Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 24th February, 2011

55 Days sober and feeling good, although still laid low with an obstinate, chesty cold.

Goodness me, it has been almost a week since I last blogged! Now what on earth have I been up to?

Well I haven’t been drinking, that’s for sure.

I was still working on my music videos and play lists for a few days and I can now say the project has been completed and I will put it  to bed for a month or two. My new software is much better and quicker to use than the old stuff and I am satisfied with a job well done.

I have put all my ‘live’ rock’n’roll and other, mainly old ‘live’ popular music video clips onto one long play list – just under 1,000 clips – which would take several days to play if I watched it all in one session. I am distinguishing between live music concerts and studio produced video clips of which I have another 2,000.  Anyway the live concert playlist is incredible. I just hit ‘random’ and once I sit down to watch , I just can’t turn it off. It jumps from Pink Floyd to Rolling Stones, to ELO to Elton John, to Chris Rea to Aerosmith to Britney Spears (yes, her live concert is good) to Christina Aguilera, to Rod Stewart, to Sting, to Eric Clapton, to Dire Straits, to Johnny Cash, to John Denver, to John Fogerty, to Abba, to Bob Dylan, to  just about anyone you can think of  in the past 30 years who has a live concert on video.

Then I have my latest ‘HoT 100’ clips which keeps me up to date with all the latest music trends. It is these that I also put on CD’s and listen to in my car. I have an incredibly catholic taste in music and listen to just about anything – from classical, to choral, to country, to folk, to rock’n roll, to pop, to jazz, to blues, to soul, to swing, to show tunes, to sound tracks to some but not all hip-hop and yes – even some rap. I do struggle with most so-called club music (techno garage and the like) and some opera but I’m working on it. Some operatic arias are simply superb as are singers like Andrea Bocelli. My main, but not necessarily only criteria, is does the song or the piece of music  have good melody? Music always has and always will play a very important part in my life and gives me endless hours of unabashed pleasure.

Two days ago I experienced what can only be described as a mini-cyclone. It wasn’t on the scale that has been recently experienced in such places as Queensland, but was certainly the most violent storm I personally have ever experienced – and this after living for over 20 years in the tropics of Africa and South East Asia and also experiencing the famous 1987 ‘hurricane’ in the UK.

I was sitting at my computer table around midday, looking out towards  my swimming pool when the sky suddenly turned black , the wind started to blow and the angry Gods decided to descend on poor little Lake Mabprachan. The lightning was as spectacular as I have ever seen, the thunder claps were deafening and the wind quickly rose to hurricane levels. I felt sure that my garden trees would be uprooted but somehow they held firm, though the branches were bent almost to the ground. After about 30 minutes of non-stop, torrential rain and wind there was an enormous flash and clap of thunder immediately overhead and the power went off ; my TV computer monitor  along with it. Shortly afterwards, the wind suddenly abated, the rain almost stopped and there was an eerie calm. My front gate had been blown open and I ran out and closed it, making sure the ground bolt was properly in place. After about five minutes, the rain and wind started again and if anything, the storm became even more ferocious than before. The second half of the  storm probably lasted another hour or more.

So I reckon it was a mini-cyclone and the ‘calm bit’ was when the eye of the storm passed overhead.

My house, which is one storey, is very solidly built and survived the storm in tact but the surrounding area was littered with fallen trees, blown down hoardings and there was structural damage to dozens of buildings and other structures. I have seen incredible thunderstorms on dozens of occasions but I have never witnessed a storm like this. I wonder if it is a sign of things to come.

The only casually of the storm was my poor little Acer Laptop. When power was finally restored, my PC worked but the connection to the TV monitor did not. After exhaustive checking I clearly established that the VGA port on the Acer (the one by which I connect to TV screens) had been fried in the storm and cannot be fixed, save replacing the whole motherboard. This was a bit of a disaster as I need this port to watch my music vids on my big screen. Without the VGA port I was stuffed – at least I thought I was – until someone suggested using the HDMI port. I wasn’t very hopeful but lo and behold! – it works a dream and not only is the picture clearer, (well it is digital), but I also have sound on the TV so I no longer have to connect my speakers to the headphone socket in the Acer. I can run them out of the back of the TV. I am now trying to locate an HDMI junction box so that I can connect to multiple screens, similar to the box I use to connect from the VGA port.

So sorry to bore you about all this, but since I stopped drinking, all these things are an integral part of  Mobi’s  new, sober  life.

Last Monday, I finally attended my first AA meeting in several months. It was a good meeting and I got quite a bit out of it, so it is definitely worth continuing. A couple of guys there gave some excellent food for thought.  I do not have to embrace everything in AA in order to positively benefit from attendance. Of this there is no doubt in my mind. I did plan to go again this week but with the storms, computer problems and my continuing chest cold I have not yet made a return visit. I might give it a try tomorrow, all things being equal.

Yesterday I had a little lapse into the Mobi of old – yes it is becoming a bit of a habit. I went to a few ‘short time’ establishments and had a few Diet Cokes and bought a few girls a few drinks in exchange for a few gropes. I don’t really know why I did it. To be honest I didn’t really get much out of it. Yes, it is always nice to have a cuddle with a curvy young lady dressed in a micro mini or micro hot pants, but the thrill soon palls and I have to admit that within a short while, boredom sets in and I just want to pay my bill and go. This is why I went to ‘a number’ of these establishments – trying to find the magic place where I wouldn’t quickly become bored. Of course I didn’t find one and eventually ended back at one of the lakeside bars where I had a nice long chat to an old friend and a new found one who is a computer professional.

Maybe my trips to places of ill repute will soon become a thing of the past.

I finally made a new start on Chapter 5 of my novel today. I haven’t written much but I am quite satisfied with what I have done so far and I am becoming more and more convinced that the chapter does need a total re-write.

I hope you will agree when I finally publish it.

3 thoughts on “Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 24th February, 2011”

  1. Great stuff on the progress. Mobi! On top of your book and other projects, if you’re looking for a nice, techie toy to play with my iPad is constantly reminding me of its usefulness (books, music, applications etc). On top of that two weeks ago I picked up a case for it with built-in Bluetooth keyboard – I can now use it to write at almost the same efficiency as a regular laptop keyboard (I say almost as it’s missing a right shift-key – surprising how you miss these things when they’re not there).

    I usually consider most Apple stuff a bit on the gimmicky side, but this is one gadget that seriously has made a difference.


  2. Your a “horny” old bastard that likes to return to the scene of his crimes so to speak. Glad to hear you are busy, sober and well, keep it up Mobi.


    1. I hadn’t thought of it like that – ‘ a return to the scene of my crimes’.

      Maybe you are right at that.

      I am fairly dedicated to making such visits few and far between in the future but I would be foolish to state that I will cut them out completely, because I know that I will not. I think as I forge out a new life for myself there will be less and less temptation to veer from the straight and narrow and that includes young ladies as well as booze….


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