Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 3rd April, 2011

3 months, 3 days. Don’t worry, folks, I’m still sober.

I took a couple of days break from blogging, but normal service is being resumed today.

What has Mobi been up to?

After spending five days at home on the trot, I went out on Friday and misbehaved a little. I went to one of my old haunts and met up with a very attractive lady who I have known for a couple of years, off and on. I did take her home with me some time back when I was living in my condo, but I was so pissed that I remember very little about it. I’m not sure that she remembers much more than I do, but judging by the fact she is still very friendly, I can only assume that  the night wasn’t a total disaster. In spite of being one of the more ‘respectable bars’ around the lake, as far as fondling the customers is concerned, the young lady was quick to join me at the front side of the bar and she soon had her hands all over me, and encouraging me to do the same for her. She is actually a very pretty lady, with a nice sexy body and lovely, firm thighs that she proudly shows off in her micro miniskirts and mini dresses. I find it a bit of a mystery why she hasn’t been snapped up by one of the many farangs who live out here and are always on the lookout for a pretty young thing to shack up with. I asked her why this should be and she told me that she was still waiting for me! (Don’t worry; I don’t believe all this kind of BS anymore).

A couple of drinks later and a good deal of heavy groping, I decided to move on to another bar to meet up with a couple of friends. After this, I headed on home, only to find that my little Noo had not yet arrived back from her afternoon at computer/English school . So I turned my car around and went out to yet another notorious establishment and much against my will – and better judgment – I succumbed to the insistent ministrations of a couple of semi naked, lithe young things at the bar and they took me to ‘places’ I hadn’t intended to go. I tried to stop them, I really did, but once the two of them had taken me  pass a certain point, there really was no turning back….

When I finally reached home, at the second attempt, at around 6 pm, Noo and my three muts were there, waiting for me, all with beautiful, ‘knowing’ smiles  on their faces – or so I imagined –  and I felt very guilty. Noo succeeds in making  me happier than any woman has ever done before in my life; she minsters to my every need and she satisfies my sexual desires in a way that 99% of men in this world can only dream about as they jerk off. Yet I still have a roving eye and I still seek pleasure outside, even though my pleasures with Noo far exceed those that I can get from any other woman. Maybe I have some kind of perverted sexual, psychological hang-up, or maybe I am just plain selfish and weak-willed. Whatever the reason, I am appreciating my Noo more and more and I will try my utmost to be good to her and keep her happy.

Technical issues (1)

To those out there in ‘blog-land’ who may be interested, I have at long last completed the reformatting of my earlier blog text and now the entire blog, since July, 2009, has been resized in a smaller font format which makes it much easier to read. This was quite a long process as I had to edit every single post separately and after an hour or two, boredom would set in. Thankfully, the task is now complete, so if anyone wants to read my blog from inception, they will hopefully find it much more reader-friendly.

Technical issues (2)

I have received a few comments from some folk to the effect that they are unable to subscribe to my blog via the RSS feed. I do not understand this as I have tested the RSS facility and it seems to be working fine and I have also received notifications from my blog host (WordPress) that several people have subscribed to the RSS feed. If anyone is continuing to have problems with this, could they please let me know and I will pass them on their to WordPress for resolution.

Commenting on a comment

Sugarfly has commented as follows:

I see that Thailand maybe following Cambodias (sic)lead and ban

Marriages between Thais and foreigners over 50 years old. If Noo doesn’t have security of a marriage, (or the potential of security of a future marriage) how long do you think she’ll stick around? And if Noo goes … how long before the beer and bars come back?”

My response

Firstly, I am sorry to have to tell you that this news story was an April Fool’s joke by Thai Visa that succeeded in ‘taking in’ a great many people, including me for a while.

But even if it was true, I can’t for the life of me understand where you get the idea that just because I am prohibited from marrying her that Noo will pack her bags and jump ship. This is just plain nonsense.

In any event, after 5 failed marriages, I have absolutely no intention of ever marrying again. As a matter of fact, I am not yet divorced from my last wife and that may never happen, but even if it does, that will be it; I will remain single till the end of my days. Enough is enough on the marriage front.

When I, like you, thought that this news item was true, (well why not? – similar rules have already been imposed in Laos and Cambodia), as far as I was concerned the government were shooting themselves in the foot. The main ones who would lose out from such a rule would be the women themselves, for as Sugarfly has attempted to point out; they would be the ones who would suffer, by not benefiting from the additional security that a marriage might bring them.

But the whole subject is pretty laughable. Probably over 90% of working class and rural marriages are not legally executed. In villages throughout Thailand, hundreds of thousands of young couples go through marriage ceremonies every year but never go to the amphoe to legalise their union. These religious,village ceremonies have no legal basis and the young couples  remain single people, under the law of the land. This is why so many young men abandon their ‘wives’ with impunity, either when they find a prettier, younger model, or more commonly, as soon as their partner starts to have kids.

In my experience it is only the more avaricious Thai ladies that try to push their farang partners into a legal union, and more often than not it is the farang himself who is the instigator, in an attempt to cement his relationship and try to minimise the chances of his lady walking out on him.

Noo is fully aware of the situation between me and my estranged wife and came into the relationship with her eyes wide open. I don’t think for one moment that she ever expects me to marry her and I am sure she will judge me on my actions and behaviour, rather than any marriage paper. Even if she did want me to marry her, I really doubt that she would pack her bags and go if I said no. And in the unlikely event that she did decide it was a ‘deal breaker’, well then I would wish her well and find another live-in. But trust me, it ain’t gonna happen!

A little postscript on the subject of Thai marriages.

As I have stated above, working class couples very rarely go through a legal marriage, but they are much more common amongst the middle classes and better off Thais. From my experience and personal observations, this doesn’t necessarily stop the men from ‘playing around’ and in many instances, if the man is rich enough, over time he will have a mia noi or even several mia nois, in addition to his mia luang. (major/legal wife). Although it is generally thought that the mia luangs tolerate this situation, and certainly some do, there are many who refuse to accept such an arrangement in the 21st century and ask their errant husbands for a divorce. Thai husbands very rarely agree to such a divorce.They know their wives will never go to court, as the courts are always stacked in the man’s favour, and in any case, it takes money for the wife to take legal action, money that they rarely have.

The men know that as long as they do not get divorced there will be no division of the marital estate, which, according to Thai law, is roughly divided 50/50 in respect of assets accumulated since the couple were married. As long as there is no divorce, there is no settlement. The men will sometimes give their wives a small allowance, but often they give nothing at all, abandoning their wives to go and live with their mia nois, who invariably produce children of their own, that have to be taken care of. Under Thai law, men are required to maintain estranged, legal wives, especially those who have children, but again the woman has to go to court to obtain an maintenance order and even if she does, the husband will invariably stop paying after a few months and the wife has to start the legal process all over again, at her own expense. In the end, most give up and devote their efforts to feeding themselves and their children.

So for the main part, legally married Thai men get away with murder, along with their poorer, unmarried brethren in the Issan villages and elsewhere. It is still very much a Man’s world in Thailand, and the women know this. That is one of the many reasons why so many women prefer farangs with their much greater egalitarian approach to relationships with women.

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