20th April, 2011, At Home by the Lake in Tambon Pong

3 Months, 20 Days – still sober, resolve strong

What Mobi did.

Yesterday I stayed at home. I had to – all the bars were shut for Songkran. Noo’s son has been with us for a few days, and they have been out to play Songkran every day and yesterday was no exception. After all, it was Pattaya’s turn to celebrate, even though the two have been out every day since last week and had no problems finding people to play with. They go out about 1 pm and return around 6 p.m., soaking wet and exhausted – bless’em. Noo’s son is 10 years old and is a very handsome, well behaved boy. He is no trouble and a pleasure to have around for a week or so. He will be returning to Nong Kai at the end of April.

As you will see below in my blog under ‘comments’ I now feel that I somewhat overreacted on the ‘Noo’ front, and very much doubt if she is up to anything.  So things are back to normal and I am still sober with no further thoughts of taking a drink.

The ever downward spiral of alcoholism

A couple of days ago I met a very drunken, ex bar owner, in one of the short time bars that I frequent. He used to be the joint owner of one of my favourite bar/pubs by the Lake – a bar where I have spent many a pleasant hour over the last year or so, chatting to my friends. His drinking problem has been getting worse for years and eventually his Thai wife, the joint owner of the bar, decided that enough was enough, divorced him and threw him out. I have mentioned this guy before in my blog. When his wife kicked him out, he went back to the UK for for a few weeks to attend his son’s wedding and take stock. During this period, I made contact with him and urged him to make a big effort to turn his life around before it was too late. I provided him with a list of AA meetings in the area where he was staying and suggested that he might want to go and check it out. He replied to the effect that he had managed to cut back on his drinking and that he was now OK.

We stopped corresponding and I had no further contact with him until the other evening when I found him pissed out of his gourd at one of the Lakeside bars. He came over to me and hugged me. I told him that he could call me at any time, day or night, if he decided he was ready for help. He thanked me and staggered back to the bar where he fell asleep, his head and shoulders draped across the bar top. When I finally decided to go home, I noticed that my friend  had woken up and was literally hanging onto one of the more sympathetic ladies who worked there. I prayed to God that he wasn’t driving – but I knew that he was…..

Something bad is going to happen to this guy if he doesn’t seek help soon.


As I do from time to time, I will respond at length to a couple of recent comments on my blog.

The first is from a guy who calls himself sayitaintso, on 19th April:

It never seems to amaze me …

You have an old physical wreck of a man banging a younger girl. In his own words she’s hot and is great at sex. She enjoys sex. But said old physical wreck can’t keep his cock in his pants and desires other women; yet he expect and believes that the hot, young, horny girl is going to remain faithful. It’s a really weird, warped logic.

It will end in tears.

Ah well, here we go…

1.  I actually think you mean to say ‘It never ceases to amaze me – not it never seems to amaze me. If it never seems to amaze you, then why are you bothering to comment?  Next time, please get your cliché’s right.

2.  As you clearly have a great deal of antipathy towards me, it never ceases to amaze me, why people like you bother to read my blog and bother to comment? Why would anybody spend time to read the ramblings of someone who they don’t like, and have no respect for? I certainly wouldn’t. I have far better things to do with my time than wasting it reading what I consider to be rubbish; much less waste my time writing insulting comments to perpetrator of such rubbish.  It truly mystifies me what motivates some people.

3.  I can only assume that you are, at least in part, motivated by jealousy and a resentment that you too can’t even have a fraction of the life that I enjoy – particularly where my exploits with beautiful damsels are concerned. It just tears you up that I am having such a great time living with a lovely young thing half my age and I still find time to ‘cheat’ on her with other beautiful young ladies. Go on- admit it – you hate it don’t you?

4.  I don’t suppose you will believe me for one moment, but I can assure you that in spite of my advanced age, I am a very long way from being the physical wreck that you are describing. Although my long life of debauchery has not done my physical appearance much good, neither has it done me a great deal of harm. I think I have been blessed with youthful genes as my father was still a fine looking man, well into his late 70’s. A vast majority of people who I meet – both farang and Thai immediately assume that I am at least 10 years younger than I actually am. I still have my hair which is still mainly black,  my body, though these days sporting  a bit of a pot belly, is still in pretty good shape , my legs are long and slim – no varicose veins – and my face is still relatively free of the ageing process. As for sexual performance, I can now perform better than I ever could, and my years of experience in this department means that I now have a wealth of knowledge which I use with good effect to keep my women satisfied.

5.  You have assumed, correctly that the cause of my distress was my little lady – Noo. But I didn’t for one moment suspect her of cheating on me, and I am quite sure that she has not. I was just a little concerned about some of her internet activities but I am fast coming to the conclusion that this was probably an overreaction on my part. I am still looking into this but I think it will turn out to be a storm in a tea cup. Remember, after having so many women in my life, a vast majority of whom have cheated and lied to me, that my instincts are very finely honed when it comes to suspicious activity, or an unguarded look, or a comment in Thai when chatting to a friend on the phone. Maybe I am over sensitive, but it is better to be this way than to be duped.

6.   As for: ‘it will all end in tears’ – well it may end one day – in fact it probably will, but there won’t be too many tears shed – at least not by me. I am very fond of Noo, but I don’t love her and probably never will. I am finally past all that kind of stuff. If it does transpire that she has behaved in an unacceptable manner, then so be it – she won’t be the first, or the twenty first, and there are plenty more out there who would die to take her place and shack up with the wonderfully handsome, kind, generous sex-machine that is Mobi in his dotage…..☺

And here’s one from a guy who calls himself BKKRICK  on 16th April, which was the day when I wrote about having seen two exceptional episodes of ‘House’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: –

Yes you can take an (sic) modern American program & stick “boinking” in the middle & it will make it more descriptive.

So that’s Grey’s Boinking Anatomy & Desperate Boinking Housewives.

And those sad shows on FOX – they all have the same plot.

Almost all feature brunettes in the lead role. A welcome change from blondes whom I mostly despise. The FBI are just so darn busy. Cleaning up grizly (sic) murders.

House is dyslexic. Quite OK for a pom.

My response

1. I think you must mean bonking,  (which is a slang word for fucking), not boinking. Boinking was something Zebedee did on ‘Magic roundabout’ and it had nothing to do with his sexual proclivity. 

2. As you use the pejorative pom, I assume that you hail from the great country of Australia. If this is so, may I remind you that your home country has the singular honour of foisting onto the world, two of the trashiest, most inane TV programmes ever made, namely; Neighbours and Home and Away.

3. Do you understand the meaning of dyslexic? It means: a learning disability that impairs a person’s fluency or comprehension accuracy in being able to read, speak, and spell. I have been watching House for seven years and wasn’t previously aware that he was dyslexic. Thank you so much for putting me right.

4. For the record, through the years House has garnered 85 nominations for TV awards and has won no less 34 times. This includes18 Emmy nominations and 4 wins; 6 Golden Globe nominations and 2 wins. Grey’s has been nominated for an incredible 103 awards and has had 39 wins. This includes 9 Emmy nominations with 3 wins; 5 Golden Globe nominations and 2 wins. Awards are not the be all and end all, but they do indicate that these programmes are not quite as trashy as you are implying. No truly trashy programme would ever win an Emmy, let alone a Golden Globe.  The fact is that they have been made with the highest possible production standards and the acting is out of the top drawer.

5. In the past decade, American Television has raised the standard of TV drama, (and comedy) to a level where it is very often of better quality than most main stream movies. The world’s top writers, actors, producers and directors have turned their attention to US television programme making, and the result is some really superlative series, such as: Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Mad men, Six feet Under, The Shield…  I could go on and on….

Today’s butt….

4 thoughts on “20th April, 2011, At Home by the Lake in Tambon Pong”

  1. Many of the programs you cite above are products of HBO. Where script & acting are valued. The Shield was my favorite for the 7 seasons it was on. It aired on FX in the United States. Gritty & shot as if on a handheld.
    The producers went on to make other series but none as good as this. The Unit is one. David Bellasario learned his craft from his father. They learned their craft from giants like Aaron Spelling. Think Streets of San Francisco Mod Squad etc.

    Nowadays I see back to back weekly episodic shows on TRUE series that are produced by the master Jerry Bruckenheimer . A quick browse on IMDB.com would reveal who is who & who does what with whom.
    The 2 shows are “Chase” & “Cold Case” much better production values than all the dross coming out of FOX.

    But the standard should be “Hill Street Blues” & “L.A. Law”. Whether you loved them or not is irrelevant. It’s an evolving art form. The difference is that UK & Aussie stuff is usually financed by the state whereas US produced stuff has to stand on it’s own 2 feet. It’s not art it’s drama.

    The kiss of death is to be on the lameass networks NBC ABC & CBS.

    Thank God for FOX & Murdoch.


  2. You are correct in that Neighbours and Home & Away are produced in Autralia. They are complete dross. However, both are profitable. Why? Because poms watch them & therefore pommy TV stations buy the episodes. If your countrymen & wimmin stopped watching them then the airwaves would be freed up for something worth watching. By that I do not mean House. Or Desperate Housesluts. Maybe an increase in the TV tax (WTF) is in order.


    1. Come on get real!! Do you really believe that the only reason your country churns out trashy Ausie soaps is because they can sell them overseas? Typical Oz attitude, blame it on anyone but yourselves.

      Have you seen any of the other dross that is churned out by your TV networks? – none of it sold abroad but if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them’all – same bunch of actors, same rubbishy plots, asinine dialogue….all the same and all pretty much rubbish.

      Whatever House and Grey’s may or may not be (and I’ve never claimed them to be in the same league as the likes of Sopranos et al) , they are a million times better than anything churned out by Australian TV in recent years. Also note I have never made any reference in my blog to Desperate Housewives which I do not watch and never have done.

      Oh – I forgot – McCloud’s Daughters – now there’s a television masterpiece if ever I’ve seen one … bonk.. bonk… bonk… accident…death… fatal illness… adultery…. bonk… bonk… bonk…. The yanks who watch Hallmark love it.. .that’s why it is produced – didn’t you know?


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