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4 Months, 9 Days – still sober and totally resolute.

More Bin Laden postscripts… or should I say,  fuck ups….?

I’m sorry, I would love to leave this story alone and move on, but Mr President Obama and his government just won’t let me.

I have written about the ridiculous hyperbole spouted by the US networks about how American has the best forces in the world. Predictably, Pres. Obama, and his learned and esteemed VP agree:

Biden: “You are the most capable warriors in the history of the world. There has never, never, never, never been a fighting force more capable than you.

Obama: “One of the greatest intelligence and military operations in our nation’s  history.”

Any comments from me would be superfluous.

I have previously  written to express my surprise that one of the helicopters used in the raid had mechanical failure, and this is by no means the first such occasion when helicopters have allegedly been less than perfect. To me, it seemed almost incredible that given the months of planning and the ‘no-expense spared’ operation, that such a thing could happen. But, happen – apparently – it did! We have a number of confirmatory statements from the US authorities themselves to the effect that:

 “The helicopter was forced by a mechanical failure to make a hard landing that put it out of action and it was then destroyed.”

But lo and behold, someone in the administration must have been reading my blog – or maybe it was the helicopter manufacturer who got a bit stirred up by my suggestion that their magnificent flying fighting machines were not up to spec. For now, yet another story concerning the mission is being re-written and now we have a very detailed explanation of what actually happened to the poor little chopper. Here are some extracts from this much changed account:-

A United Technologies Corp. (UTX) Black Hawk helicopter carrying U.S. Navy SEALs to Osama Bin Laden’s hideout was downed by an air vortex caused by unexpectedly warm air and the effect of a high wall surrounding the compound, not mechanical failure or gunfire, according to U.S. officials and a lawmaker.

The Army pilot from the service’s most elite aviation unit executed a hard but controlled landing – clipping a corner wall – after the chopper lost lift. The 12 heavily armed SEALs exited the aircraft unharmed.

Senior government officials briefing reporters by telephone on May 1, gave conflicting accounts, first saying the chopper experienced a mechanical “malfunction” and then backtracking without an explanation.

The initial administration explanation wasn’t accurate, according to U.S. government officials, a lawmaker and congressional staff briefed yesterday by Vice Admiral William McRaven, leader of the Joint Special Operations Command.

Twenty-five Navy SEALS were flown to the bin Laden home by two Black Hawks, CIA Director Leon Panetta told the PBS “News Hour” May 3. The helicopter that crash-landed was supposed to hover over the compound’s courtyard so that the SEALS would rappel, or “fast rope,” to the ground, Panetta said.

According to two U.S. officials, who praised the skill of the pilot, the chopper lost the lift necessary to hover because it entered a “vortex” condition. At least two factors were at play — hotter than expected air temperature and the compound’s 18-foot-high walls, they said.

The wall blocked rotor blade downwash from moving down and away as it normally would. This caused disturbed airflow to move in a circular, upward and then downward path back through the top of the rotor, causing insufficient lift for the aircraft.

The pilot, realizing he had lost lift, landed quickly in a manoeuvre practiced by pilots to deal with helicopter flight conditions known as “settling with power,” one official said.

Another explained that if a helicopter hovers next to a large enough building at just the right distance, moving air created by the rotors won’t be able to exit freely. Instead, it will hit the wall and have nowhere to go except back into the rotor, robbing lift

The pilot executed a “hard landing” as a result, House Armed Services Committee ranking Democrat Representative Adam Smith told reporters after a McRaven briefing.

Asked if there was a mechanical failure in the United Technologie’ Sikorsky aircraft, Smith said, “I don’t believe that is what happened. As was explained to me, with the temperature and the setting, it came down faster than they anticipated so I don’t believe there was some sort of mechanical failure. It’s just those were tough conditions to land in,” Smith said.

Hmmm… so it was all due to: “an air vortex caused by unexpectedly warm air and the effect of a high wall…”  Yet we are told that they had been practising this operation for months! Didn’t they know there would be a high wall? Didn’t they build one to practise the operation? Didn’t they know there would be hot air?  Then we are told that “if a helicopter hovers close enough to a high wall it will hit it”…. Really? You surprise me! Surely the planners of: “One of the greatest intelligence and military operations in our nation’s history….” and the fact that: “There has never, never, never, never been a fighting force more capable than you.”.. …would have guaranteed that such an obvious eventuality had been thought through and provided for?

Sorry guys but is increasingly beginning to sound like a load of old crap to this pickled alcoholic.

So having screwed up big time, they decide they must destroy the machine to ensure it doesn’t get into the hands of the ‘enemy’ who may do a ‘reverse engineering’ job on it. I actually listened to US officials suggesting that if Pakistan had got hold of it, they would have sold it to the Chinese, who are past masters in the art of reverse engineering!

(Think about it – that Pakistan – America’s close allies – who receive billions of dollars in aid from America – may sell it to the Chinese….)

So…. did they destroy it? I quote from informed sources:

While the DEVGRU assaulters/operators did a nice job of destroying the main fuselage of the downed helo, the intact tail boom and rotar section/wreckage arguably constitutes serious major OPSEC (Operational Security) problem, as it provides the world, including our enemies, with evidence of what was no-doubt a classified low-observable helicopter’s existence, as well as some rather obvious visual clues how the helo achieves it’s low-observable effect–that is unless it was left behind to deliberately misdirect our enemies as to the U.S. military’s actual low-observability/stealth technology/capabilities.

Did the DEVGRU operators not have enough explosives to finish the job? Did they run out of time? Or, did they purposely leave the intact portion of the helo behind for the purpose of misdirection? These are some definite questions that were most likely asked and answered in the mission debrief and/or AAR (After Action Report), assuming the operators were even aware of it at the time. If leaving the intact tail boom and rotor was indeed unintentional, it was a fairly high OPSEC price to pay, even for killing Bin Laden.

Well done guys… I am lost in admiration for a job well executed in every possible respect; the world can breathe much easier in the knowledge that the legendary American Special Forces are truly at the top of their game.

Word has recently reached my ears that much of the detailed planning for the raid was carried out in the Queen Vic on Soi six, Pattaya and the reason they forgot about the vortex was because the senior aeronautical engineer assigned to the project was in the process of dealing with a painful geometric deviation in his nether regions when a sudden, unexpected blast of hot air removed all scientific calculations of Pakistani wind tunnels from his Singha-addled brain…..☺

And now for something completely different…I think I’ve found religion… or at least ‘The Church’…

I have found a new friend, who I shall call Rick. I met Rick a few months ago, and incredibly, we seem to have much in common. One of our major shared interests is our passion for whore-mongering. By and large whore-mongers tend to operate alone, or at least this writer does, mainly because we do not think the same as normal folk and we like to be free and unfettered in our quests for ‘suitable cases for treatment’. Sometimes, a companion can hamper such activities, simply by being there – and this a distraction – or more commonly by having a differing agenda to the monger, which would not normally include frequent and sudden changing of venues if the quality or quantity of damsels is not up to the required standard

So Rick is an exception. When we are out together we seem to be entirely in sync and seem to know instinctively when it is time to move on and when we have found the place we are looking for.

I am particularly indebted to Rick for introducing me to a new religion, which I would never have given the time of day to if he hadn’t more or less insisted that I join him there for a single prayer before moving onto more salacious venues. I have called this place the ‘Church’; because I have to offer praises to my maker every time that I go there, which is becoming an ever more frequent occurrence. From the outside it just looks like an ordinary bar and frankly, it looks just like one of the many, almost empty, failed venues that scatter the landscape of the Dark side. But once inside, you realise that it is indeed a Church and really does have something going for it – quite apart from prayers, confessions and communion wine….

It is air-conditioned , (which is a big plus in the current hot season),  has a nice, well-appointed bar, some very comfortable leather sofas and a large TV screen which carries the sports networks. So far… so good… but  regrettably, not much different to dozens of others you can find in and around Sin City. But a bar is not a bar without bar girls  – that all important, oft neglected, essential ingredient.  No Thai lady would eat Somtam palaa without a healthy dose of green chillies, any more than a farang whore–monger would waste his time in a bar with few and/or  unfriendly bar girls.

On my first visit, the bar boasted two, not so young ladies – both in their mid-thirties, but slim, sexy,  quite attractive and VERY friendly. We sat at the bar (the only customers), having a good old natter and our two respective ladies attended to our every need and a wonderful, fun time was had by one and all.

Since that occasion, I have spent many a happy hour at Church with Rick, the head chorister and the much enlarged  female Church choir – with not a castrated lady-boy -alto-tenor in sight, thank God! The converts, it would seem are converting at the rate of knots…

All in all it is quirky, fun place. There are all kinds of girls of varying ages who come and go from Church. They are all ‘go-ers’ and for the price of drink, (or not as the case may be), they will strip down into very sexy outfits and make us old whore-mongers very happy in our dotage. Some of the women seem to ‘free-lance’ there – just coming and going as they wish. There seems to be little formal structure to the Church congregation and many seem to go there just for a bit of fun – as well as for prayers or a good lesson! At least two of the prettier ladies that I have met there work in the market during the day time, and just go to church when they finish their day’s work for a bit of spiritual enlightenment. Well, they would, wouldn’t they?

Just lately I seem to have settled on two lithe, scantily-clad ‘sinners’ who way-lay me at the front door of the bar and won’t let go of me until I leave, several hours later. In fact, so solicitous are their ministrations, that yesterday evening I had extreme difficulty in concentrating on the formula one GP, which was showing on TV.  They were so distracting that I couldn’t sort my Buttons from my bottoms and  my Petrovs from my jerkoffs ….

I am beginning to wonder if I have replaced my alcohol addiction with a sex addiction as I am spending more and more time in The Church and other such establishments to indulge my predilection for short term pleasures of the flesh.

Many have commented on my avatar – logo – it is photograph of a particularly beautiful Philippine lady. I have now met her ‘double’ at a down-town, short time bar. Her face is the spitting image of my ‘avatar lady’ and she has a body to match. She is 24 years old, utterly gorgeous and I am rapidly falling in love. I just cannot keep my eyes or hands off her. I know it is crazy and I will let it go soon, but in the meantime I am completely infatuated.  

I’m not sure what is better – a sex addiction or an alcohol addiction – I’ll settle for sex; it’s not so harmful, except, maybe, on my bank account…


10 thoughts on “Home…home by the Lake … where the dogs and the prostitutes play….”

  1. Hi Mobi,
    Glad to see you’re still sober and writing as brilliantly as ever. Sounds like real fun to get out there and frequent the Church, I just sure hope you don’t partake of the communion wine. My sponsor reminded me years ago, tough to go in a barber shop and not wind up with a haircut. I admire your resolve, I had such resolve for 6 months once. Sadly though, I ultimately fell and the despair, depression, financial and physical pain returned. I sure hope you’ll be OK. Alcoholism is a tricky disease. I’ve come to believe it renders the sufferer, even with the most honest of resolve, unable to sustain prolonged abstinence. I now have faith that prolonged, sustained abstinence can be achived through a spiritual awakening. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a monger and have been since most of my adult life, but I’ve been careful to not harm or decieve anyone in my activities. I currently do not have a GF and don’t plan on having one since I’ll be returning to LOS at some point within the next 18 months or so. Living life not creating trouble and actually contributing good goes a long way for sick alcoholics like myself. I’m recovered but not cured. Fare well this week good Mobi.



  2. Mobi, I know you’ve tuned in to Fox news now and again. Have you considered the Daily Show? It’s intended to be a comedic take on the news, however, it is actually one of the best sources of news and seems to espouse views that are consistent with yours. I find it is far more “fair and balanced” than Fox or most other sources, IMHO, and is fairly popular in the UK.


    1. Yes I have watched Jon Stewart’s Daily show from time to time and did find it quite amusing. I don’t watch it regularly as I don’t watch CNN regularly – I find the network pretty naff – used to be great, but how the mighty have fallen!

      I think Stewart is pretty left leaning; that doesn’t stop him poking fun at the Obama administration and the Dems from time to time but his main targets are the Republican right. That in itself is not an impediment to watching him; the main problem, to be honest, is that I don;t know when his show is aired. I must check it out.

      There was a couple of recent shows, both on CNN and Fox where Bill O’Reilly guested on The Daily show and Stewart on the Factor. It was a master class in two belligerent pundits trying to score comedic and political points off each other. I’m not too sure who won…

      I get a majority of my news these days from BBC, Al Jazeera, Australian Network, with a little from Fox, and ABC plus of course the internet, where I check out all the day’s headlines and read the English daily telegraph in more detail. Sometimes I read other publications if I am researching a particular subject.

      Oh……not enough hours in the day – How did I ever find the time to hold down a full time job?


      1. Mobi, you can find it on comedy central’s site. Full episodes are available on the web at any time (with the benefit of no commercials if viewed from outside the US).


  3. Mobi, I’d be with you on this one if these comments from the President and the VP were directed at the rest of the world. Instead, both quotes were from speeches to the U.S. armed services (Obama’s was addressed to the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and I’m assuming that Biden’s was addressed to some branch of the armed services as well, given his reference to “you are the greatest . . .”.

    These addresses to the troops are simply a matter of rallying them and boosting morale. Isn’t this the role of every national leader? Is a frank assessment to the troops concerning their shortcomings and failures the preferred approach? Did Churchill tell the nation or his troops at the outset of WWII “well, we fucked up with Munich, didn’t adequately prepare for the invasion of France (despite having at least six-months’ warning), and barely made it out of Dunkirk. How the hell are we going to stop the Germans now?” A pretty frank assessment at the time, but hardly inspiring and would probably not have done much to get the UK through the Battle of Britain.

    Although I do not want to have a single soldier in Afghanistan or Iraq, these teenagers and very young adults need all the encouragement they can get for putting their lives on the line, especially given the lack of follow through displayed by our supposed allies (read “the coalition of the willing” in Iraq and NATO in Afghanistan).

    Your post is actually a bit ironic. You claim that there is no humility honesty or admittance of mistakes, however, you also go on to cite the very public hearings on the operation’s shortcomings. A country that airs its dirty laundry like this for the world to see and comment on seems to be an open admission that mistakes were made. I imagine that most countries would instead try their best to cover up any failure in such an operation. Fortunately, these failures have been made public so that they can, it is hoped, be avoided again or at least let the public know of the “costs” involved in carrying out these operations.


    1. Big Skippy, you seem obsessed with the events in the 2nd World War, which happened several generations ago in an entirely different world order. The comparisons you make are, frankly, stretching the bounds of sensible debate. I think it was you who suggested that the Brits celebrated when they dropped the H Bombs on Japan (and if it wasn’t you my apologies) and now you are trying to compare the screw ups on the Bin Laden mission with the screw ups in the early part of the second World War. Quite apart from the fact that it was Chamberlain who signed the peace treaty with Hitler in Munich and it was Churchill who was brought in subsequently to sort out the mess, I frankly cannot for the life of me see what this has got to do with the screw ups that happened a week ago in Pakistan.

      If the screw ups at the outbreak of WW2 can be compared to anything that is currently happening, then it is would be the 9-11 attack that occurred TEN YEARS AGO! – not what happened last week, for which the Yanks had 10 years to prepare.

      In any case, the whole argument is fatuous as what may or may not have happened more than 70 years ago in Europe and what mistakes were or weren’t made is totally beside the point. If the Brits screwed up – then so be it – I am no fan of war or much that has happened in the course of British history. I didn’t try to claim that ‘The Yanks screwed up, but the Brits didn’t.’ It’s irrelevant. We are discussing events in 2011 and and for you to justify today’s screw ups by claiming that the Brits were every bit as bad 70 years ago, seems to me that you are scraping at the bottom of the barrel of history for some justification of your country’s less than perfect performance.

      As for your President’s address to the troops – well if it was ‘only for their ears’, how come it has been circulated across the world? You cannot have private addresses to troops or to anyone else in this day and age if the stage is at least partly public. Everything you say will be in the news and disseminated throughout the world. So if you don’t wish to appear to be a laughing stock, then you should think carefully before opening your big mouths. Surely the President of the ‘greatest nation that this planet has ever seen’ should be aware of that?

      Given the fact that they are obliged to ‘air their dirty linen in public’, surely it is incumbent upon the upon the authorities to speak the truth from day one, for if they had an ounce of intelligence they would realise that eventually the truth will without and the already much besmurched reputation of America will be sullied still further.

      I thought this was one of the main planks of Obama’s Presidency – to re-stablish America’s good name across the world. He doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job so far. I have trouble finding a Thai, a European or even a Yank in this town has who has nothing but disdain for America and its policies – although I do admit I live in ‘Sin city’ – not known for the intellectual prowess of its citizenry☺

      Enough of Yank bashing, dear Big Skippy, shall we agree to disagree?


      1. Mobi, sorry about the WW2 references, but I was just following precedent established by others (Rebel?). I wasn’t the one who made reference to the Brits cheering the A Bomb. In any event, the WW2 references are in fact entirely apt if you think about it. The reason for having to go back so far is that the UK’s position as a world power then was at least somewhat analogous to the US’s position today. Since that time, the UK has quietly dropped in ranks to a middle power (why France and the UK both have permanent seats on the UN Security Council while countries like India and Brazil are out is baffling), but 70 years back it still had its hands on a decent sized empire.

        Outside of WW2 during that time, you’ll easily find evidence of plenty of “screw ups” by the UK in its gradual withdrawal from its former colonies. In short, the UK as a world power then, was no better (and perhaps far worse) than the US now (recall, for example, Churchill’s desire as foreign minister to use chemical weapons against the Kurds and how Jewish “terrorists” constantly harassed ineffective British troops in the 1940’s during Britain’s Palestine Mandate which led to their withdrawal in disgrace from Palestine and in fact contributing so much to the mess that the rest of the world wants the US to help resolve).

        As for the remarks of Biden and Obama “only being for the ears of the troops”, of course that wasn’t the case and of course the rest of the world would pick up on these words. The point is, however, that they were addressing the troops, and such hyperbole when addressing troops is common. Surely most people will recognize these statements as being hyperbole to motivate impressionable young adults in the armed services. If you’re saying that the UK does not engage in similar hyperbole, would you be willing to make a wager that neither Cameron or Blair made similar comments to their troops over the past decade?

        I do agree with your statement on Obama’s failure to establish any good name for the US throughout the world. If it were up to me, we’d disengage entirely from these events and let the locals take care of it themselves. I’d love it if we were the Switzerland of North America.

        Sorry to belabor this point, however, as a regular reader of your blog and a long time resident here who comes across quite a few Brits willing to point a finger (yet unwilling to look in the mirror), it does get a little tiring to hear about how bad the US is all the time, especially considering that the UK has contributed in no small part to these messes as well.


      2. Skippy Skippy Skippy – you do have a huge chip on your shoulder don’t you? It doesn’t mater if I am a Brit, A German, A Russian a Chinese an African or who knows or cares what far flung country. Whatever my country has done throughout history, and whatever fuck-ups they may have perpetrated has absolutely no relevance on what the Americans – the current so called leaders of the free world, are doing HERE AND NOW!

        If you want to have a debate about WW2 and Britain’s role in it – then fine – go ahead and do it – but that is not the subject under debate here.

        By your reasoning, every German who has been born since WW2 would have no right to criticise America because of what their forbears did during the war! Sorry, Skippy but you have really lost the plot – big time.

        You remind me of an episode of Fawlty Towers, when Basil Fawlty tells everyone not to mention the war in the presence of their German guest, (DON’T MENTION THE WAR!!), and then proceeds to goose step and make references to Hitler and the war every time he sees him…☺

        I think your attitude of mind helps to explain the American psychosis – the malaise if you like – which seems to dominate the conciousness of today’s Americans. You think you are God’s gift to the world because of what you have historically done for Europe, and indeed the world. Your heart has always been in the right place, but somewhere along the line you have become brain-washed by your own patriotic rhetoric. You really do believe you are the best at everything, from sports to science, to military fighting and just about anything else you can think of. You are so myopic and vainglorious and you resent any criticism from people who you regard as second rate citizens of the world, who, in your view, have absolutely no right to criticise America because of their past history.

        It doesn’t matter if The Brits contributed to the current mess! The fact remains that the Yanks made some screw ups and lied about it. Nothing more nothing less!

        The sooner you guys wake up to the realities of the 21st Century the better, or like the Roman Empire before you, your nation will be be condemned to the dust bowl of history and the Chinese will inherit the earth – if they haven’t already.

        This isn’t about Brits crowing because they did much better in the past – it is about you guys- here and now! But you’re so sensitive to criticism that you just can’t see it. You are like a politician who refuses to answer a straight question but simply insists on prevaricating, deviating and attacking the questioner and challenging his right ask the question.

        Think about it….,


  4. Are you sure about the extra month…..? Look again…..☺☺

    Anyone can make mistakes and nobody is perfect – not even us Brits! But that supercilious, patronising, hubristic attitude, from the President on down, in trying to convince the world that Americans are the best thing since sliced bread, when quite clearly they aren’t, just gets my goat – as much as I love them.

    A little humility, honesty and admittance of their mistakes would go a long way to repairing their image, but I fear that it is fast becoming a national malaise in the USA for everyone to believe their own hyperbole.

    It is a self deception which may ultimately bring down what was the most powerful nation on earth for more than a century. That would make me sad and it is one of the reasons I am prepared to stand up and be counted – even if I do end up on a CIA hit list. But at least I can derive comfort from the fact that they would probably miss…..


  5. Are you sure you’re not drinking again? Two days go by and an extra month gets added to sobriety. Reverse blackout maybe?

    Don’t be too hard on the yanks. Quite often my chopper explodes when a black whore goes down.


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