25th April. At home by the lake in storm-drenched East Pattaya.

3 Months, 25 days – still sober and feeling better and stronger than ever.

Sorry about the two day break in service. I decided to take the weekend off.

What has Mobi been up to?

More x-ish files I’m afraid ☺

Last Friday I met a friend down at one of my haunts off Nern Plub Wan and we had a few minor gropes before going to what was for me, a new establishment, (in the downsatirs of someone’s house- would you believe), where we were the only customers and where there was  surprising choice of 2 young ladies to sit with. My friend was obviously well acquainted with lady number one, so I opted for my choice of one – lady Number two. She wasn’t exactly in the first flush of youth, but she was very tasty. She had a lovely face, a beautiful slim body and after she overcame a little shyness on first being introduced, she made me feel very welcome – in more ways than one.

It turned out that she was from Chonburi – most unusual in this Issan dominated town – and up to a few weeks ago had been working at a Japanese factory in Chonburi city. The factory had closed as the owner had been caught up in the earthquake/Tsunami tragedy and her friend – the other young lady who currently had her legs intertwined with my friend’s body – had suggested she try bar work. I have to say she was exceptionally nice. She didn’t speak a word of English (which always gives me a huge advantage with my ever improving conversational Thai) and she seemed genuinely ignorant of Pattaya in general and bars in particular. She told me she stayed in the house above the bar and had never been out since starting work there – not even to see the Lake, which was just around the corner. As my friend joking observed, this young lady could easily become a potential ‘future ex-wife’, but as I already had one at home, this seemed to be a little far-fetched after a first meeting.

I eventually and somewhat reluctantly decided to drag myself away and the two of us drove up the road to one of the notorious short time bars, where I immediately had two of the lovelies ministering to my every need, well almost but not quite. I discovered that one of the girls, Lek, who after several recent visits I had got to know quite well, was not only childless and only 20 years old, but while not a virgin, had never had sex with any customers and had never been with any farangs. This might have been BS, but I doubt it. Both Lek and her friends seemed to telling me the truth and I certainly had never seen her with anyone and no matter what time I turned up, she was always free. She also happens to be a very pretty young thing with a lovely, unblemished body. Sure, she speaks no English, but that is not usually an impediment to transacting the business. It does seem that this particular establishment has a number of young ladies that they take on in a sort of ‘trainee’ role; they do the waitressing and ‘comforting’ of customers, and they are allowed to take their time to graduate into fully fledged whores. The owner is Frenchman, so maybe this is a French thing…

By way of a test, I asked Lek if she would sleep with me. She gave me a nice smile and said she would love to go with me. Oh… such temptation, but the responsibility was too much for an ageing Mobi. Let someone else do the dirty work. In any case I wasn’t really interested. I just go to have a bit of fun and some‘slap and tickle’ – my ‘short time’ days with whores of the night (and day) is pretty much over.

Saturday, I’m afraid, saw more of the same.

I like this new bar (in the ground floor of someone’s house) so much that I suggested to my friend of Friday, plus another friend that we all meet there. In the event there were four of us farangs there and as one of the two working girls found another friend from God knows where, our little group of seven filled up the entire establishment. It was probably the most people that they had ever had there. I understand that most days the bar is completely empty.

I had a very pleasant few hours there, putting the world to rights, being verbally assaulted from all sides about my choice of vehicle (BMW) and becoming more and more risqué with my new found young lady from Chonburi. My mates, and the ladies were all drinking, but I stuck to coffee and water.

By 6 pm I decided to call it a day and went back home to the lovely Noo who cooked me a delicious dinner. After dinner we had a bit of a heart to heart and since then I think our relationship has moved to a new level. I will truly try harder to curtail my extra-curricular activities as I know, I will never find another Noo….

A day in the life of Noo and Mobi

We slept late on Saturday night after watching some good stuff on TV. My usual habit is to watch the midnight news programmes on TV in bed and when I get sleepy, which can be any time between 1 and 2 am I finally turned off the TV and crash. We both sleep naked and cuddle together under the quilt to keep ourselves warm from the cool air conditioning. Noo’s slim, firm body wraps itself around me and it is not long before the two of us are out cold. As dawn was breaking Noo became extremely amorous and her hands were soon exploring every crevice of my ravaged body. We had a wonderful, Sunday morning session of rumpy-pumpy.

Noo got up to feed the dogs, make me some coffee and do a bit of house work and I lay in bed and watched a bit more TV, as I sipped my freshly brewed coffee. After showering, I checked my emails and other stuff on my computer while Noo continued with her domestic activities – house cleaning, vacuuming, washing clothes and so on.

I had promised that I would take Noo and her son to the beach for the day and although it seemed highly likely that the heavens would open up at some point, we decided to take a chance so by 11 am, we were in the car and heading for Jomtien. We struck lucky as no sooner had we arrived than the sun came out and Noo’s son had a great time in the sea while we sat on our deck chairs; Mobi reading and Noo doing her English homework. She is incredibly fastidious about doing her homework and as soon as she has a spare moment, the books come out and she is busy doing her English lessons. I can’t imagine any other Thai girl who would take her English homework with her to the beach.

Noo’s son is a hansome ten year old kid and is extremely well behaved. He does everything his mother tells him and when I watch the two of them together, I get the feeling that the relationship is more that of friends than mother and son.  They are two lovely Thais.

The heavens finally opened around 3.30 and by that time, despite the two of them indulging in non-stop snacking all day, we decided it was time to pack up and go for a meal!

We drove through heavy storms to Bang Sarae and by the time we arrived it had stopped raining and we parked up just outside the village and enjoyed a huge seafood repast in my regular restaurant which stretches out over the sea on rickety wooden stilts.

We drove home the back way – up past Phoenix Golf course to the 331  and thence to the Rayong Highway and encountered unbelievably heavy rainstorms all the way home.

My poor dogs were soaked to their skins although they didn’t need to be as there was plenty of shelter. Anyway,we towelled them down and ran the hair dryer over Somchai and Yoghurt. Cookie is on a strict diet and we have cut her food intake in half. I hope she will start to lose weight soon as she is so large and her front legs are clearly causing her a lot of pain.

My Thai ‘family soon started eating again – this time a durian that Noo had bought on the way home, and some junk in the fridge. Noo is so slim and no matter what she eats, she never seems to put on weight. It all goes in nervous energy – she just has that kind of metabolism. Her son is getting a bit big and already weighs more than her. I have told her to try and control his consumption of sweet and junk food.

We sat down and watched a bit of TV. I felt sorry for the kid and put on some cartoons. They were original Walt Disney stuff that dated back over 70 years. It was pleasing to see the two of them transfixed to the screen and it wasn’t long before they were convulsed with laughter. They loved them.

As the three of us sat there, with smiles on our faces, watching ridiciulous but delightfully made cartoons from all that time ago, I felt happier than I have felt in a very long time. She is such a great lady and she seems so happy to be with me.

Earlier, Noo and I had had our little talk and had cleared the air. I had told her that I didn’t like her chatting to strange people on the internet on MSN Messenger. She assured me that it meant absolutely nothing and she was only trying to practice her English. To be fair, she has never tried to hide her activities from me and has been happy for me so sit there and read her  screen while she is chatting. I told her that it made me jealous and she responded by telling me that she too was very jealous when she saw me sitting with a girl in one of the Lakeside bars. Touché!

Noo is certainly the most wonderful Thai lady I have ever met; in fact the most wonderful lady I have met – period – from any country. She is completely honest, (I have never caught her telling even the mildest of white lies), she is kind, generous, extremely grateful for everything I give her, never demanding, never moody, never angry, always extremely respectful and polite, (she always calls me Khun Mobi, and always uses the ‘Ka’ at the end of every sentence – the first live-in Thai lady who has ever addressed me in this way, and always ‘wais‘ when thanking me), hard-working, solicitous of my health and welfare, great in bed… I could go on and on, but I will just conclude by telling you the quite extraordinary fact that during our five months together, we have never had a single argument or disagreement.

In fact, she is so remarkable that it is difficult to think of any negatives. The only one I can really think of is that she, like me, is quite untidy. She leaves things lying around all over the place and rarely puts anything away. All the rooms, from kitchen to lounge to bedroom remain in a state of untidiness – untidy, I hasten to say – but not unclean. But the untidiness doesn’t bother me. My wife of 26 years was so house-proud that she drove me and my daughters to distraction. Even my last wife, though not particularly tidy herself would be forever berating the servants for not keeping the house immaculate. Personally, I like a house to be a home – not a show-house, and I feel very comfortable with a tolerbale degree of untidiness. Every now and then, Noo, and I have a purge and tidy everything up and put everything away and for a day or so the place is spick and span. Then we start all over…

I am really starting to believe that this relationship could be the one I have been looking for all my life and I will try harder to make it work and be good to her. Today the two of them have gone to Noo’s English school and later, when they come home I will take them back into Pattaya to go bowling and have a meal togther. Her son will go back to Nongkai on Friday with Noo to start his new school term so I will try to give him a good time for his last few days here.

The ladies of Mobi’s Blog.

I received the first written criticism of my decision to start putting photos of beautiful ladies in my blog. The writer assumed that this is a device to attract more readers and I do not deny that this is certainly a good part of my motive. Yes, I do hope it will help to build up my readership, but it is more than just a blatant move to go ‘down market’. I just happen to adore the Asian female form – as should be pretty obvious to anyone who reads my blog – and I enjoy finding the very best, non-pornographic pics that I can find and then sharing these heavenly forms with my readers.

I much prefer scantily covered, provocative female bodies to overtly hard core images, and I know that many of my readers think likewise and have told me that they enjoy my selections.  Someone else did write a week or so back and say that if he wanted to see pics of women, he had countless millions to choose from on the internet so why would he need to waste his time looking at my selection? The answer to that can be found in his question. Yes there are millions choose from, but does he have the time to go through millions of photos to find the ones that he likes? That is precisely what I am trying to do for him and my other readers. If he doesn’t like my selections, then by all means go find his own; no one is compelling him to visit my site.

Poetry through music

BBC calls it the ‘Arab Uprising’ and Aljazeera calls it the ‘Arab Awakening’. I am not sure which one is more apt – they are probably both correct, but it is interesting how the two networks have a slightly different take on these tumultuous world events that are going on as I write. This is truly a historic moment in history and is easily on a par with the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet domination of Eastern Europe; another period of recent history that I had the dubious pleasure of watching and living through. No one can be sure where it will all end, and that is one of the many factors that makes it all so exciting.

When I first realised that the BBC was calling it an ‘Uprising’ it immediately reminded me of that great song by  Muse with the same name. In fact I must say that I have been somewhat surprised that the people at the heart of the Arab protesters haven’t sought to adopt this song as their anthem. Maybe it is too western – I guess they need to have something more Arab.

It will probably surprise some of my readers that I would be into an alternative rock group such as Muse, but I have already stated that I have an extremely catholic taste in music and there is scarcely a music genre in existence that I do not enjoy listening to.

Anyway to me, a westerner, every time I see ‘Arab Uprising’ I think of Muse and their song and to me, it will be forever associated with the events that are currently unfolding in the Middle East.

Here is ‘Uprising’ which was written by the lead singer of Muse, Matthew Bellamy, and in my opinion there is hardly a single word in these lyrics that cannot be applied to the current uprising in the Arab world.


Paranoia is in bloom,
The PR, transmissions will resume
They’ll try to, push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
And hope that, we will never see the truth around
(So come on)

Another promise, another seed
Another, packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
And all the, green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless, red tape to keep the truth confined
(So come on)

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
So come on

Interchanging mind control
Come let the, revolution takes its toll
If you could, flick the switch and open your third eye
You’d see that, we should never be afraid to die
(So come on)

Rise up and take the power back
It’s time the, fat cats had a heart attack
They know that, their time’s coming to an end
We have to, unify and watch our flag ascend
(So come on)

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
So come on

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
So come on

Watch their video: UPRISING

All done….except Butt…

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    So good to hear about your happiness with Noo.

    Also very nice to hear how you are with her son & your plan to give him a nice final few day with his mom before he starts school. Good onYou

    Thanks for the Muse Uprising

    I have heard it before & always liked it, now I know who it is.


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