Nelson’s Autohaus, Sukhumvit Road, Chonburi, 31st January, 2010

As it is now 2 pm, On 31st January , I think it is safe to say that not only have I achieved 30 days of sobriety, but I have also completed a full calendar month without taking a drink, and every day it seems to get easier and easier.

I know that I must not let my guard down and even though I have had no recent urges to take a drink, I do occasionally imagine being in situations when it would be more fun if I was drinking than staying sober. An example of this would be my daughter’s wedding I am going to this summer. That is going to be one unholy test of my resolve.  As long as I am in Thailand, I can more or less avoid ‘situations’ that might tempt me to have a drink, such as parties etc. I have already turned down a number of these and will continue to do so until I am quite sure that I will be OK.

All my previous attempts to stop drinking have failed because in the end I allowed my guard to drop and I was over-confident that I could handle difficult ‘situations’. This time around I will be much more careful and will take no chances. There is no booze at home, I rarely go to bars and I avoid most ‘situations’ where people will be drinking and/or getting pissed.

I am still battling with my sleepiness and lethargy. Some days I feel more energetic than others, it seem to be unpredictable. I think I will start cutting back on my medication very soon and see if it has any effect.

Today I arose early (7.30 a.m.) and drove to the BMW dealer and have been sitting here ever since. The car computer has been playing games for over a month and finally reached the point where I was forced to bring it in.

Up to yesterday, it was just the computer screen that kept going blank, shutting the car stereo off and was sometimes accompanied by a loud knocking noise in the roof. Then, after a while it would come back on again and all was fine until the next time it had a ‘fit’. But yesterday the car door locking system went crazy and now the only door that I can open is the driver’s door, using a special emergency key. I can’t even open the fuel flap to refuel and only had just enough in the tank to get me to the dealer!

So we’ve been sitting here ever since and I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not going to get my car back today which will mean us having to find our own way home.

I have made a start on the next chapter of my novel but haven’t progressed very far. I have been slightly preoccupied recently, what my little adventure to Chonburi today and also with my recent decision to buy a new camera to replace the one that was stolen last year; so I’ll probably get back into writing later in the week. Hopefully, I’ll publish something by the weekend or early next week at the latest.

In the meantime, I am hoping that I won’t have’ to take a long walk back to Pattaya tonight…….

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  1. Dear Mobi,
    Glad to know your got a month sober. 30 days sober of any real alcoholic is an accomplishment.

    I wish I could have put my mind to it and just “kept up my guard” to obtain freedom from the disease and the permanent sobriety I now have, (17 years) but I could not. My experience was that those intervals of trying to exercise my will power to combat the disease always failed. I could achieve a month, 2 weeks, 45 days, even 6 months once. But ultimately I drank again. Why? Because I have alcoholism and I found it’s very nature is the sufferers inability to “keep his guard up” and use his own mind to combat the disease. I found I was “powerless” in my ability to choose. I had become alcoholic and could no longer safely use alcohol and control my use of it. Yes I could use my will power and keep my guard up for awhile, but those intervals were always short lived and what I did build up in terms of health, finance and romance was almost always lost.

    Good luck on your efforts to fight the disease. If you find you cannot control your drinking and drink again, there is a way out I personally know to work. Not only have a I kept sober for 17 years but I have a new life, a new way of living. I no longer have to shield myself from booze, be careful about where I go or who I see. I haven’t had to keep my guard up for quite a long while. How? The spiritual program of AA.




    30 days is a great start!

    Keep up the good work & I hope your car gets fixed quick & inexpensively


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