Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, (The ‘Darkside’), 24th March, 2011

On Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, we had another very violent rain storm that according to news reports did considerable damage around Pattaya. I assume it was also the same storm that hit Bangkok with a vengeance and created traffic chaos yesterday morning, with many major roads blocked by falling trees, huge advertising hoardings and other detritus. Despite the ferocity of the storm, we, up by the lake, were spared any real dramas and apart from a very brief power cut, electricity and internet remained on throughout.

The dogs weren’t too happy though. Although they are ‘house dogs’ when we at home, we always put them out at night, so on the night of the storm, the 3 dogs were not only scared out of their wits by the incessant thunder and lightning, but also succeeded in getting themselves soaking wet.

Naturally, as soon as the storm woke us up, we let the frightened animals in, and spent the next hour or so rubbing them down with their towels and comforting them.

I posted a pic of Cookie the other day so to continue the on-going introductions to my family; I thought I would post some more pics of all three muts.




The Shih Tzus; Somchai and Yoghurt, are still growing their coats back after I had them shaved down to their skins when I took the dogs back from Dang last October – such was the bad state of their bodies. It will probably take around a year for them to grow fully. Their hair grows very slowly, and never sheds so they don’t leave a trail in the house or on your clothes if you nurse them. Unlike my dear old Cookie who has a magnificent coat, but it does sometimes leave a bit of a mess.

Poor Cookie has definitely developed a lame front left paw and I will take her to the vet either tonight or tomorrow and see if I can find out what is wrong. Sometimes she limps very badly, sometimes hardly at all, but it hasn’t cleared up, as I hoped it might, so I’ll see what the doc has to say.

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A couple of days ago I made a rare trip to Bang Chang with a friend. I don’t bother to go there much these days, partly because I have substantially curtailed my girlie bar activities and partly because there’s plenty of places to keep me amused nearer to home. I used to enjoy Bang Chang, partly because of ‘The Camel’, which is a large bar/restaurant at the very start of the strip. It was one of those rare places that had excellent food and a plentiful supply of very friendly girls who would do all manner of outrageous things to you while you were eating your food or sipping your beer. But somewhere along the line, the owner got it into his head that he wanted to attract a more ‘respectable’ clientele and he severely curtailed the girl’s activities – threatening them with the sack if they so much as touched a customer when he was sitting at the bar. Well this went down like a ‘lead balloon’ with the likes of me and my friends and ever since we rarely go near the place, which as far as I can see is nowhere near as busy as it once was. There are still a few girls working there, some of them very pretty and they are still available to go upstairs with you for a ‘short time’, but no funny business in the bar. Very strange, in a strip which is amongst the most raunchy I have come across anywhere in the world – let alone Thailand. Anyway, on my trip down there the other day, I put my head in the door and surveyed the empty bar with a few nice ladies sitting around doing nothing. I hope they don’t starve – I doubt it.

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So we forsook the food and indulged ourselves in a few more enjoyable pursuits in adjacent bars. I must admit that a majority of the girls in Bang Chang are much younger than the ones I normally encounter nearer home, so it made a pleasant change. I guess age must be catching up with me as I admit to finding it increasing g ‘difficult’ to really enjoy playing and canoodling with these young whores. Some of the young ladies had beautiful bodies, many of them childless and they welcomed my ministrations in virtually every area of their sexy bodies, while they returned my favours in kind. But after the initial excitement of touching and kissing these lovely young things, the enjoyment soon starts to wane and within 10 minutes I get bored and am ready to move on to the next bar. I guess its mixture of the ageing process and the fact that ‘I’ve been there and done it’ too many times for it to hold any real allure for me anymore. Also I do not imbibe any alcohol which, to be honest, does enhance such activities.

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Up to relatively recently, I was still dreaming that in one of these bars, I would one day find the woman of my dreams and sweep her of her feet and whisk her away to a life of wedded bliss.  Now, in my semi-dotage, I finally realise how foolish I have been all these crazy, booze-filled years. I am still fortunate in that I still have a strong sex drive and need no medical aids to get me excited, which is a bit of a miracle after all the abuse I have put my body though, including tons of ‘libido-destroying’ medication. I enjoy frequent sex with little Noo, but have no desire to indulge in full sex with anyone else. That doesn’t stop me enjoying other ladies’ company for a short while; flirting with them and relishing their youth and beauty, but as stated above, these days my gratification from  these activities is quite short lived.

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I am reviewing chapters 1 -4 of my novel so I have printed them off as it is easier to proof read and edit when reading it from a hard copy. I don’t know why this is the case, but I have always felt that I find more errors and  text that needs re-writing when I read the proofs from a hard copy, than when I read text on a computer screen. Maybe it is because I am a late-comer to the computer age; that my brain is too set in its ways and  processes things better when looking at text in the old fashioned manner.

I will not be removing any of the earlier chapters from my blog, as any revisions or changes will be minor, but I will advise if and when I update any of the earlier stuff. I have already made a few, very minor changes to the revised chapter five and have updated the text in the ‘Som Nam Na’ tab, but not the copy published in the main body of the blog. So after I have completed my work on the earlier stuff I will press on with Chapter six and hope to have something in my blog within the next week – or maybe earlier.

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