Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 14th January, 2011

I’m still sober – 14 days now – it’s so easy to count from 1st January, and I would be crazy to break my New Year’s resolution by drinking. It may sound irrational, but it works for me. The longer I stay sober this year, the less inclined I am  to ruin my 2011 record by having a drink.

Last year, it didn’t seem to matter if I had the occasional drink. ‘Who’s counting?’ I used to think.  ‘What does it matter if I have the odd drink now and then as long as by and large I stay sober?’ But now it matters – it matters a lot and I feel good about it all.

A key feature of my quest to remain sober is to have a happy and content home life. As long as I was single or going through women like most people go through hot dinners, I was always in danger of picking up a drink. Even the bars and whorehouses I patronised, when out looking for women, would tempt me into taking the odd drink – as of course I did just that from time to time.

Noo has been with me nearly two months now, and the longer she stays, the more I feel confident that this is the start of a long relationship which will help me settle down to a family life away from the bars. At the present time, I have no desire to go to a bar and am happy to do normal ‘family things’ with Noo.

Doing ‘boring’ things like shopping, washing the dogs, going for walks, sight -seeing and just staying at home and watching television or playing on our computers, and I offer no apologies to Snot Ass.

Yesterday, I took Noo to Nong Nooch ornamental gardens as I have come to realise that she has a great love of flowers and trees and I thought she would enjoy the trip, which of course she did. We spent about three hours there, walking through the lovely gardens and taking in the cultural show, which wasn’t at all bad.

We gave the elephant show a miss, as I must have seen literally dozens of elephant shows through the years and frankly, I really don’t approve of making elephants perform as I am highly suspicious about training techniques in a country where the populace seems to have a  harsh, unsympathetic and often sadistic attitude towards animals.

Anyway it was good exercise for me and we came home exhausted, too tired to give our three dogs their daily walk. But we made up for it today and did our daily walk around the lake at sundown; about a 20 minute walk to the ‘Fisherman’s Rest’, where we took a non- fisherman’s rest and let our dogs run themselves silly. The sunset over the lake is very pretty and we sat and watched it for about 10 minutes before making the return journey home with our exhausted dogs.

I have started chapter 3 of my novel today and expect to finish it tomorrow and publish on Sunday. Thanks to the few who have complemented me and given me positive encouragement. I have no idea if my novel is ‘commercial’ or will ever get properly published, but I can only write the way I want to write and I just hope that I may find some people, somewhere out there, who will enjoy reading it.

I particularly would like to thank big skippy, who has put me right on all the errors I made when writing about the US legal profession. His comments have now been taken on board and chapter two has been amended accordingly. (Under the tab: “Som Nam Na – Novel In Progress”, but not the copy in my daily blog of 12th January.)

3 thoughts on “Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 14th January, 2011”

  1. Hi Mobi

    Glad to hear your doing fine with your resolution.
    One trick for me over the years when I wanted to quit something was to not entertain the thought at all. At the first sign of mulling over the object your trying to be rid of…..just divert your mind to anything else Immediately !
    Do not entertain any thought of it.

    I know in your case your liking to count the days off the drink but maybe even that? I dint know & everyone is different but for me it worked great when wanting to be done with something addictive.

    I loved your chapter you provided in your last post! I am not able to give any pointers just compliments. I loved it all & saw a bit of you in it from reading your other stories.

    Excellent & I am guessing it will do very well as a novel.

    Take care


    1. Thanks Justin. I think the habit of counting the number of days sober comes from AA.

      During the first 30 days – which is regarded as a significant milestone in AA – attendees are invited to announce the number of days they have been sober at every meeting they attend.

      After that, it is anniversaries of sobriety that are mainly ‘celebrated’, although some AA members always insist on announcing how long they have been sober, every time they speak – like “15 years…8 months… 4 days… and 17 minutes…” and other such nonsense.

      Certainly 30 days of sobriety will be a significant milestone for me and one I am currently aiming for. After that, it will be how many months, and then how many years, if I ever get that far. If it all helps to keep me sober then it can’t be bad however silly it may appear to be.

      At the end of the day, like all alcoholics, I have to take it ‘one day at a time’…. that’s all there is to it.


  2. Mobi,
    Congrats on your 2 weeks sober. Best of luck putting your mind to it and just saying no. I wish I could have done that, but for me, alcoholism would always “win” and I would wind up back to it after many several attempts to use what I know now was nonexistent will power. For me, what is said in the AA text about alcoholism wound up being true; that I had lost the power of choice in drink. My hats off to you Mobi and continued success on your abstinence.



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