Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya (The ‘Darkside’), 16th March 2011

Still sober, 2 months, 16 days.

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I have been home since Sunday evening. I haven’t been to any AA meetings, nor have I been anywhere else – no shopping, no bars – nowhere.

Noo came home on Monday afternoon after an enjoyable weekend with friends and family in Bangkok and I was glad to see her back. I hope she felt the same – she certainly appears to be happy to be back. She is such a lovely person and my dogs love her like mad. They went ballistic when she returned and wouldn’t leave her alone.

Yesterday and today she returned to her computer school and I have been at home now for three days working on my computer. I was running out of space on my external hard disks for all the movies and TV programmes I have been downloading and I have spent much of the last 3 days sorting them all out and transferring them from one disk to another to maximise the use of my disk space and to store them in a logical order. I have movies, TV programmes, video music concerts, video music clips, photographs and my vast music collection of music which includes all my old cd’s copied onto hard disk, plus thousands of downloaded songs from the last 10 years or so. So it has been quite a mammoth task, not only to file this varied collection, but also to make a second copy as backup in case one of my hard disks fails. At the time of writing I am still not finished. Soon I will need to buy more disk space, but I have had to re-structure my system so that new disks can be added in a logical manner.

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In between all this copying and moving of data, I have been working on my novel and Chapter five is in the final stages of proof reading. It should be ready to go either tomorrow or Friday.

I have not yet embarked upon my planned exercise regime but I am ‘psyching’ myself up for it. Maybe it will happen quite soon. In the meantime I am feeling fine, no desire to drink, although I must always keep my defences up, as it is so easy to take that first beer when I am not feeling too great.

For those of you who delight in my extracurricular activities, I can report that I found a new place on Sunday evening. It was recommended to me by a ‘guy I met at a bar’ and it was quite a find. The place was practically empty, except for a good supply of young, raunchy girls who were game for just about anything. Many of them weren’t wearing any nickers and a great time was had by one an’all. I doubt I will ever tire of going in such establishments. Most of the girls there are as horny as hell and there is no doubt that they derive much pleasure from their work. Buy them a couple of drinks and give them a small tip and they’ll love you forever. It sure beats the hell out of my village pub back in East Northamptonshire!


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There is an amusing thread on Thai Visa running at the moment about why farangs in Thailand usually wear shorts? Of course it is a stupid question, but after five pages of replies, not a single post mentioned the main reason that many farangs wear them here in Pattaya, including yours truly. All I can say is that if you are a connoisseur of Pattaya’s seedier establishments, such as the one I visited on Sunday, then you would have to be mad to turn up in anything other than a nice pair of shorts with plenty of easy access….



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