Lake Mabprachan, East Pattaya, 27th December, 2010

This is only my 4th Posting of December and is likely to be the last one, as on Wednesday, 29th I will spend the day in Bangkok and tomorrow, at long last, I plan to make a long delayed start on my novel. All being well, I will continue my novel writing on 30th and 31st, and maybe get back to my blog on 1st January.

I have been sorting out my ‘bog archive’ for 2010 (in case my web sites crashes and never reappears) and I find that in spite of all the ups and downs, trial and tribulations of 2010, I actually managed to put 190,000 words onto ‘virtual’ paper this year and that EXCLUDES my creative writing in ‘Mobi’s Story’ and associated ‘Mobi Vignettes’. The average novel is less than this number of words so all in all, not a bad effort for an old, ‘common to garden drunk’, as the dear, late and lamented Hank used to say.

I do realise that ‘continuation in service’, for what purports to be a daily blog, is critical in holding and building a readership base and there is no doubt that my long breaks in service have not helped my cause. All I can say is that I will try to better in 2011 as I  lowly rebuild my life and start  writing my novel , both of which must unfortunately take priority over daily blogging.

Things in my life are slowly starting to get themselves into a proper order and although it sometimes seems that I take one steps forward and two steps back, I actually think it is the other way round – two steps forward and one step back.

Noo is still with me and I am starting to appreciate just how nice a person she is. She literally tends to my every need and seems to be very happy to do so. Everything is good with her, including some of the best sex I have ever had in my life. She washes all my clothes by hand, is a pretty fair cook and has learned how to cook farang food which I occasionally feel like eating for a change.

When my friend Bob departed I somehow fell into the habit of having a few glasses of red wine during the evening whilst watching TV. I confess this wasn’t one of the smartest things for me to do and as ever, it finally got a bit out of control. Christmas Eve afternoon saw me in one of the Lakeside bars with a couple of my old drinking buddies, and after a couple of coffees I got stuck into the red wine. Late afternoon turned into evening and evening into the wee hours. I eventually crawled home at around 2 a.m. where I found Noo, still waiting patiently for me.

I didn’t wake up until Christmas afternoon and was not feeling great. Christmas meant nothing to Noo and my repast consisted of some heated up Thai vegetables with pork and a couple of cheese sandwiches. I seem to be making a habit of eating cheese at Christmas as I recall having a similar repast last year. But the big difference is that last year I was all alone and this year I had the delectable Noo for company.

I continued my habit of drinking a few glasses of red on Christmas evening, but after watching the excellent ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ on Christmas evening, I think I might have finally forsaken booze forever. (Where have we heard that before???).

‘Leaving Las Vegas’ is based on an autobiographical novel by a guy who was an alcoholic and drunk himself to death. (Sound familiar??). Nicolas Cage, in the lead role, for which he won best acting Oscar, goes to Las Vegas to drink himself to death, after being dumped by his wife due to his excessive drinking. (Sound familiar???) He meets a whore who he strikes up a relationship with and they move in together. (sound familiar??). He doesn’t stop drinking, his behaviour gets wilder and wilder and one day his whore girlfriend comes home to find him screwing another whore. (Sound familiar??). She throws him out and by the time she finally catches up with him again, he is on his deathbed. Her final act is to screw him as he lies dying.

I was tremendously moved by this movie. I have no desire to be the drunk who ‘leaves Pattaya’ in such a fashion.

I may have a couple of glasses of red on New Year’s Eve, but that will be that. New’s Year’s  Day is a great day to stop drinking and a great day to try to turn my life around and I that is what I plan to do. My drinking, apart from a couple of notable lapses has been much more moderate in recent months and I feel I am now ready to take that final step.

Noo is a lovely lady, in every sense of the word, and she has begged me to never go out ‘on the town’ without her. I have promised her on this and I think it will be as good a way as any way for me to stick to the ‘straight and narrow’ and hopefully to ‘deliver me from temptation’. I seriously doubt if I will ever find a better lady than Noo. There are very few around with her looks, intelligence and easy temperament who would be prepared to put up with a grumpy, lazy, pot-bellied old drunk like Mobi.

All that it remains for me to do is to wish all my readers, including those, (like snot ass et al), who have not exactly encouraged me to change my evil ways, a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Although it might not always seem so, I do appreciate all your comments, both encouraging and critical and I value much of the advice you have imparted over the past year, some of which I hope I have had the humility to take on board.

It’s a funny old world out there – so many disasters, tragedies, death, destruction and suffering – wherever you choose to look. It is not easy to stay cheerful and optimistic for the future of our species and in many ways I am grateful that I am in the twilight of my life. I may not believe in a God in the generally accepted meaning of the word, but I do believe that there is some kind of ‘super entity’ out there somewhere in this universe. I do not believe for one moment that this ‘entity’ gives a fig about me or any individual on this planet, but I do believe in the sheer indomitability of the human spirit. I do believe that ultimately a shining spirit of love, hope and joy for life will shine through in this dark and troublesome world and that good will eventually triumph over evil.

Happy New Year folks…….

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  1. Mobi

    It was a pleasure to read both your complete story as well as your more recent blog updates. A fascinating read, and I admire your tenacity and continued optimism despite the setbacks. I wish you well with Noo, who seems like someone who could make a very good live-in partner.

    I note you have incurred some financial losses as a result of your relationships with Mei and Dang. As someone who hopes to perhaps retire to Pattaya one day, having visited last year, perhaps you could share what you think is a suitable income from passive means that is required to enjoy the lifestyle that you lead, so that I can plan towards having the means to support such in time.

    Thanking you in advance



    Wishing you all the best in 2011.

    It looks like your finding your pace there with Noo.
    Good for you & I am glad to see it.

    Life is funny & an adventure as you well know.

    Good Luck to you in 2011


  3. Actually, I stopped today. I know that if I keep up my actions, I will not have a good 2011 if I make it through the year.

    Take care, Bill


    1. Hi Bill,
      I’m a recovered alcoholic. I tried to quit many times saying to myself “never again, I can’t live like this anymore”. Somehow someway I would wind up drinking again after 2 or 3 weeks. Once I had that first drink the game was one and no turning back until I passed out or got into some kind of trouble. I found it was the first drink that got me and that somehow I had passed the line where I could not control my drinking anymore. If that sounds familiar you might be alcoholic. I found a solution (not a cure) in the way of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. The text published in 1939 has remained unchanged. I found that through taking the steps that are outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous I got relief from the disease and a happy and fulfilled life. I found a new way of life that I never new exisited. Here is a link to the big book online.



  4. Leaving Las Vegas was an excellent movie. I watched it 2 months ago and decided to stop drinking. I too relapsed a week ago and have been on an all-day, all-night binge ever since which I really, really need to stop. I went to dinner with some friends (when I started again) who encouraged me to drink and I thought I’d just have a few. We know where that can lead…

    Happy New Year and good luck with the book.


    1. Hi Bill,

      Sorry to hear you have lapsed. Leaving Las Vegas is a very powerful message for us alkies and I will do my utmost to remember this dire warning in 2011.

      Goo luck with your own struggles and don’t get led astray by others who are clearly ignorant of our drinking problems.

      Take care and I hope you stop soon,



  5. Mobi, sounds like you have a great thing going with Noo. It also sounds like you have real perspective of the good fortune received in the form of humble Noo. Her humility is a great example. Of course she may be motivated by the security Mobi brings, but her gratitude and humility seems worth noting and noting and noting again.

    re: Higher Power
    Myself, I found there is something greater out there that when connected with made great changes. Whether it “cares” or not didn’t really cross my mind. What I do know is that when I behave in more selfless ways and try to have a generally less selfless attitude and carry it through into real action (some measure of charity, kindness, good will, good work for others) that I get a great deal of serenity, happiness and good fortune. I have a wonderful life now, where before I floundered aimless in my old ways. It has only gotten better not worse. All this wasn’t brought about by being complacent and going about my life as only I had planned. It was brought about through doing the 12 steps, really taking the action which was at times not easy as amends had to be made and a house cleaning accomplished. But a great thing occurred; through the process I was spared the harms of alcoholism and given a new way of life.

    Happy New Year Mobi, may the spirit of the universe take a liking to you.


    1. New name for an old commenter?

      Anyway, doesn’t matter and thanks for your good wishes.

      Yes, Noo is something special, but I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to believe that she has been ‘sent’ to me. Just my good luck, I guess… even the worst of us get it it sometimes.

      I guess you are right about the ‘feel-good’ factor when you reach out to others. I will do my best on this in 2011.

      Take care and all the best,



    2. Thank you for printing my post Mobi as there may be readers who are willing to try AA even though, in your blogging you have praise for it, but resistance to it’s precepts and spirituality. Let me explain myself. One who really tries AA is one who has not only gone to meetings and worked a couple of steps but actually completed the 12 steps and is now sponsoring individuals in the form of taking other alcoholics through the 12 steps. Until that point one has not actually tried AA. Rarely has a person failed who has thoroughly followed our path.


    1. Thank you Sven and may you too have a happy and relatively sober New Year.

      Sven, I truly appreciated all the kind comments and helpful advice you have given to me over the past year and I try my best to take what you say on board.

      Take care my friend,



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