18Th April – only one more day of Songkran, well, in Pattaya, any way…

4 Months and 18 days – still sober but sorely tested….

The drunken, pathetic farce that Songkran has become…

Tomorrow it will be celebration time in Pattaya, can you believe – as if everyone hasn’t been throwing the effing kitchen sink at each other since last Monday, but tomorrow, my friends it’s official – Pattaya celebrates Songkran!

I’m sorry, folks, I do respect the tradition of Songkran and the Thai New Year, but 10 days of non-stop, water, ice and white sludge throwing by drunken slobs over everybody and everything is just totally potty, and is so far from the traditional roots of Songkran that it isn’t funny – at least not to this old fart.

But tomorrow isn’t the real end – oh no – then the Songkran circus moves down the road to Bang Sarae – and that’s as far as my personal knowledge goes. But who knows? For all I know it will still be going on somewhere for days and weeks to come. Maybe they could make Songkran a never ending festival to  ensure the foreign punters keep coming; start in Bangkok, do a full circuit of the entire country and finish up in Thonburi on April 12th next year, just in time to start all over. What do you think?

Problems are a-brewing.

Yes, something is brewing – not beer – but something that might turn out to be more insidious. I will write about it but not yet, I need to investigate further and give the problem some proper thought. This afternoon I felt the first urge to have a drink that I have had in a very long time. It suddenly hit me when I was feeling distressed and vulnerable and for an hour or so I thought that I might cave in and take a drink.. I wanted to call someone to give me some support but there was no one. Nobody that I could talk to me about drinking and certainly no one that I wanted to discuss my problems with.

The moment passed, I made myself some food and felt a bit better. Then I decided to go out and have some fun, which is what I did – running the gauntlet of manic Songkran revellers out by the lake, suffering white, chemical-eroding  paste being smeared all over my car’s paintwork, and did the round of some of my favourite watering holes.

I had a great time with some really great girls and my problems disappeared along with the Diet Cokes and water that slid down my throat. I returned home at 9.30 and I am sitting in front of my TV, with last week’s Eastenders on in the background, trying to get this blog finished before midnight. I’d hate to miss my deadline.

More on my problem later – when I have something more substantial to report,

I have no doubt some of you will have guessed already.

3 thoughts on “18Th April – only one more day of Songkran, well, in Pattaya, any way…”

  1. Hang in there Mobi !

    Your doing so well @ 4 months 18 days

    I am hoping your problem is not Noo as you seem to be having a great time with her.

    But…………..What ever it is …..It too will pass so no need to let your desire to not be alcohol driven get derailed

    Good Luck


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