Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 29th March, 2011

2 months, 29 days – still sober, of course!

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I have finished re-editing the earlier chapters of my novel and the Som Nam Na tab on my blog has been updated. If you have already read chapters 1 to 5, there is no need to re-read them as the changes are mainly superficial. I have just been continuing to process of cleaning up the text and trying to make some of the more clumsy sentences ‘flow’ a little better. This is an on-going process, so at some point I will revisit the text yet again, but I doubt that I will do this for several weeks, or even months, as I now wish to push on and get the novel moving again.

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Yesterday I had a bit of a rant about BBC World Service TV News. It is something that had been on my mind for quite a while and I do not regret anything that I wrote. I have been watching BBC World News since the early days of its inception and frankly I have always found it lacking in ideas and professionalism. Initially, it couldn’t come close to matching networks like CNN in their heyday and they used to repeat the same news with the same newsreaders, hour after hour after hour. If you tuned in at 3 pm, 5 pm. 7 pm or midnight, the chances are you would see exactly the same news. I used to reckon that they only updated it about twice a day, if you were lucky. It gradually improved in quality, but then, in recent years, it seems to have been hi-jacked by a bunch of ‘Gung ho’ whizz kids who seem to have absolutely no idea what the service is really all about and who their target audience may be.

By contrast, BBC radio is a beacon of professionalism and quality broadcasting, whether you are listening to Radio, 2, 3, 4 5 or even 6 and 7. Personally, I rarely stray from radio 5 these days as I find the quality of the content and the professionalism, neutrality and warmth of the presenters second to none. If you happen to be a Brit and you want to know what is going on back home as well as what is happening around the world, together with excellent up to date sports news, then look no further.

Even BBC World radio news, after a long period of decline, seems to have found its way again and is certainly worth a listen. Some of their ‘specials’ are outstanding radio journalism.

But BBC World Service TV? What a load of crap, and generally speaking, what a load of crap journalists. It should be the ‘flagship’ of BBC across the world but it is more like some broken down old tramp ship that is veering out of control and has lost its direction.

By the way, CNN has also lost the plot and these days. It is but a shadow of its former self when it led the world in live, investigative reporting from the world’s trouble spots.  Any network that replaces the walking skeleton that was Larry King in his dotage, with Piers Morgan only goes to demonstrate how far the mighty have fallen.

Thankfully, we now have the excellent Aljazeera to take its place.

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As we are enjoying such a stimulating period of time for world news, I will spend more and more time discussing ‘world issues’ in this blog and I invite my readers to comment on what I write. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree, as long as you are not personally insulting.

There is so much going on these days that I hardly know where to start.

We have all the tumultuous events in the Middle East; from Egypt, to Tunisia, to Yemen, to Bahrain, to Syria to Jordan and of course the war in Libya. If you have read ‘Mobi’s story’, you will know that I spent nearly 3 years in the Arabian Gulf, and almost a year in Gadhafi’s Libya, so I do have a little personal background in the region that have helped to mould my views of activities in this particular part of the world.

Then we have the on-going situation in Israel/Palestine which is never far from the news headlines and has an all pervasive influence upon everything that happens.

Then we have the good old US of A, where politics are anything but boring. Obama is at odds with his own left wing; the predominantly conservative country has become disillusioned with the Congress and in particular the Democrats, but has yet to completely fall out of love with their inspirational Commander in Chief. It is pretty clear that there are far more issues that divide the country than unite it and it is unlikely that their economic situation will show much improvement any time soon. You could even argue that the USA is in terminal decline and it is only a matter of time before China leads the new world order. I have been watching two excellent, UK produced documentaries recently. One is a two parter entitled; The Chinese are coming. The second documentary is an even better series; it is still running and is entitled: Civilization: Is the West History? I can guarantee that they make fascinating television and will certainly give you pause for thought.

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Then we have the earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear catastrophe that have all but destroyed the spirit of the doughty Japanese. Apart from the sheer horror and the shocking aftermaths resulting from these three, epoch-changing events, the triple disasters have triggered a mass of fears and predictions concerning more earthquakes and other climatic cataclysms; to say nothing of the anti –nuclear power brigade getting into top gear throughout the world. Is this an overreaction? Who knows?

Then in Europe, we have the on-going financial crisis, where sovereign states, such as Ireland, Greece and Portugal have been in dire danger of defaulting on their debts, and with even larger countries such as Spain, not far behind. This is to say nothing of my home country, England where the public spending cut backs are so brutal that it has brought more than a quarter of a million people out onto the streets in protest and the anarchists have been running out of control in central London.

Then we have the on-going conflicts in Africa, from Darfur to Sudan to the Ivory Coast, (Cote D’Azur as my friends from Aljazeera say – quite rightly).

Last, by no means least we have the on-going problems in my chosen home country of Thailand. Those who believe that the political troubles of last year are a thing of the past may well be sadly mistaken. Nothing much has changed, and nothing has been resolved politically, since the height of the riots a year ago and I expect much mayhem in the period leading up to and including the upcoming elections. Additionally, we have the dispute with Cambodia which always has the propensity to turn nasty.

So the above topics and many more besides will be the bread and butter of my daily blogs over the coming weeks and months.

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I will still continue to report progress in my personal life, and will still bare my most intimate details to public scrutiny and comment; but I need to expand my terms of reference, as it may well be that my life will become a tad boring in the future if I do indeed succeed in quitting the booze for good.

I will become even more boring if I call it a day on my whoring activities and turn into a loving, faithful partner to the wonderful Noo.

Stranger things have happened.

Butt of the day.

7 thoughts on “Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 29th March, 2011”

  1. Early congratulations on your 90 days Mobi. Glad to know your still sober. It’s nice to check in on your blog from time to time and dream of early retirement, hopefully around 2013. Gonna head for good ole’ Chonburi then and try to just do some living (while continuing my AA avocation of course). Hope you’re around and maybe making it to some AA meetings too when I get there. All the best and take care.



  2. Personally I take great comfort in that some things in this uncertain world never change. Your ongoing commitment to sobriety is unsettling enough. Thankfully the rest of the world is behaving as usual.


  3. I like the new format Mobi, the beautiful women between the commentary is good eye therapy. Sharing your views on world problems/conflicts etc. is also a good way to get ideas and communication with your readers flowing.

    I’m sure you’ll keep us up to date on the days events in your personal life as well. Nothing like a little spice to make our minds wonder.

    I don’t understand how you can describe Fox News as entertaining though, I personally find all the right wing spin nauseating. A steady diet of those
    holier than thou characters would drive me to drink !

    Keep up the good work you are doing by creating a healthier life style for yourself with Noo.

    All the best!



    1. Thank you for your kind comments. ☺

      As for Fox news, well obviously you are less tolerant than I am. Yes it is a bunch of tosh, but I reiterate it is sometimes entertaining tosh, although I do use the word ‘entertaining’ with a small tongue in my cheek.

      Much as I have criticised BBC, it is not all bad, and quite frankly the same goes for Fox News. Nothing in this world is all black and white and the same goes for news services.


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