Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, (The ‘Darkside’), 13th March, 2011.

Still sober – 2 Months, 13 days.

Yesterday I was not good but neither was I  too bad. Noo went going to Bangkok quite late in the afternoon so around 4 pm, I made my way around the lake and met up with my friend for our weekly chat.

It was all a bit sad. The bar we meet at every Saturday afternoon is owned by a very pleasant couple, an Englishman  and his Thai wife of many years. They   have 3 children between them and for the past 3 years have been running a reasonably successful pub and restaurant out on the lake. Unfortunately the man is an unquestioned alcoholic. The couple lived together for five years in the UK before moving to Pattaya and yesterday the wife told me that her husband used to drink very heavily even in England and would drink more than half a bottle of whisky every evening whilst watching television. But at least in those days he managed to hold down a job and managed to make some money which paid for their business in Thailand.

Unfortunately, since they moved back to Thailand, the man has done nothing but drink – from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed, and even though he is only in his late forties, the effects on him are clear for all to see. Every day he gets very drunk and quite often gets himself into altercations with staff and his wife. He has driven countless customers away by his drunken behaviour, particularly on Saturday nights when they used to have quite a busy little Kareoke music night with free food. But the man would get so drunk, hog the microphone and his songs out of tune at the top of his voice, that he succeeded in chasing everyone away – particularly the couples who used to come with their children.

Typical to most alcoholics, the guy is  staring to lose seriously lose his mind, is in complete denial about his excessive drinking and  behaves in an increasingly belligerent and unreasonable manner to his wife. To top it all, he has made little effort to disguise his philandering exploits at other bars around the lake.

After 11 years and repeated warnings and countless chances given to him to change his ways, the wife decided that enough was enough. She requested, and was given a divorce and the man is going back home to England and no none knows for sure what will happen to him or whether he will ever return to Thailand.

Tonight he is taking the night flight to London and everyone is very sad at the way things have turned out. I don’t know whether he will mange to kick his booze problem – unlikely unless he seeks the help of AA or the like.

We have seen so many like him in Pattaya, not least  of whom is Mobi himself and if ever I needed a salutary reminder of how booze can destroy  lives, then this is it.

I spent the evening at a few bars around the lake, chatting to a some lovely girls and spending more money than was sensible, but I did make it home before 10 pm – a lot earlier (and definitely soberer) than the the Mobi of old, so not too  naughty really. I even cooked myself some supper, quite a rare event these days with Noo always on hand to do the necessary.

Today I went to say farewell the the poor guy who is not only pissed , but in a state of deep sorrow and despair. He can barely stop crying and his now ex-wife is not  far from tears herself. It didn’t have to be like this . Alcohol has inflicted a terrible price on this family and so many thousands of families throughout the world.

Noo called, she will be back tomorrow.

I may go out again tonight.

Here’s today’s pics.

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