe, but being afraid of what comes next, we were senseless to the pain.”

Bahrain’s government has not responded to Al Jazeera’s request for comment.

According to the mainly Shia opposition Al Wefaq party, police have raided up to 15 mainly girls schools, detaining, beating and threatening to rape girls as young as 12.

A Bahrain human rights group says at least 70 teachers have also been detained. Meanwhile the media clampdown continues.

And here are some extracts from The Guardian Newspaper, reporting on the arrest, torture and detention of medical staff.

At about 11pm on 2 May, Bahrain’s criminal investigations directorate summoned Dr Nedhal al-Khalifa, a 42-year-old dermatologist. Her father dropped her off at their headquarters at the ministry of interior at about midnight. Her family, including her four young children, didn’t hear anything from her until she was released two days later. Her husband, Dr Sadiq Abdulla, a vascular surgeon, also 42, was detained in the same fashion on 14 April. His whereabouts and condition remains unknown, as does the reason for his detention.

These two doctors are among hundreds of Bahrainis detained without official explanation since mid-March, including scores of other doctors, nurses and medics. In almost all cases, the authorities have provided no information about their whereabouts or wellbeing. During this same period, at least four people have died in detention from abuse or medical neglect and the authorities are starting to televise “confessions” that might have been coerced. Except for a handful who saw a lawyer for the first time during their special military court trial, none of those detained have had access to lawyers or family members.

The arrests of so many medical professionals are part of a government policy of retribution against Bahrainis who supported pro-democracy protests.

Medical personnel have been targets of repression from the outset. Security forces attacked a medical tent at the roundabout on the night of 17 February, assaulting and arresting doctors. Medics subsequently alleged that security officials ordered ambulances not to respond to calls from wounded protesters. When authorities violently dispersed the roundabout protesters on 16 March, security forces, armed and in many cases masked, had taken over the main hospital. There, and in other medical facilities, people whose wounds suggested they had been protesters were beaten, and many were arrested. Portions of the hospital became detention sites.

Authorities said that 47 doctors and medics will soon face prosecution, apparently in a special military court, for alleged acts that include claims of bringing weapons into the hospital, stealing blood so that protesters could feign serious injury, applying medications to simulate symptoms of nerve gas, refusing to treat injured or ill people who were not Shia and generally “serving the agenda of the protesters”. They said 150 others are under investigation and suspended from their positions. Authorities said they will “reveal details” at a news conference on Sunday.

Human Rights Watch has written to Bahraini authorities requesting information to verify the criminal allegations – some serious and some far-fetched – but so far has received no response. Our researchers had regular and relatively unrestricted access to the main hospital between 17 February and 16 March. We saw protesters’ tents in the parking lot outside the emergency wing, staffed by people who provided information to journalists and others reflecting protester views. Between 10 March and 16 March, rallies took place there featuring speeches by leading opposition figures. But at no point did we see or otherwise learn about any activities corresponding to the more serious government allegations.

In a public letter dated 26 April, seven leading national and international associations of medical professionals, including the American Medical Association and the American College of Emergency Physicians, called on Bahrain’s leaders to cease all attacks on health facilities, medical professionals and patients, and to release all medical professionals (as well as others) “detained and disappeared for non-violent exercise of their fundamental rights and their ethical duties”.

In any normal rules of warfare, young females and the medical profession are not targeted, and to my knowledge, even in Libya, Syria and Yemen, these groups were not targeted as a matter of deliberate policy. Yet in Bahrain this seems to have been carried out with impunity with barely a word of protest from the western powers.

Furthermore, the protests were put down with the active military cooperation of Bahrain’s neighbouring States – namely; Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Dubai who sent brigades of their own troops into Bahrain to assist with the subjugation of the people and to this day, they are still stationed there to help quell any attempts at further protest.

It is with much shame that I can only conclude that nothing will be done or said  on behalf of Bahrain’s terrified and suffering populace, as it would be diametrically opposed to  the west’s  interests; they do not wish to upset their Middle eastern allies. This is gutless appeasement, along the lines of Chamberlain’s gutless actions in Munich in 1939, (note this reference big skippy….), and it demonstrates the total hypocrisy of western politics and their claims that they stand up for democracy, the rights of the individual and human dignity.

It suits the West’s purpose to become involved militarily in Libya as that country is more or less a pariah state and has few friends. But Bahrain, a close ally of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates – America and Europe’s close allies, never.

So sorry, my little Bahraini’s – we’re afraid you will have to be beaten, raped, tortured and die and because we can’t let anything come between us and our malicious, misogynistic, totalitarian  Arab mates  and their precious oil supplies…’

If Obama, Cameron and some of the other European leaders had any balls, they would stand up and be counted. I am sure, if they had the guts they would be able to exert huge pressure on the Saudis, Emirates and Bahrain to clean up their act – but they are all scared that the Arabs will get upset and stop the oil. If you let these Middle Eastern bullies get away with this, then, I fear, it is the start of a long, slippery slope.


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  1. You’re blogging has really come on when I look back over previous posts. Actually I arrived here from a forum on an unrelated topic. Worth surfing sometimes. Thanks.


  2. Mobi, a particularly entertaining blog of what Mobi did. More than a few chuckles from this humble reader and follower. Visits to the Church and Mobi’s physical awakenings.

    HA, pretty darn funny there. Yankee approved. So there!

    Perhaps some balance and dare I say some real spirituality setting in with in the way of this clarity about the extracurricular behavior.

    I found that on my many trips to LOS the first few weeks are quite novel and filled with excitement but a strange thing happens. Given so much opportunity the novelty soon wears off and I find myself searching for a real relationship, looking to date some of the LOS “good girls” working as hotel clerks, waitresses or any number of legitimate jobs. Of course there is also the pity and empathy which seems to surface as I have in my sobriety been given a new ability over the years to actually put myself in one’s shoes so to speak. Imagine what it’s really like to work in a bar, approaching aging farangs, groping them and “servicing them” for a living, it becomes a bit tough to engage in the whole scene after a good session of thought toward that end. I somehow always do anyhow as living in the western world never affords such activities. But almost certainly I always arrive back to the point where I want a “real” relationship with someone who wants to be with me for nothing else but to be with me or at least not expecting a daily or monthly salary. Perhaps you’ve arrived or are arriving at such a posture. Whatever it is I hope happiness, contentment, peace and of course continued sobriety friend!


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