Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 21st January, 2011

Still sober folks!

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from my novel and will probably get back into it on Monday provided I manage to complete my long overdue tax returns over the weekend. So far, I have written just under 30,000 words, so I just want it to ‘sink in’ a bit before continuing.

I enjoy writing very much but sometimes it does take it out of you; I think the final day on chapter 3, leading up to me publishing just before midnight, was a massive ,15 hour- session, during which time I only left my computer to piss and eat.

I’ve actually been out and about during the past few days, and have even been a little bit naughty, but not toooo naughty.

One day I had to go into town to see about my visa renewal and having time on my hands I popped into a nice little place I know off Soi Wat Boon, (no- not the Winchester), where I met someone who knew me from a few month back and we had a nice cuddly time at the bar.

Then I went to my regular place off Nern Plub Wan and found a lady with just a top and a pair of very brief, sexy knickers on, revealing an incredible pair of legs and arse. She wasn’t particularly good looking but her body was something else again. I had a great time exploring every hidden crevice and she also explored a fair bit of my ugly anatomy.

We sat there fondling each other at the bar and watched the golf crowd come in after their round of golf; have their one or two bottles of beer and expect some lady to sit with them without ever offering them a single drink. Well they were out of luck, but there is no doubt that they enjoyed the show on offer at the bar between Mobi and his lovely little whore; in fact one guy had the effing temerity to walk over and try and get his hand on her arse. My little lady soon showed him the error of his ways!

I resisted the entreaties to take her to a room – after all I wanted to be ‘faithful’ to little Noo, but rewarded the lovely lady well for the couple of hours she spent in my company and was back home before 7 p.m.

Another day I took my golden retriever, Cookie, down to the vet as he was limping very badly, favouring his front left leg. Have you ever been to the doctor with something wrong with you and when you arrive, whatever was bothering you suddenly vanishes?  Well this is exactly what happened with Cookie. At home she was apparently in so much pain that she would hardly walk yet as soon as I arrived at the vet; there was no sign of any problem. I took her in to see the vet and he made her walk across the waiting room and there was no sign of a limp. In fact, I am ashamed to admit that I couldn’t even remember which leg had the injury so I had to call Noo and ask her!!

So we all assumed Cookie was cured and I drove her back home. Guess what? Within five minutes of us arriving home, she was limping badly again!! This time I just left her to it and after a couple of days of slight limp and then walking normally, she seems to be totally rid of whatever problem had been bothering her.

Apart from all this, I went back into town today to get the income letter for my visa and met Howard down at the British Consulate. Howard knows me by my Thai Visa and blog name, but not my real name. I didn’t tell him who I was and just observed him as he went about his business taking care of the farangs who stopped by for all manner of reasons. I have to say he behaved in a polite and friendly manner to people who I would have been inclined to tell to ‘sod off!’. So we could do worse for our new ‘honorary consul’.

Noo and I  have also been for more walks around the lake with our pack of dogs and one of those ‘walks’ was undoubtedly the cause of Cookie’s mysterious injury. They do tend to go a bit crazy and chase each other around along the pathway that runs around my part of the Lake. I too am getting some exercise but have been feeling full of aches and pains in my legs for the past few days so I have decided to give it a rest for a day or so – maybe I overdid it a bit, (me and Cookie – both),  considering this was my first attempt at exercise for over two years.

2 thoughts on “Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 21st January, 2011”

  1. Errr … left comment on the wrong blog, sorry, no doubt you’ll delete both.

    Glad to see the old mobi coming back, won’t be long before you take a wench upstairs and drop a little nectar down your throat. Being “faithful” is the same as being “sober” – it’s all relative, baby! You can’t stop the world from spinning ….


    1. You are wrong. Of course I may go upstairs with a wench one of these days but whoring has nothing to do with drinking. Some of my best friends like the occasional ‘bit on the side’, but never drink. I am now the same.

      However, at 64 going 65 I definitely find myself slowing down in all departments and appreciating more and more the delights of a happy, stable home life with a loving young lady that many a farangs here would die for. So my whoring days will probably become few and far between as the months and years go by.

      My drinking days are behind me Snot Ass and you can goad me till the cows come home but I will not fall off my wagon.

      So you might as well go back and read some other sucker’s blog and post your silly comments.


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