At home by the Lake in East Pattaya.

4 Months, 4 days – still sober.

I’m fine and doing OK. Sorry I haven’t blogged for a few days. I’ve been out and about quite a bit since Noo went to Nong Khai; chatting with friends and seeking out some temporary female companionship. Noo returned yesterday morning, so everything will slowly return to normal.

Osama! Where for art thou?

Is he in Heaven or is he in Hell? That demmed elusive Binladen. (Sorry no rhyme!!)

So much has been written and broadcast about the events surrounding the killing of Bin Laden so I am not about to add to the general thrust of these pieces as I have nothing original to add

I will just state that my regular readers will be well aware of my opinion of Pakistan and the West’s involvement there. Everything that has now occurred with regard to the whereabouts and subsequent killing of the ‘World’s Most Wanted Criminal’, only reinforces, my view, that we are wasting our time, money and lives in that duplicitous State and that we should leave it to implode upon itself.

The predictable public outcry in Pakistan in condemning the west for killing what they consider to be an inspirational, divine, spiritual leader, frankly makes me want to vomit. If these people have been brain-washed by the Jihadists, then why doesn’t the Pakistan government tell them the truth – that this evil criminal is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people who were merely going about their daily lives, including many of their fellow Muslims. But there is more chance of Pigs Flying than the government ever daring to speak the truth – for half of them are terrorist-lovers themselves. It’s an unholy, insoluble mess – along with Afghanistan –  and we should get the fuck out of there and let them destroy each other.

What’s the betting that within the next few days, the Afghans unleash another round of rioting and killing of foreigners, once the Mullahs get them stirred up again at prayers this coming Friday?

What odds anyone??

Bin Laden postscript.

“Those magnificent Navy Seals – the best the world has ever known”.

“Weren’t they wonderful?”

 “Weren’t they so brave?”

 “Did you know they are the finest forces the world has ever seen?”

“Words cannot describe how truly incredible and awesome they are!”

If I hear another American commentator spew more of this patriotic drivel from his lips, I swear I will puke up!

Yes, of course they were brave and skilled – that is why they are Navy Seals. You would hardly expect them to be puny, one eyed, crippled, cowardly weaklings, would you?

Why is that Yank commentators  always have to ram home, in sentence after sentence, that their troops are the best in the world, that their country is the best in the world, that they have the greatest democracy in the world, that they have the finest scientists in world, and so on ad nauseum?

Even in sport they talk of their football teams being World Champions in a sport in which most of the rest of the world doesn’t play and even if they do, they are not invited to compete for the so-called ‘World title’.

If America truly is the best country in the world, have the best troops in the world and so on, why do they have to keep reminding their own domestic audience of this every few minutes? Do I detect some insecurity in all this?

Now, just to get the record straight, I commend the Navy Seals for their daring execution of a successful operation and congratulate them on taking out one of the world’s mass killers. I also commend them for their bravery – they are undoubtedly a very fine, highly skilled unit – quite possibly one of the best in the world.

But let us look at the record of American so-called Special Operations in recent history. By comparison, the taking out of Bin Laden must truly be a high point, as there is little else that has been carried out in the past fifty years by the ‘World’s finest troops’ that they can be particularly proud about.

Forget about the fiasco that was the Vietnam War and the failure to establish any kind of lasting peace in Iraq, due in part, to the lack of foresight in military planning; let us look at some of the failures of American Special Forces over the past 50 years.

1961 – Operation Bay of Pigs, Cuba – failure of Special Forces to launch an insurrection against Castro

1980 – Operation Eagle Claw – failure of Special Forces to rescue the Tehran hostages

1993 – The Battle of Mogadishu (Operation Black Hawk down) – failure of Special Forces to capture Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid, which resulted in countless American and local deaths.

2001 – Operation Tora Bora – failure of Special Forces to capture/kill Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

2004 – Two failed attempts by Special Forces to rescue the Brit, Ronald Bigley, in Iraq, who was subsequently assassinated by his captors.

2010 – Failure by Special Forces to rescue the British aid worker, Linda Norgrove in Afghanistan – she was actually killed in the rescue attempt by her would be rescuers.

The above are just a few random samples. I am sure that there are many more if I dig deep enough, plus untold other failed operations that we will probably never know about.

Can anyone tell me about some successful specials ops that have been carried out by the Americans in the past 50 years? If they can, I will be happy to publish them.

I’m not trying to claim that the Brits, or any other country for that matter, is any better or has a superior record, but for God’s sake let’s not go ballistic with superlatives when, for once in your effing lives, you actually manage to get something right! What is it with you guys? As I said above – it must reflect a very deep seated feeling of insecurity.

A truly great country doesn’t have to keep reminding themselves how great they are at every opportunity. The brain washing on the American public is almost as bad as that perpetrated by their Muslim enemies.

Alcoholism and AA

I have re-published in a Thai Vidsa Forum entitled ‘I Drink too much’, an article that I published here a short while back. The post has prompted an interesting and intelligent debate on alcoholism and the role the AA plays in helping alcoholics to become sober. So to those who are interested in this subject, I recommend you check out the thread at this link: Alcoholism – is it a disease and can God cure you?

I have no doubt that at least one of my regular readers will soon be posting his stuff there……

Choral Music – it can be so uplifting….

In my last blog, when writing about the Royal Wedding,  I mentioned that one of my favourite music genres is choral music. I absolutely love choral music, in particular male voices, but I also like much music has the full range of male and female voices. The more dramatic, the more I like it. I have a particular penchant for requiems, which may mean I have some sort of death wish. But in my opinion, some of the most inspirational music ever written by the great classical composers was for requiem masses; anyone who has seen the film, ‘Amadeus’, can be in little doubt of that.

I am not going to claim that choral music is ‘poetry in music’ as many of the lyrics of the finest choral pieces are not even in the English language, although there are some notable exceptions to this.

So from time to time I will invite you to share in this, one of my many passions and maybe some of you too will derive joy from this truly remarkable, almost ‘God Inspired’ music genre.

It is very difficult for me to choose a favourite piece of choral music, but if I was forced to plump for one piece, then it would have to be the Pilgrims’s Chorus from the opera Tannhauser, by Richard Wagner. If you listen to this and fail to be inspired and uplifted, then I can only say that you do not have a single musical note in your soul. For me, whenever I listen to this, it never fails to bring me to tears.

Here is a translation of the libretto:

Pilgrim’s Chorus

Once more with joy O my home I may meet

Once more ye fair, flowr’y meadows I greet

My Pilgrim’s staff henceforth may rest

Since Heaven’s sweet peace is within my breast.

The sinner’s `plaint on high was heard

On high was heard and answered by the Lord

The tears I laid before His shrine

Are turned to hope and joy divine.

O Lord eternal praise be Thine!

The blessed source of Thy mercy overflowing

On souls repentant seek Ye, all-knowing

Of hell and death, I have no fear

O my Lord is ever near

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!


Listen and watch the slide show here: Pilgrim’s Chorus


6 thoughts on “At home by the Lake in East Pattaya.”

  1. “Why is that Yank commentators always have to ram home, in sentence after sentence, that their troops are the best in the world, that their country is the best in the world, that they have the greatest democracy in the world, that they have the finest scientists in world, and so on ad nauseum?”

    I’m a bit surprised that you don’t see through all this Mobi. It’s pretty obvious to me what’s going on with “the TV news” these days.

    I’m an American, soon to be an ex-patriot as yourself. I’ve quit watching the so called “news” as most has long deviated from what I’d consider news worthy and thoughtful unbiased programming. I am proud to say I also no longer own a TV. On occasion I will catch some of the so called news on TV and it’s increasingly obvious to me that most of it is some kind of propaganda in one from or another, driven by corporate and political interest, setting a tone of fear to pacify yet keep the large horde of consumers consuming as best it can. A huge portion of it is opinions on opinions and spins upon spins. Coupled with the barrage of advertising and fear based news reporting our American news media and mega network programming is Corporate and Political propaganda at it’s cutting edge best. Our best behaviorists constantly tuning and testing what works best to achieve their end; to keep consumers consuming at the high rate the American public has been achieving for quite a number of years now. How could I be wrong here? What say you?



  2. One thing for sure Mobi, the Europe of today” is ” because of the humble Americans/Russians special operations of yesteryear.

    I think the world in general is full of blowhards that need to relive their past conquest through various means of embellishment. One only think of the recent royal nuptials as a prime example of the holier than thou mentality alive and well with the chip on the shoulder Brits as well.

    Like I fondly like to remind my French, Italian and British friends, if it wasn’t for the Americans you’d be speaking german and making some pretty damn good cars instead of the P.O.S. you all produced.

    Your feet are stained <—-The extent of my german:)


    1. Hmm… I seemed to have touched a bit of a raw nerve here.

      So you’re still living on the glories of a war that was fought over 70 years ago, are you? We Brits might as well thank the Romans for giving us straight roads and the Normans for giving us the Doomsday book.☺

      Look Rebel, no-one knows better than I how much Europe has to be grateful for the Americans for what they did for Europe in two world wars. In fact, for much of my life I have been extremely pro-American and have always stood up for them and defended them in the face of extreme hostility from almost every side in the past decade or so. Even today, I am still pro-American and I do get upset when they are unfairly criticised from all quarters. In general terms I believe ‘their heart is in the right place’, but increasingly, they just seem to get it all wrong and fail to grasp what their role should be in the 21st century as so-called ‘leaders of the free world’.

      The point I was making was not that they they didn’t do a good job in taking out Bin Laden, and not that they aren’t probably the finest fighting force in the world, but the fact that they keep having to tell their own people of this, as if by doing so they can erase the memories of all the military disasters of recent history. Excessive hubris in a nation’s psyche is not a pretty thing to see – brings to mind the nation to whom you referred who makes pretty good vehicles!!

      But quite what the ridiculous nonsense of the Royal Nuptials has to do with this debate, is frankly beyond me. It is no different and no better than the nonsense that goes on in Hollywood every day of the week, and furthermore it could be argued that the Yanks were more excited about the wedding than the Brits were! What the Hell was that all about??


  3. They say the Pakistanis knew where he was but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Americans knew all along as well.

    You have Osama holed up in a home made prison and you can monitor everything that’s going on. Not a bad way of trying to stop terrorist acts and avoid having to deal with so one so infamous.

    So why kill him now? The Arab spring uprising. Young disenfranchised Arab men take responsibility for their own countries and fight back against their dictators. Now is the time to get rid of Osama and hope (direct) a new breed to takes control. Coincidence that OBL has been on the run for 10 years and gets taken out 2 months after a wave of change hits the middle east?

    Not usually into conspiracy theories but this is quite simple, logical and makes perfect sense.


  4. Can anyone tell me about some successful specials ops that have been carried out by the Americans in the past 50 years? If they can, I will be happy to publish them.

    There are quite a few actually. Operation Just Cause, Operation Acid Gambit, Operation Nifty Package, the SEALs various operations in connection with Operation Desert Storm, the Rescue of Captain Phillips from Somali pirates two years ago, Operation Celestial Balance, . . .

    I agree with most of what you write though. The West (and the U.S. in particular) should never have involved itself in Iraq and should have limited its involvement in Afghanistan to eliminating the Taliban from government following 911. That region is not our back yard, and I get tired of hearing how it is necessary to get involved “to protect our interests”.

    On a very much related point, the same goes for Israel and the Palistineans. Someone please tell me what benefit that is unique to the U.S. in supporting Israel at the tune of $3 billion per year (and an even greater amount to Egypt as a bribe to keep peace with Israel)? Unfortunately, these discussions are taboo in the U.S. and you never hear support for Israel questioned (if you do, you are of course an anti-semite).

    I’m with you Mobi. As an American, I’m all for following the British example when they quietly extricated themselves as colonial masters of Pakistan, India and Israel and let them all figure it out themselves. Same goes for Libya now. My god, we are helping insurgents who were cheering in the streets after 911. Where’s the common sense?


    1. I have commented on your successful special ops list in today’s blog.

      With regards to Israel, yet again, I regret I have to find fault with my American cousins. I think you will find that increasingly the USA is the only country who gives total, unquestioning support to Israel. Most of Europe, including the UK, are increasingly anti-Israeli in their sentiments as they simply no longer accept Israel’s belligerent and uncompromising stand on so many of the Middle East’s most difficult issues.

      Remember, my father was a Russian Jewish refugee whose family fled the progroms in Czarist Russia, so for most of my life I have had strong sympathies for the Israeli cause; but during the past decade, my views have changed and I cannot see any sense or justification in much of what the Israeli leadership has done. Their policies seem to be dictated by extremists who are every bit as bad as the Jihad militants.

      And let’s never forget that we probably wouldn’t have any anti-western, militant Muslim movements today if if wasn’t for Israel. That doesn’t mean we should desert them, but much greater pressure should be put upon them to work towards a compromise settlement with their Palestinian neighbours, who they treat absolutely abominably.

      Whenever the Israeli/Arab conflict come up on British radio, you will hear Jew after Jew call in and say that they do not support what is going on in Israel. It is very illuminating.


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