Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, (The ‘Darkside’), 22March, 2011

2 months, 22 days – still sober

I went to see a friend today to swap movies we had downloaded and he told me that he hadn’t been reading my blog for quite a while because I had stopped drinking and the blog no longer interested him. While I completely understand this, and I admit that my blog has probably become quite boring, it nevertheless saddened me.

One thing is for sure; I am not about to start drinking again, just to make my blog more interesting. Nor am I about to make my life racier than it already is, so that I have something ‘racy’ to write about. I am no youngster and out of respect to my lovely little Noo, I will try to restrict my activities in this area. However, when I do stray off the rails, however marginally, then rest assured – I will write about it.

I don’t really want to stop writing  my blog as I feel it is therapeutic and it gives me an outlet for my creative writing – especially my new novel, so I will soldier on for now and see if I can’t find a few things to write about that may be of interest to my readers.

Of course, the number of hits has increase recently since I started publishing my pics of gorgeous Asian ladies and I do openly admit that this new venture is, in part, a shameless attempt to increase my readership.  But I am also using this obviously populist device to let you share in one of my passions, which is collecting such photographs. It sure as hell beats collecting stamps…..

So while I deliberate on some new, more interesting subjects to write about, here is today’s collection of lovely ladies.

Pick of the day (1 of 5)

Pick of the day (2 of 5)

Pick of the day (3 of 5)

Pick of the day (4 of 5)

Pick of the day (5 of 5)

Butt of the day

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