Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 3rd February, 2011 – Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Yes, I’m still sober and feeling fine.

Two days ago I cut back on my antidepressant  meds, to half a tab per day. As a consequence,  I think I am a bit more ‘lively’ in the morning, and when I do get up I feel less like a zombie for much of the day. I have read that my meds will stay in my body system for weeks, so even if I stop taking them completely so I am not expecting anything too dramatic in the next week or so.

My only concern is whether my depression will return or whether I now have it licked for good. All being well, I will stay on ½ tab per day until the end of February and then I will cut it out completely. I am hoping that this may be then end of my depressions and medication. I will be a great feeling to know that I can wake up in the morning and feel good about myself and life without having to resort to medication.

My car problems are turning into a bit of a saga. Despite the fact that there were two perfectly good English speaking employees at the dealer, the first being the American owner and the second being his Leuk Kreung son, I was fobbed off with some idiot who not only didn’t speak one word of English, but also seemed to be delinquent in decent Thai!

I had asked Noo to make a list in Thai of all the problems that needed to be looked at and when I arrived at the crack of dawn – the first car in the shop – I handed the list over to the service man. He read it, said he understood it  and just to make sure, Noo repeated the list to him verbally.

In due course, he produced a mountain of paperwork for me to sign, which was all in Thai but which I assumed covered all the things that needed to be fixed.

I won’t bore you with all my car problems but will just say that this idiot came to see me at 3.30 and after about 20 minutes of trying to communicate in fractured Thai, I gave up trying to understand what he was telling me, except that he had only fixed one thing – the central locking problem and that I had to bring the car back and they would need to keep it for ‘several days’ to fix everything else. I kept asking him to give me more details of what needed to be done and how long it would take but he just looked at me blanklyso in the end I gave up, grabbed my keys and stormed out.

I was thinking of going to see the owner, but decided that I might say something I would regret and resolved to find a Bangkok dealer who can fix the rest of my problems.

Anyway, surprise! surprise! I had only been back home an hour when the American owner called me and asked me why I had stormed out, and why I hadn’t been to see him? I told him that considering I had been sitting in his show room all day long, I would have thought that he could have said ‘hello’ to me if he had wanted to, so I assumed he was trying to avoid me. Ditto, his son.

Anyway, he has asked me to call him when I want to bring the car back again and he will ensure that all the work will be done within 2 days.

In the meantime, the guy at the dealer had told me I needed two new rear tyres, at a cost of 14.5k baht each, and a new wheel rim, costing 20K – total cost 50k and he needed a deposit before he would order them in. (They never, ever have anything in stock). Back in Pattaya I went down to my friendly Bridgestone dealer and they had the self-same tyres for 10,500 Baht, and confirmed my suspicion that at this point in time I only need one tyre replaced and the other rear tyre still has a few months of treads remaining. They couldn’t supply me with a new rim but gave the old one another welding job for 500 Baht and that should do me for a few months while I hunt around for a cheaper replacement.

The joys of running a BMW in Thailand!

Enough of my car problems.

My mate, Bob, is arriving with his Cambodian Girlfriend sometime late this afternoon from Phnom Penh , travelling overland! He will be here for a few days but plans to return in March to set up home here, so we will see how that all pans out.

I have sent Noo to school to learn English and computer.(I have bought her a little Acer net book for 10k – she deserved it after taking care of me for the past 3 months.) She leaves home at 12 noon and returns around 4 p.m. and it suits me fine to have a few hours by myself. I also worry about her having to spend so much time with a person twice her age. I want her to improve herself and also to spend time with people nearer her own age. She is still as lovely as ever and appears to be quite content with her ‘grumpy old man’.

I have just completed chapter 5 of my novel and am publishing it below. As ever I welcome constructive criticism.

I would also welcome any suggestions for a novel title. I’m not very good at this sort of thing, but know that if I am ever to get a publisher interested, then it must have a catchy title. It may be still too early in the story process to come up with a title that is meaningful to the content, but does that really matter? Probably not. Well here is Chapter 5 and I hope that you don’t find it too boring….


Chapter five removed for re-writing. 11/02/11



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