Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 6th March, 2011

Pick of the day

Still sober – 64 days and counting.

Pick of the day

Some of you may be wondering what is going on. Well, after writing this blog for close on two years without using any imported ‘media’ other than my own fair hand from my Microsoft Word template, I have decided that the blog needs a bit of livening up – spicing up even – especially as the content of my writing will no longer be as ‘spicy’ as it once was.

One of my dear forum and blog friends, Sven, once suggested that I post some pictures on my blog and resurrect my photography hobby, as it would be something useful for me to do in in my hoped for, long term sobriety. So following my recent purchase of a new camera to replace the one that was stolen during my drunken years, I might just do that. In the past, a vast majority of the thousands of photographs that I have taken are in effect, ‘snaps’ of people – family, friends and so on, during my travels in Thailand and abroad, at home in Pattaya,  or in celebration of an event – be it ringing in the New Year or just a trip out to a local restaurant. I am reluctant to post pictures of mutual acquaintances and family on my blog as I do not wish to invade their privacy or make it too obvious as to who is Mobi. So I will have to think about this and what kind of pics that I will post in the future – obviously they will be mainly of the scenic variety, but I suppose I can post pics of  ‘strangers’ I encounter in my life, but not family or friends.

In the meantime, I will humour myself by letting you share with me one of my other great passions – my adoration and obsession with the Asian female body. As you can tell from my blog, I always have been and always will be, totally captivated by the Asian female forms and they will continue to give me great pleasure till my dying day. They have also been undoubtedly the root cause of many of the misfortunes in my life – but you can’t have the good without also experiencing the bad of the species.

I used to post photos of beautiful Asian women in one of the Thai Visa forums, but there seems to be such a lack of interest and appreciation (especially amongst the feminist female moderators who tried to hi-jack the thread by posting revolting pictures of male studs!!) that I have long ceased this activity. So maybe there will be more interest in appreciating these lovely people in my blog. As far as I am able to, I will endeavour to post at least one picture of a beautiful, sexy lady every day, even if I am not writing anything in my blog – as I did yesterday. I happen to believe that beautiful women look much more beautiful and sexy if they are wearing something on their bodies- even if it is very little, rather than them exposing their ‘all’ to the world. Maybe it is a sign of  my repressed, post-war conservative up- bringing, but in my humble opinion, the female form is much more alluring  and exciting when not totally naked. In any event, there will be no XXX rated or pornographic pictures in Mobi’s blog.

Another one of my perverted passions is my love of the female bottom,( or arse, or ass, or butt)… I also used to post pictures of ladies with lovely bottoms in the Thai Visa forum, but for reasons similar to those mentioned above, I have now ceased doing this. Where bottoms are concerned, I do not restrict my choice to Asian Ladies as I have to admit, some of the best bottoms I have come across are owned by ‘non-Asian’ women.  Asians  are not generally known for possessing lovely big arses – although there are some notable  exceptions to this.  To kick things off, here is my first ‘Butt of the day’

Butt of the day

One of you commented that I should seriously consider the chances of endangering my newfound relationship if  I continue to patronise places of ‘ill-repute’. My response to that is that I have already drastically reduced my activities in this sphere and who knows, in time I may cease completely. Quitting my patronage of such establishments is tantamount to quitting smoking or quitting drinking. I am sort of addicted to them and the mere thought of one of my favourite places, teeming with scantily clad young ladies, is sometimes an urge too difficult to resist. Quite frankly, I doubt that I will ever give them up completely – at least not until my libido has dropped to such a low level that these places no longer get me excited; but there is no sign of that happening as yet.

As for endangering my relationship, well I seriously doubt whether that will be the case. First and foremost, all of the places that I frequent are well off the beaten track and if you do not know their precise location, you are unlikely to find them. So the chances of Noo actually catching me at one are very remote. But even if she did, I doubt whether that would precipitate a break-up in our relationship. She has already ‘caught me’ sitting with a girl and buying drinks at one of the lakeside bars. While she was a little upset, my indiscretion was definitely not a relationship-breaker. I assured her that ‘it was, what it was’ – a couple of drinks and no more and I think she believed me. In any event, given where she was working when I met her, she knows what men ‘of a certain age’ who are already married, get up to in the afternoons and she knows only too well that just because they have a ‘bit on the side’, it doesn’t mean they are about to kick out their wives.

I am not married to Noo and never will be. She will have to accept me on my own terms and I think she has done just that.  She is still a very nice person and the longer she stay with me the fonder I become of her. She is not a lazy person and takes care of me very well. She cooks, cleans the house, takes care of the dogs, washes and irons all our clothes and goodness knows what else. She loves working in the garden, and many is the time when she has come back from her computer school, she will spend the evening in the garden, putting in plants and erecting little wire fencing to stop the dogs digging them up again. She doesn’t spend hours on the phone, rarely asks to go out to see friends and is one of the few Thai ladies I have met who has no interest in Thai movies or soaps. She only watches documentaries and nature programmes – in Thai or English. Her computer skills have come on apace and she spends hours practising what she was shown in school as well as sitting on the bed trying to improve her English vocabulary. We haven’t had a single argument or row since we have been together and I have never seen her angry or moody. She rarely asks me for money to buy anything and when she does, her requests are always very modest and reasonable so I never demur.

The other day she was telling me about her life at the short time bar where I met her. She had been working there for ten months when I took her out and it was the only bar she has ever worked in. Before that she had worked in various factories in Bangkok and for a long time she was a fork lift driver/operator. She told me that when she first went to work at the bar she had no idea that it was a ‘short time’ place, but did wonder why they had so many girls working there for comparatively few customers. She told me that she was quite shocked when she realised what it was all about, but was obliged to ‘fall in’ with the ‘modus operandi’ of the establishment as she had two hungry kids to support back home in Nong Kai. She has never tried to hide or play down what she had been up to and just tells me about it in a matter of fact manner. There is an inherent honesty in the little lady that endears me to her more and more.

I really feel she is ‘one in a million’ and the gods seem to have finally shined their light upon me.

I am now clear of my anti-depressant meds for 8 days so I think it is safe to assume that the effects are completely out of my system. I am continuing to feel OK and positive about life and every day I seem to be a little more active in my life and want to do things that don’t involve booze and bars. I haven’t been to any more AA meetings since I last blogged, but may take in one tomorrow.

I regret that despite assurances to the contrary, I have yet to make further progress on my novel, but it is now noon and as soon as this blog is put to bed I will get chapter 5 back up on my screen and see if I can make some progress. I guess it’s a sort of ‘writer’s cramp’. I have to feel in the mood to write, but sometimes it just won’t come, so I have to ‘kick start it’ by looking at the text and forcing myself to start writing, even if I am not satisfied with the content. I usually find that after a while I slip back into it and then go back and re-write what I wrote an hour previously. It’s just a question making that initial effort.

2 thoughts on “Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 6th March, 2011”

  1. I think that the issue is not being caught etc, it is in putting energy into a relationship, honesty, difficulty, communication, growth, learning are all part of a relationship. Sort of like have a mirror that talks back. Noo seems like an amazing person, you are very lucky, and she is too. Putting your energy and Libido into the relationship with Noo will ensure a quality relationship. It sound though like you will have a quality relationship no matter what happens. When I used to drink it was like I never grew, I just experienced the same sad thing over and over, I could not get traction because I could not feel the anxiety and frustration to change, I just kept drinking and alcohol became my friend. When I stopped drinking I started to grow because I could feel my frustration and anxiety and I could learn and grow. I think the same process works in relationships, although I have not really been that successful in that area, except for with my kids. I am not trying to judge, if anything I am seeing a person on a similar path and trying to share common experiences. It is not like I have the answers but sometimes walking in a similar path is enough.


    1. I am sorry I misunderstood your warning and I do accept what you are saying.

      Unfortunately none of us are perfect and it is a very difficult to remain totally faithful, especially in a place like Pattaya. London, no problem , but Pattaya…..

      I am still very early on in my sobriety and in my relationship so I will just see how things develop over the coming months.


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