Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, (The ‘Darkside’), 17th March, 2011

2 months, 17 Days, still sober.

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I was planning to go out today, to an AA meeting, then to collect my desk top from my little computer guy and then maybe even pop by my latest little place of afternoon variety, up on Soi Kow Noi. But things didn’t quite work out that way.

For starters, Noo had an attack of diarrhoea last night which meant she was in and out of the loo countless times, and in doing so succeeded in disturbing me so many times that in the end, I was fully awake. I lay in bed from about 4.30 am till 6, desperately trying to get back to sleep but in the end, I gave up the unequal struggle and got up and went to watch some TV in the lounge so that I didn’t disturb my lovely lady who had finally managed to drop off.

It was bloody cold this morning – in fact it has been bloody cold all day. So cold, that although I have plenty of hot water, both Noo and I were reluctant to take a shower.

After doing a bit of work on my computer and watching endless footage of the Japanese earthquake, the nuclear reactor meltdown and the riots, killings and civil wars in the Middle East, the stock market crashes, (along with my ever dwindling investments), I seemed to lose my enthusiasm to go out., This was particularly so after I finally drifted off for 30 minutes or so on the sofa and woke up feeling a bit moody and certainly lethargic.

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Noo joined me on the sofa and as her ‘som tum -induced’ sickness was now out of her system, she obviated the need for me to make a trip to my place of ‘afternoon variety’ by doing her ‘little bit’ to make me feel happy – in which sterling endeavours, I am happy to report that she was most successful.

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I decided to postpone my other errands until tomorrow and spent yet another day at home, finally putting to bed my on-going project of re-arranging all my data files. I have also made yet more progress in proof reading and editing the Chapter 5 draft of my novel and it will definitely be on my blog by the weekend.

Noo took off for her computer school just before noon, but returned at 2 p.m., soaking wet, having failed to make it there. Although it has been freezing cold all day out at the lake, and has been extremely over cast, we have not had any rain, but Noo caught a very heavy shower on her way in which had created a lot of traffic chaos. So after taking her bike in for a scheduled oil change, she gave up the unequal struggle and returned home.

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I know all this stuff I have blogged lately makes pretty boring reading, and I apologise for this. I have ben reserving what creative juices I still have for my novel, but once I get back on a steady keel and get this re-written chapter out of my hair, I will give some thought as to how I can make my blog more interesting.  So please bear with me, folks….

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